11 Most Rewarding Data Science Jobs

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According to Glassdoor, jobs in data science are the best ones to have in the United States of America. Not only is it one of the best job roles to have, but data scientists are also very much in demand across the globe.

The experts predict that there will be 2.7 million data science jobs by 2020. In this article, we talk about the 11 best data science jobs in India and why they’re so rewarding.

What is a Career in Data Science?

Data science refers to the various techniques that companies use to understand the huge amount of data at their disposal. This helps them generate insights and take educated decisions that are beneficial to the company.

The given video explains what data science is all about.

Top 11 Data Science Jobs

Data Science Jobs Source Edureka

Data Science Jobs

The best part about data science is that there is a wide variety of career paths that you can take, most of which are both fulfilling and well-paid. Here’s a list of the top 11 data science jobs in India.

1. Big Data Engineer

Big Data refers to the process by which companies use the vast amounts of information at their disposal to generate insights that can enable informed decision making. A Big data engineer is one of the most amazing jobs in data science.

They use complex machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms to organize and deep dive into customer data to develop recommendations or automated systems.

The starting salary for a Big Data engineer is around Rs. 7.7 lakhs. Major Indian companies like Wipro, HCL, Kogentix, and DataMetica are hiring Big Data engineers. Tech startups like MuSigma, CropIn, and GyanData also hire Big Data engineers in large numbers.

Data Science Jobs Source UpGrad

Big Data Engineer

2. Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst gathers, organizes, and analyzes data (both internal and external data) to identify business trends that can maximize revenue, optimize costs, and increase profitability.

This is a great career option for those who don’t have in-depth programming expertise.

While you will need to become comfortable with certain data analysis software like R, you don’t necessarily need to know how to write code.

From tech giants like Facebook and Linkedin to early-stage tech startups, most companies end up hiring business intelligence analysts. The average starting salary for a business intelligence analyst is Rs. 7.5 lakhs on average.

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3. Database Administrator

A database administrator has to work primarily with organizational databases and work towards improving their performance, quality, and security.

The work ranges from designing and developing new databases to implementing and maintaining them.

Average starting salary for a database administrator in India is Rs. 4.5 lakhs. Most tech companies and several non-tech companies hire database administrators. These include companies like Accenture, Amazon, Fiserve, Tech Mahindra, and Capgemini.

Data Science Jobs Source - Computer Science Degree Hub

Database Administrator

4. Epidemiologist

An epidemiologist is a person who studies the pattern of incidence and distribution of diseases in order to control them. This involves understanding a large amount of data and then generating informed insights.

An epidemiologist needs to create, clean, sort and analyze data to support clinical studies and health initiatives that study the distribution and possible control of diseases. They also need to ensure that regulatory compliances are followed and that the integrity of the data is maintained.

In India, the starting salary of an epidemiologist with the National Health Mission is around Rs. 4.5 lakh a year. ICON, the National Health Mission, and the Indian Institute of Epidemiology are some of the organizations that hire epidemiologists.

Data Science Jobs Source - Earn My Degree


5. Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning refers to the use of algorithms to create self-learning systems that can automatically sift through data and generate insights.

ML is one of the most cutting-edge technologies around today and machine learning engineers are in very high demand across the globe. Thus, machine learning engineer is one of the best jobs in data science today. Python is the language that’s best suited to Machine Learning.

In India, machine learning engineers start at a salary of about Rs. 8 lakh. Startups like Oyo, Niki.ai, and MakeMyTrip are all hiring Machine Learning engineers. Companies like IBM, Wipro, and Oracle are also investing heavily in machine learning.

Data Science Jobs Source - Medium

Machine Learning Engineer

6. Social Science Data Analyst

Social science data analyst applies data science and data analytics techniques to public problems. For instance, a social science data analyst will find themselves gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data that relates to initiatives that improve human health.

They have to both identify the shortcomings and limitations of the data as well as generate insights and make recommendations.

Organizations in India that hire social science data analysts include Mumbai-based International Institute for Population Sciences.

In the United States, these kind of data science jobs are available in organizations like Center for Health Information and Analysis (Boston, Massachusetts), Rescue Agency (San Diego, California), and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Woodlawn, Maryland).

7. Analytics Manager

A data analytics manager guides a team of data analysts. These jobs are available in most companies that have big data science teams including many tech companies like Google and Facebook.

The analytics manager provides direction to the team, builds the team, decides whom to hire, and figures out which projects which analyst should work on. They oversee the overall work of the analytics team, making sure it’s accurate and efficient.

Of course, an analytics manager is not one of the data science jobs for freshers. You need some years of experience as an analyst before you’re ready to manage a team. In India, an analytics manager can easily earn Rs. 12 lakhs a year.

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8. Data Architect

Data Architect is one of the more complex and well-paid data science jobs in India. A data architect builds and maintains the company’s database.

They work with database analysts and administrators to get easy access to company data. Also, they identify installation and structural solutions, prepare design reports, and evaluate requirements.

Most tech companies and even non-tech companies with major IT departments hire data architects. Companies like Google, HP, Wipro, Facebook all hire data architects. It is also one of the best paying data science jobs with an average salary of Rs. 15 lakh a year.

9. Ethical Hacker

In today’s day and age cyber threats are no longer based on a cookie-cutter that can easily be thwarted. That’s why cybersecurity teams need to take into account the latest tools like Big Data when they’re designing their security systems.

An ethical hacker performs security assessments of both individual products as well as the organization as a whole. It also compiles and analyzes the results to make recommendations about security fixes that are required.

Companies like MailChimp, Oracle, and Motorola all hire ethical hackers to look into the cybersecurity systems. The average salary for an ethical hacker in India is around Rs. 5 lakhs.

10. Data Modeller

Data modelling is one of the most complex yet rewarding data science jobs for freshers. A data modeller usually works on a data architects’ team.

A data modeller is a systems analyst whose main role is to understand business requirements and translate them into logical, conceptual and physical data models. Data modeller usually focusses on issues like data redundancy or improving the way data moves from one system to another.

Most companies with a large tech department end up hiring data modellers. In India, it’s one of the fairly common data science jobs and companies like Capgemini, Cognizant, and Rangam hire data modellers all the time.

The average salary for a data modeller in India is around Rs. 13 lakh a year and experience greatly influences the salary in these data science jobs.

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11. Data Warehouse Manager

A data warehouse is where the data of a company is stored. It’s a data warehousing manager’s responsibility to manage the storage and analysis of the data.

A data warehouse manager will oversee the activities of the team that designs, maintains, implements, and supports data warehousing systems. They also install processes for ensuring data quality and auditing data warehouses.

A data warehouse manager in India is one of the more prized data science jobs. Unfortunately, there are few data science jobs for freshers in this domain and managers are usually promoted after a few years of experience.

The average starting salary for a data warehouse manager in India is Rs. 6 lakh per year and companies that hire data warehousing managers include  Symantec, ITC Infotech, Bharti AXA Life Insurance, and many others.


At the end of the day, a career in data science is one of the best careers in the world right now, including in India. If you’re looking to get one of the many high-paying data science jobs, doing a comprehensive data science course may be a good starting point.

Try to do one that offers things like instructor-led training and placement assistance so that you can get a head start. Once you’re in your first of many data scientist jobs, the rest will come with hard work and experience.

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