9 Tips to Find a Data Science Internship

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Are you looking for some quick hacks on how to get a data science internship?

There are many advantages of a data science internship, starting with the opportunity to work with industry experts and develop your own portfolio.

In the current digital era, the data sources are disparate and raw data keeps coming from numerous sources. Having a model to make sense of this data is really helpful for companies to form business strategies. Data Science allows you to collect and process data in real-time. 

In the words of John Owen, 

“Data is what you need to do analytics. Information is what you need to do business.”

While this was quoted long before data science was introduced, it is exactly what data science is about- collecting raw data and forming analysis with it. 

Simply put, Data Science gives value to artificial intelligence concepts.

If you have decided to pursue a career in the field of Data Science, then a Data Science internship will help you get your foot in the door.

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Benefits of Data Science Internship 

Getting a Data Science certificate is just taking one step ahead towards a guaranteed job. It just helps you add value to your resume. Once you have your Data Science certification, you need to look for a job that aligns with your career goals. 

The best way to start is with a Data Science internship. Here are some reasons why an internship in data science will be a good step for your career.

Benefits of Data Science Internship

Benefits of Data Science Internship Source – Edureka

1. Gain Work Experience

With a Data Science internship, you can get valuable work experience as a Data Scientist that a classroom environment simply can’t offer. This is perhaps the most important benefit of taking up an internship in Data Science. Apart from the specialized skills required to work as a Data Scientist, you can also learn soft skills like teamwork and communication with an internship.

2. Make Connections in the Industry

With an internship in data science, you can make connections with other professionals in your community who can help you get a good job in the future. Often, companies hire interns with an intent to hire them permanently, so you should look for internships where you wouldn’t mind working for the long term.

3. Develop Skills

With an internship in data science, you can get a good idea of your strengths and weaknesses and you can brush up on your skills accordingly. You can also get valuable feedback from supervisors who have experience in the field of Data Science. Asking questions and observing will help you make the most out of your internship.

4. You can Get a Paid Internship

Many companies these days offer paid internships. This means that you will have a source of income even when you are learning. Through these, you can gain experience and earn at the same time. 

5. Gain Confidence in Your Skills

When you have a clear idea regarding your skills and strengths, you will gain confidence in yourself and in your technical knowledge. With the help of internships, you will e able to apply all your leanings practically which will further boost your confidence.

Tips for Finding Data Science Internship

Now that you are convinced that taking up a Data Science internship is a good choice, let’s look at how to get a Data Science internship.

Data Science Internship

Data Science Internship Source – Data Quest

1. Build your Resume & Cover Letter

When looking for an internship or a job, the first thing that represents you to an employer is your resume and cover letter. Make sure that your resume is well-written, doesn’t have any grammatical errors. It should list all your work experience without being redundant. 

While your resume should be short and crisp, the cover letter should have all the details of your previous internships & jobs if any along with your career goals. Having a customized cover letter will help you stand out from the crowd. 

2. LinkedIn

Just like a networking event, LinkedIn gives you a chance to connect with recruiters and professional Data Scientists directly. So, don’t hesitate to send out a message to these professionals stating that you are looking for a data science internship.

Try to reach out to as many people who are in the Data Science domain. If you don’t have such connections, you can still reach out to people, but instead of looking for a job message, you can begin with a job-related question and further establish a connection with them.

3. Data Science Job Boards

If you have a good resume, you can post it on a job board, particularly a Data Science job board. Some popular data science job boards are as follows:

(a) Kaggle Jobs: Here, you will find a lot of Data Science and Data Analyst jobs for top companies across the globe.

(b) AnalyticsVidhya: This is India’s largest data science job portal.

(c) Analytics India Jobs: This is another of the top Data Science job boards in India.

(d) GitHub: While not limited to just data science, GitHub is still is a technology-related job board with quite a few data science job listings from big companies.

(e) AngelList: This has the most listings of jobs in startups.

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4. Networking

Networking always works when you are looking for a job, regardless of your field. While many young professionals only look at job boards for jobs and internships, networking is a far more effective way to get your dream job. 

Look up networking events in your city and make it a point to attend as many events as you can to meet with recruiters and other data scientists. This will give a personal touch to your job hunting efforts. Have your job pitch ready and make it unique so that you stand out among the crowd.


Networking Source – Pexels

5. Data Science Portfolio

Your data science portfolio is evidence of your skills as a data scientist. While such a portfolio can help you get employed, it also highlights your strengths & performance as a Data Scientist. GitHub has a large community of data scientists where you can share your projects with other professionals. Having a GitHub account also indicates that you are serious about your field. 

6. Online Courses

Having a good knowledge of mathematics, statistics, and programming can help to pass the knowledge testing process in the interview process. Taking an online course in Data Science will allow you to brush up on these concepts in an organized and structured manner. It will also demonstrate to the recruiters that you have a good knowledge of these concepts.

7. Meetups

Attending meetups works just like networking – you can meet with other data scientists. At such events, the host will ask who is there for hiring and you will get to know whom to connect with for finding your data science internship. Most top organizations don’t hire through job boards, but rather, through networking events and references.

8. Job Fairs

Many colleges and training institutes conduct job fairs for their students to help them get an internship. These job fairs are the quickest and easiest way to get an internship since the college/institute does all the job for you. All you need to do is to present yourself and your skills. If your sponsor has a good reputation, recruiters expect you to have a certain level of skill set, thus upping your chances of getting an internship. 

9. Conferences

By attending conferences, you can get updates to the trends in data science and also cram a lot of networking in a short time. When it comes to how to get a data science internship, conferences are the best way to go about it, since these are attended by many data scientists, giving you a chance to connect with many people of the same domain at a time. Some tips to get a chance to attend a conference are:

(a) Attend as a Presenter: A lot of conferences lookout for presenters who have good speaking skills. If you are a fluent speaker, you can surely participate in these conferences as a speaker.

(b) Try to obtain a Media Pass: If you have experience in writing or photography, you can promote the conference through your blog or social media handles. By this, you can get access to the conference with a media pass

For more tips on finding the data science internship, watch this video on How to get a Data Science Internship:

Data Science Internship Roles and Skills Required

The role of a data scientist is not limited to a particular role or industry; the demand for a data scientist is high almost everywhere. Here are some job roles and skills required to work in those roles as a data science internship.

1. Data Analyst

A data analyst is generally the starting point for a data scientist and is an entry-level position in the field. The role of a data analyst involves analyzing industry data and using it to form business strategies. 

The primary skills required to get a data analysis internship are- basic knowledge of Python and R, SQL queries, data visualization, and statistics. 

2. Data Scientist

The role of a data scientist is broader than that of a data analyst. A data scientist also needs to build machine learning models to help enhance business operations.

The skills required for this role are an understanding of machine learning concepts and statistical models.

3. Data Engineer

If you have the required technical knowledge and are interested in developing the organizational infrastructure, then you should build your career in the field of data engineering.

Programming and software development are the basic skills required for a data engineer. Familiarity with Postgres and SQL is a plus.

4. Machine Learning Engineer

In most companies, a machine learning engineer is the same as a data scientist but with a specialization in the machine learning domain. The role of a machine learning engineer involves turning data analysis and making it into a deployable software.

If you have a strong understanding of machine learning concepts, then this is the position for you. Understanding how to apply machine learning models to predict changes is a skill required for this position.

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5. Quantitative Analyst

Here, professionals use advanced statistical concepts to analyze data and make predictions. 

Data science programming skills are useful for a quantitative analyst. Also, working knowledge of statistics is essential to get an internship in this field.

Data Science Job Roles

Data Science Job Roles Source – Data Flair Training

6. Data Warehouse Architect

This is a field in data science for professionals who aspire to be in charge of a company’s data storage. While this role cannot be found in an internship, you can develop the skills needed for this role during the tenure of your data science internship.

You will need technical knowledge for this, the specifics of which will vary based on your employer’s technical requirements.

7. Statistician

The role of a statistician is the same as that of a data scientist. In fact, data scientists were called statisticians before the term data science. Though a statistician doesn’t need to work with machine learning concepts.

A good understanding of probability and statistics and programming skills are a requirement to be a statistician. Some experience working with R can also be helpful.

What Companies Have Data Science Internship in India?

Finding meaningful internships is critical in building your skill set as a data scientist. Here are some of the top companies where you can find such a helpful data science internship in India.

1. Google

Google is built on the concept of data which makes it a good place to get knowledge of the field of data science. This is one of the best opportunities for data science internships in  India. Working in a top company like Google will add a 5-star to your resume.

2. Hewett Packard

If you are from a data analytics, information technology, or computer science background, then you can get an internship as a data analyst or data science at HP.

3. IBM

IBM has a preset 12-week internship program for freshers as well as people looking to switch to the field of data science.

4. Amazon

Like Google, Amazon is another company where the primary work is data-based, and another great opportunity for data science internship in India. An internship at Amazon will help to kick start your career. You can also apply for an internship at Amazon online.

5. Nokia

If you want to make a career as a statistician, then the data science internship at Nokia is right for you since it focuses on statistics and analysis.

6. Uber

The model of Uber is based on the concept of data science, and enrolling for their summer data science internship in India will help you get valuable experience in the field.

Data Science Internship Companies

Data Science Internship Companies Source – Discover Data Science

Final Thoughts

As we’ve discussed, a data science internship will help develop a career as a data scientist. And when considering how to get a data science internship, remember to choose an internship based on your career goals is essential since there are a lot of job roles to choose from as a data scientist.’

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So polishing your skills based on that job role can make your job search easier. If you want a complete understanding regarding becoming a Data Scientist from scratch, this Complete Guide on How to Become a Data Scientist will help you.

Data Science is a vast and varied field, and although recent, several top organizations around the globe have embraced it. You will have enough job prospects in various industries when you choose to study data science. Enroll in the Data Science Course to build a strong Data Science foundation and build a successful career as a Data Scientist.

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