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Data science and other technological advancements such as machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence are not only challenging for professionals but also for recruiters.

Finding skilled employees in the data science field is a daunting job that every recruiter struggles to fulfil.

Professionals and students, on the other hand, try to wrap their heads around the question, “Do I need data science certification?”

IBM says that demand for professionals in data science will rise by 28% till the year 2020, which means, in the years to come, this industry will only grow.

Along with it, the skill requirements for data science professionals will also intensify. Having a certification in data science will certainly offer an industry edge to professionals.

We have prepared a comprehensive guide for getting a data science certification. Read below for more information.

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Data Science Certification

What Is Data Science?

Data science is a process of extracting data from several resources and then, analyzing this data for valuable insights.

A large amount of both unstructured and structured data flows into the data centre of a business from several resources such as social media, company website, etc.

Finding patterns and hidden information in this data allows organizations to drive growth, reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and grab new market opportunities.  

This field requires extensive knowledge in various aspects such as mathematics, statistics, probability, computer science and IT disciplines, artificial intelligence, data mining, cluster analysis, and machine learning.

Why a Certification in Data Science?

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Certification in Data Science

Many employers and organizations realize the importance of data science in various fields of business. There is practically no department in an organization that can’t benefit from data science.

In HR, they need data science for carrying out the process of HR Analytics.

The computer science project teams require data science for analysis of various project aspects. And the sales and customer support teams need analysis to know what the customer want.

It is everywhere! There is no running away from data. Hence, businesses hire people who can understand this data.

However, don’t you think that the competition is just too much?

This is where a data science certification allows candidates to penetrate the exhausted market and prove their proficiency in the field.

Check out this video to understand how analysis and businesses complement each other:

Your first step towards the data science field should start with a good course that teaches you intricate aspects, industry trends, and knowledge to keep moving forward.

An online course gives you additional convenience of continuing self-study and part-time internship in the field. This helps you gain theoretical and practical experience together.

Role of Data Scientist

Data science enhances business decisions, which improves marketing and sales efforts of businesses. Here are a few roles and responsibilities that data scientists have to assume at the workplace:

(i) Collecting raw data, both structured and unstructured, from different sources.

(ii) Organizing and filtering data that can offer valuable information for the business.

(iii) Generating reports based on this information for analysis.

(iv) Finding hidden patterns, trends, and correlations in datasets.

(v) Providing and suggesting ideas that can lead to company growth.

Benefits of Data Science Certification

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Benefits of Data Science Certification

You are required to dig a little deeper and go an extra mile to secure a career in data science.

A data science certification offers just that with many additional benefits. Here are some of the benefits that professionals can gain from a data science online certification:

1. Credibility

Along with a degree, qualification, and education in computer science, a certification in data science helps you set the right foot forward during a job interview.

A data science certification validates your skills in the field. Undoubtedly, this is one thing that recruiters look for when hiring data scientists.

However, you need to ensure that the certification is from a renowned, accredited center.

The online courses are extremely popular today and companies consider these certifications but only when you have gained the certification from a reputed provider.

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2. Knowledge

Data scientists use various tools and technologies to achieve valuable information. A certification teaches you all the trending and necessary tools.

From Python and R to SQL knowledge, you can learn all the necessary concepts without leaving out anything.

These data science certification courses are often developed by learned, experienced professionals in the industry. This means that you get to learn what is currently trending in the industry.

Further, it is simple for students and professionals to learn theoretical concepts online, through books, and various other resources. But, when it is about implementing these concepts, a lot fail to execute effectively.

Certification in data science gives you practical knowledge. One of the best advantages is that you can simply ask when you can’t understand any concept.  

3. Placement Guidance

If you have ever worked in the industry or any corporate office, you would know how important are referrals.

Many organizations conduct referral placement drives specifically for people recommended by company stakeholders.

The best data science certification gives you referrals and recommendations. The online courses refer and recommend the top performers, which helps these students secure good job roles.

Even if you don’t get an actual referral, a certification from a known brand name itself vouches for you. Recruiters will prefer you more than other candidates who don’t have a certification.

4. Structured Approach

While many professionals and students start learning online from different resources, this approach is not structured. It is hard to figure out which topic should follow which concept.

Of course, the internet is a pool of valuable information. However, deciphering this information in the correct order is necessary. Moreover, many people lack the discipline of following the approach step by step without delay.

A data science certification has a structured format set up by several industry professionals. You can learn concepts in an organized manner without leaving out any important topic or missing complex concepts.

5. Domain Expertise

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Domain Expertise

There are various opportunities and domains for data scientists.

Once you achieve this certification, you can assume several job roles such as data architect, business intelligence professionals, data scientist, and statistician.

In fact, if you know the domain before the certification, you can gain extensive knowledge in this particular domain as well.

6. Industry Knowledge

Data scientists are required across several industry verticals such as retail, logistics, technology, manufacturing, finance, IT, etc.

In every field, data science professionals assume different job roles and carry out analysis in a different manner. This distinction is often achieved with the best data science certification.

You understand how to execute separate analysis in different industries without hesitating.

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Methods of Data Science Certification

Most students go for one of the three types of certifications: on-campus, classroom learning, or online learning. All the platforms have different advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s see what are these:

1. On-Campus Learning

On-campus learning usually indicates college learning. Here, you have to fulfill several other responsibilities of being a student. Many individuals consider this as the best method but we believe there are a few drawbacks of on-campus data science certification.

(i) Lack of individual attention to the students due to the presence of various other students.

(ii) Lack of feasibility and convenience because of fixed study timings.

(iii) Lack of time flexibility as you have to complete the course in a stipulated time.

(iv) Costly course completion.

2. Classroom Learning

Classroom learning includes offline learning programs offered by various vendors and industry leaders. These data science online certifications have a designated time period, set structure, and learned teachers onboard.

However, the drawbacks are somewhat similar to on-campus learning.

Students don’t have personal teacher attention, timing constraints may hinder the schedule of people who are already working, doing an internship, or pursuing other courses.

3. Online Learning

A data science online certification is the best form of learning we have discovered till now.

Due to the flexibility of time and cost-effective programs, many professionals and students prefer online courses.

  • (i) Time convenience as you can study anytime.
  • (ii) Cost-effective when compared to on-campus and classroom learning.
  • (iii) Individual attention according to the requirements of the student.
  • (iv) Customized guidance for future learning and growth.
  • (v) Extended time-period for completing the course. For example, many data science certification courses may have a fixed time of 1 or 2 years. But, they offer an extension for students who are unable to complete in this time.  

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Additional Things to Consider

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Additional Things to Consider

(i) Data science involves various disciplines such as computer science, statistics, probability, machine learning, big data, artificial intelligence, etc.

(ii) Theoretical knowledge is important. Although practical knowledge gets the work done, theoretical knowledge leads to practical implementation. For instance, concepts such as conditional independence and Bayes’ theorem are important.

(iii) Soft skills are often excluded from courses and the job role as well. These are essential to communicate the results to your team in a language that they understand. For instance, understanding abstract business problems, finding an analytical solution, and converting it to a business solution.


A data science certification offers a successful industry career for many professionals. It is unlikely to get a certification and go unnoticed.

This is not to say that the best data science certification will offer you everything that you need in your career. But, this knowledge will simplify your journey to success.

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