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Top 10 Data Science Executive Programs


Data is meaningless until it becomes valuable information. Computer science involves extracting large datasets, including structured and unstructured data, and identifying hidden patterns to extract viable insights. The importance of data science lies in its many uses, from routine activities such as seeking recommendations from Siri and Alexa to more complex applications such as driving self-driving cars.

According to IDC, global data will be expanded to 175 zettabytes by 2025. Computer science enables enterprises to efficiently understand huge data from multiple sources, gain insights, and make smarter data-driven decisions.

The organizational importance of computer science is constantly increasing. According to one study, the global data science market is expected to grow to $ 115 billion by 2023.

Computer science is widely used in a variety of industries, including marketing, healthcare, finance, banking, and policy operations. This explains why computer science is so important.

Importance of Data Science Executive Programs

Growth In Career :

If you are looking for a way to start your career, getting your computer science certification is an important step.

Even if you already have a background in computer science, getting a professional qualification in an advanced computer science course can help you grow your career, differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your profit potential.

Business Wire revealed through research that experts generally saw salary increases in the range of 20% to 40% after obtaining certification.

Options and Opportunities :

You will always have a lot of choices in this field. From healthcare to finance, retail and entertainment, some industries harness the power of computer science.

Almost every industry and enterprise today recognizes the importance of data and the need for skilled computer scientists.

Also, don’t forget the different roles and opportunities to earn a computer science certification. In addition to qualifying as a computer scientist, a computer science expert certification can give you a job as a data engineer, data architect, research scientist, or business analyst, to name just a few.

Structured educational program :

A structured educational program provides students with everything they need to learn computer science logically and systematically. Computer science can be complex, so it is essential to have this structure, even if you already have computer science experience.

Get to learn about Tools :

Computer science is constantly evolving, and computer scientists are constantly using new and innovative tools to make their work more efficient. Without enrolling in a computer science course, it can be difficult to learn about all the popular computer science tools in use today.

It’s an important skill for any computer scientist. Different companies use different tools, so if you’re used to using only certain tools, it’s important to extend your skills and learn more about all the different computer science tools out there.

Applying theoretical Concepts to business :

A practical certification course will have industry specialists explaining how to apply those concepts to real business obstacles.

Keep up to date with the latest trends :

If you are enrolled in a computer science course, you can keep up to date with the latest trends in your domain. When it comes to expanding your knowledge base, learning new skills is essential.

If you’re thinking about other things, such as a full-time job, it can be difficult to learn these things from multiple sources.

In general, enrolling in a computer science course at an accreditation body is more efficient and can improve your learning experience. It can also be an asset for current and future employers.

Benefits of taking Online Data Science Executive Programs :

Most computer science courses are available online these days.

This means learning new skills and getting certified is more convenient than ever.

Online classes offer a level of flexibility not offered by other learning methods.

You can work at your own pace, study at any time, or choose the best course program for your other efforts.

You can also complete your coursework on compatible devices with stable internet connectivity anywhere in the world.

Top 10 Executive Courses of Data Science :

Without further a due, let’s get into the top courses, which can be beneficial for you.

1. International Executive PG Program in Data Science – University of St. Thomas

Data affects every aspect of the world’s business today. Data is no longer unique to tech companies, so data is essential in almost every industry, from automotive, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, media to government and sports.

With this exponential growth of data, there is an urgent need for skilled data scientists to process and analyze the data effectively and efficiently. Organizations are increasingly using data science to drive innovation and strategy and improve the efficiency of overall functionality.

In this program, you will learn to increase your data, harness the power of tools to gain a business advantage, and speak the same language as analysts.

The University of St. Thomas is the largest private university in Minnesota, with over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students and 110,000 graduates. Eight schools and universities offer 150 undergraduate majors and minors and 55 graduate programs.

Takeaways :

The International Executive Educational Program in Data Science, co-developed and delivered by the University of St. Thomas will empower the participants with many takeaways

  1. How analytics add value to your career and organization success
  2. Gain confidence in working in a data-driven environment
  3. Develop the ability to distinguish between “good tests” and “bad tests”
  4. Understand the importance of an experimental platform to drive business growth success
  5. Learn how to tell a compelling story using data visualization tools
  6. Develop practical knowledge of computer science

Program Content :

Month 1 – Get Started with the Program

Month 2 – Introduction

Month 3 – Starting with the Journey in Python Programming

Month 4 – Scientific computing with Python – Numerical Python (NumPy) & Introduction to SAS Enterprise Miner

Month 5 – Introduction to Panda, Time Series, and Mini Project

Month 6 – Learn aspects of Programming & Get into Predictive Analytics II

Month 7 – Introduction to Data Visualizations & get to know Power BI Trends

Month 8 – Introduction to Tableau & Begin with Fundamentals of Machine Learning

Month 9 – Relational Database Management System & Classification

Month 10 – Learn SQL Language & Get Started with Hands-On learning via Capstone Project

Who can take this program

While the topics covered may apply to a variety of businesses, the international program is especially useful in industries with large data flows, such as retail, healthcare, IT, marketing, and finance. No programming experience is required.

Data Science for Leaders :

Looking to upskill in data-driven science to accomplish their teams and develop functional performance to analytics.

Managers/Executives :

Interested in leveraging data-driven science to outpace the competition and improve data-driven strategies

Consultants :

Looking to intensify their strategy advice for clients by implementing data-driven solutions to the problems

Freshers :

Who intends to develop a career in the new skills of data-driven science and analytics

Program Duration :

10 months, online

8-10 hours per week

Program Highlights :

  1. Learn all the basics and advanced concepts of data-driven science, along with the tools used to monitor, manipulate and optimize raw data.
  2. Learning and understanding sample data exploration procedures and creating regression models to optimize the decision-making process.
  3. Experience the concept of computer algorithms to help you optimize your business decisions and improve your business outcomes.
  4. Work with real-world projects and hands-on exercises to implement the skills you’ve learned in real-world scenarios to maximize your company’s productivity.
  5. Hands-on learning via assignments and quizzes. Get to learn practically.
  6. Industry experts with decades of experience will be taking sessions.
  7. Get LMS and program support for your help and keep track of your course.
  8. Flexible payment available

2. Columbia University – Professional Certificate in Data Science for Executives

This professional science and analytical certification program will find information on the latest tools and your request in finance, medical care, product development, sales, and more. With the examples of the real world, we will show how the science of data can improve corporate planning and performance, adjust medicines and promote the goals of your career.

Teaching by a leading team of teachers at the Institute for Data Sciences at the University of Columbia, this program is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the basic concepts in the science of data without entering the weeds of programming.

Directed to the leaders of the organization, business managers, health workers, and anyone who takes into account a career in data science, this program will lead students to the basic principles of statistics, learn the machine and algorithms.

It will also emerge technologies, such as the internet of things (IoT), or products related to the wireless connection, and techniques that allow computers to summarize text, audio, and video mountains. The concrete examples provided by the program will ensure that students include key concepts.

Program Content :

  1. Statistical Thinking
  2. Machine Learning
  3. Enabling Technologies for Data-driven Science and Analytics: The Internet of Things

Program Duration :


4 months

7 – 10 hours per week

Program Highlights :

  1. Expert opinion on the history of data-driven science, how data and analysis are used in decision-making in various industries today, and what the future holds.
  2. A practical understanding of the basic methods used by computer scientists, including Effective approaches to statistical thinking and conditional probabilities, computer algorithms, and data visualization
  3. The core components of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the potential of IoT to transform the way we live and work in the not too distant future.
  4. How computer scientists use natural language processing (NLP), video and audio processing to extract useful information from books, scientific articles, Twitter feeds, audio recordings, YouTube videos, and more.

3. Kellogg Executive Education – Leading with Big Data and Analytics

The program is designed to enable senior leaders to effectively manage and leverage opportunities in new, advanced analytical environments. Participants will gain a hands-on understanding of computer science and be able to identify challenges that analytics, computer algorithms, and artificial intelligence can solve.

It also helps you invest most efficiently in people, data, systems, cultures, and organizational structures.

This state-of-the-art program is led by top-level Professor Kellogg and former C-Suite practitioners with senior management and organizational experience who have successfully scaled down analytics and are readily accessible and easy to understand. Provides sophisticated material in format About real-world challenges.

Each participant has the opportunity to receive feedback from teachers and colleagues on current business challenges related to core analytics and artificial intelligence capabilities within the organization.

Program Content :

  1. Why Analytics Needs You and Why You Need Analytics
  2. The Kellogg Analytics Framework
  3. How to Distinguish Good from Bad Analytics
  4. Creative Gaming Simulation
  5. Growth and Scaling with Artificial Intelligence
  6. How to Build Organizational Muscle in Analytics
  7. How to Apply Analytics to Your Business

Program Duration :

Live Virtual Program is for a week

Program Highlights :

  1. Recognize the business challenges that can help from analytics and AI
  2. Differentiate between good and bad analytics
  3. Learn to ask the right issues and test assumptions of analytics and AI
  4. Use data, analytics, and AI to drive successful business results
  5. Unite the data science team and resources needed to drive data analytics
  6. Gain the management confidence to stay forward of a swiftly changing marketplace

4. Great Learning- Executive Course in Data Science

Upskill in data-driven science to Power Ahead in your Career. Build foundations on concepts like Python, Visualization, Statistics, computer algorithms, and more.

This Executive Certification Program’s curriculum has been designed in collaboration with faculty from Great Lakes and leading industry experts.

Program Content :

  1. Python
  2. Statistical methods for decision making
  3. Data Mining and Treatment
  4. Study of Computer algorithms
  5. End to End Data Science Projects
  6. SQL
  7. Data Visualization using Tableau

Program Duration :

Online for 5 months

Program Highlights :

  1. Certificate from Great Lakes
  2. Learn from leading academicians in the field of data science and business analytics and several expert industry practitioners from top institutions.
  3. Fortnightly Online Classes
  4. Complete hands-on exposure through ample projects
  5. Dedicated program manager to solve your queries
  6. Small batches for individual guidance
  7. Interact with peers to grow your professional network

5. Coursera’s Executive Data Science Specialization by Johns Hopkins University

In the four intensive courses, you will learn what you need to know to start and run a computer science business, even if you have never been involved in computer science. Take a quick course in computer science to familiarize yourself with this area and understand your role as a leader.

You will also learn how to hire, organize, evaluate and develop teams with complementary skills and roles. Learn the structure of your data pipeline, goals at each stage, and how to keep your team on goal at all times.

Finally, you’ll learn practical skills to help you overcome common challenges that often upset your data projects.

Program Content :

  1. A Crash Course
  2. Building a Team
  3. Managing Data Analysis
  4. data-driven science in Real Life

Program Duration :

Approximately 2 months to complete

Program Highlights :

  1. Become conversant in the domain and learn your role as a leader.
  2. Recruit, collect, assess, and form a team with complementary skill sets and roles.
  3. Drive the structure of the data-driven science pipeline by following the goals of each stage and keeping your team on target throughout.
  4. Win the common challenges that frequently crash projects.
  5. Shareable Specialization and Course Certificates
  6. Self-Paced Learning Option
  7. Course Videos & Readings
  8. Practice Quizzes
  9. Graded Assignments with Peer Feedback
  10. Graded Quizzes with Feedback
  11. Graded Programming Assignments

6. UDACITY Data Science for Business Leaders

This course provides business organizers and managers with strategies and guidelines on how to best address the human capital, technology, and management challenges of integrating computer science into their business.

Students will acquire the skills to identify computer science opportunities in many functional areas of business and learn the tools to prioritize and implement those opportunities as part of a computer science initiative.

Program Content :

  1. Introduction
  2. Business Case
  3. Human Capital of data-driven science
  4. Data Infrastructure Strategy
  5. CAPSTONE PROJECT – Build a 100-Day Data Plan

Program Duration :

4 – 8 Weeks to complete

Program Highlights :

  1. Real-world projects from industry experts
  2. Technical mentor support
  3. Career services
  4. Flexible learning program
  5. Personalized feedback
  6. Unlimited submissions and feedback loops
  7. Practical tips and industry best practices
  8. Additional suggested resources to improve

7. Executive PG Certificate Program in Data Science By IIT Roorkee

This program is an online course. This course will cover the latest technologies and market trends. The cutting-edge content offered in this course will help you begin your career in the field of computer science.

In addition, this course comes with access to a cloud lab to give you the hands-on experience you need to solve real problems.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to obtain an IIT Roorkee Certificate. You can use this certificate to grow your career and find better opportunities.

Program Content :

  1. Programming Tools and Foundational Concepts
  2. Applications & Landscape
  3. Building end-to-end Projects
  4. Classification
  5. Training Models
  6. Support Vector Machines
  7. Decision Trees
  8. Ensemble Learning and Random Forests
  9. Dimensionality Reduction
  10. Analytics Tools
  11. Introduction to Hadoop
  12. Foundation & Environment
  13. Zookeeper
  14. HDFS
  15. YARN
  16. MapReduce Basics
  17. MapReduce Advanced
  18. Analyzing Data with Pig
  19. Processing Data with Hive
  20. NoSQL and HBase
  21. Importing Data with Sqoop and Flume, Oozie
  22. Introduction to Spark
  23. Scala Basics
  24. Spark Basics
  25. Writing and Deploying Spark Applications
  26. Common Patterns in Spark Data Processing
  27. Data Formats & Management
  28. DataFrames and Spark SQL
  29. Machine Learning with Spark

Program Duration:

12 months

Program Highlights :

  1. Executive PG Certificate from IIT Roorkee
  2. 1 Week Immersion Program
  3. Placement Eligibility Test
  4. 18+ Hands-On Project
  5. Timely Doubt Resolution
  6. Access to Cloud Lab

8. IIM Bangalore’s Computer Science Modular Program (MPDS)

Executive program in Data Science IIM, enables managers and other professionals to leverage computer science frameworks and information systems to guide organizations on a positive journey. The MPDS series is designed with flexibility in mind.

By scheduling modules periodically throughout the year, taking into account the fairly stringent requirements of the workplace, participants can follow a step-by-step approach to knowledge and skill development.

Program Content :

Module Zero: Foundations (7 weeks)

Module One: Study of computer algorithms (9 weeks)

Module Two: Big Data (9 weeks)

Module Three: AI & Deep Learning (9 weeks)

Program Duration :

10 months

Program Highlights :

  1. Promote a business prospect from the dynamic discipline
  2. Get a foundational knowledge of machine learning, big data, and AI
  3. Solve computational obstacles using a personal laptop as well as a bunch
  4. Create a business proposal for a data-driven science initiative
  5. Recognize ways in which organizations can inculcate data-driven decisions

9. Executive PG Programme in Data Science from IIIT Bangalore

The program provides the right combination of statistics, technology, and business knowledge. The curriculum is designed in collaboration with various industry leaders to help employers learn exactly what they need. In addition, IIIT Bangalore’s Computer Science Executive PG Program powered by upGrad provides additional credibility for graphing careers in the field. The main focus areas are:

Program Content :

  1. Course I – Data Toolkit:
  2. Course II – Machine Learning:
  3. Post Course II, choose from 1 of the 5 specializations offered as per your background and career aspirations:
  4. I: Natural Language Processing
  5. II: Deep Understanding
  6. III: Business Analytics
  7. IV: Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  8. V: Data Engineering

Program Duration :

12 months

Program Highlights :

  1. Certified by IIIT-B & Alumni Status
  2. For The Industry, By The Industry
  3. Dedicated Career Assistance
  4. 5 Specialisations
  5. Personalized mentorship
  6. Blended Learning

10. UpGrad’s Master of Science in Data Science- The University of Arizona

Get a 2 year Full-Time Masters in Data Science with the Latest Cutting Edge Curriculum from One of the Top 100 Best Global Universities in the World, the University of Arizona.

Best-in-class content by attending faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments, and live sessions

Program Content :

Pre Course Requisites

Course 1- Data Analysis and Visualization

Course 2- Advanced Data Visualization

Course 3- Database Development and Management

Course 4- Introduction to Machine Learning

Course 5- Data Warehousing and Analytics in the Cloud

Course 6- Neural Networks

Course 7- Applied Natural Language Processing

Course 8- Managing the Digital Information Environment

Course 9- Ethical Issues in Information

Program Duration :

24 months

Program Highlights :

  1. 1350 Hours of Learning
  2. 30+ Live Learning Sessions
  3. Soft Skills Training
  4. 20+ Case Studies and Assignments/Projects
  5. Masterclasses by Industry Experts
  6. University of Arizona Alumni Status
  7. One-on-One with Industry Mentors
  8. Mock Interviews
  9. Dedicated Student Success Team
  10. Resume Tool & Review
  11. Student Support available all days Midnight to 5:30 PM Eastern Time for queries

Conclusion :

Studying computer science can be daunting. Especially when you have just started your journey. What tools to learn – R or Python? Which technology should be paid attention to? How much do you need to read statistics? Do I have to learn to code?

The demand for computer scientists is huge, so there are thousands of courses and research out there that you can take and discover what you want to do. Finding content for the study is not difficult if you put effort.

Go through application forms, go through the right application process. Be active during the course. Follow the course, assignments, and all discussions that take place during the course. The demand for computer science is huge and employers spend a lot of time and money on computer scientists. Therefore, taking the right steps will lead to faster growth.


Which is the best Data Science Executive Program?

If you’re looking for a program that keeps students updated with the newest trends in data science and gives practical information in its instruction, one good option is Digital Vidya’s International Executive PG Data Science Program.

Is PG in data science good?

Data Science is in high demand these days as the majority of companies are looking for professionals who can provide meaningful and measurable business results. St. Thomas Executive PG Program will prepare you for six-digit jobs.

Which degree is best for data science?

To enter a data science degree at the entry level, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in data science or a degree in computer science, although most computer science professionals require a master’s degree.

Taking Digital Vidya’s Executive PG Program in Data Science helps you earn the University of St. Thomas Certificate in addition to exclusive certificates from NASSCOM FutureSkills.

How is the executive PG Programme in data science?

Digital Vidya’s PG Program in Data Science is a 10-month, participatory but rigorous online program created specifically for professionals working to develop practical knowledge and skills, build a professional network, and accelerate access

What is the difference between Data Science and Data Analytics?

Data Science concentrates on discovering meaningful correlations between big datasets, Data Analytics is created to find the specifics of pulled insights. On the other hand, data analysis is a branch of data science that focuses on more specific answers to questions asked by data science.

Are there internships or real-world practicums for data science students?

Accomplishing online projects and courses is a fantastic option for learning Data Science but an internship or real-time projects is quite important.

From Digital Vidya’s International Executive PG Program in Data Science – the University of St. Thomas get to understand and learn real-time projects under industry experts’ guidance, from training you to Data Science to the introduction to Data Analytics. Upon successful completion of the project will be certified in the International Executive Program in Data Science. There are 200+ hours of delivery with 125+ hours of live classes and Hands-on Learning through capstone projects, exercises, and assignments.

What is the salary of a Computer Scientist?

The median salary for computer scientists is 698,412 rupees per year in India. With less than a year of experience, entry-level computer scientists can earn about 500,000 a year. Computer scientists with 1 to 4 years of experience can expect to earn about 610,811 annually.

What is the fee of the Data Science Executive Course?

The fees range between 1,00,000 to 5,00,000, depending on the course, duration and services. Post Graduate courses price higher generally.

How can I become a data scientist after the 12th?

Data science certificate, diploma, and UG courses can be followed after completion of class 12th (10th in some cases). PG diploma data science courses, and PG data science courses, nevertheless, require graduation from relevant fields, and a minimum of 50% totality of academic excellence.

You can take Digital Vidya’s Data Science course which comes with lof benefits like expert trainers, LMS, case studies, etc.

Is pursuing data science hard?
Like all other fields, with the right guidance, Data science can be an easy field to pursue a career in. However, due to its large size, it is easy for beginners to get lost and lose sight of, making learning difficult and frustrating. You can take up a course that can help you excel in your career swiftly, like that of Digital Vidya’s.

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