DBS Leveraged 1.2 Million Views Through Chilli Paneer

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dbs_bank“Chilli Paneer” one feels so tempting when we listen to these two words. But here, Chilli Paneer is not a dish, it is a title of a film on love story of two people from two different geographies- Ken and Asha. Chilli Paneer is a short Digital Ad Film which has been launched in 2 parts till now. Both the parts of Chilli Paneer were launched by DBS Bank, one of the Asia’s leading bank. Ken belongs to Singapore and Asha is from Mumbai. Though there geographies, language, habits, etc. were different but there was one thing in common and that was their passion for food.

Not only the title of their film is unique but, the way which made them come together is also a different one. They met accidentally at the ATM of Chilli Paneer, Asha recognises him from one of his blog on food and in the whole story DBS acts as an enabler. Chilli Paneer is all about Love, Food, Dreams and contribution of banking services in our life.


This movie was released, promoted and presented by DBS Bank. Purpose behind rolling out the campaign for this movie was to engage with the customers and make them aware about the brand, basically, building brand awareness among the people. Main motive behind releasing this film was to create an awareness among the audience about the brand and increase their reach. DBS wanted people to realize the fact that there financial decisions and support will be effortless, once associated with DBS Bank.

Approach and Strategy 

Part one was released in 2014 and now DBS has released Chilli Paneer 2. Second Part not only continues the love story of two lovers but also share three different situations of their life. People following the episodes need to help Ken and Asha in making the right decision in those situation keeping themselves in place of these two characters. This was supported and promoted on Social Media channels -Facebook and Twitter.

Episodes of the movie were to be screened on their website on every Friday from 11 am onwards. This campaign was supported with an active participation on Facebook and Twitter.

Tweet and Increase the Followers

Fans can communicate with their favourite characters – Ken and Asha through Twitter. One needs to create an account on twitter and be active on it to check the latest tweets by Ken and Asha. They post different tweets as per their distinctive personalities. Tweets by them included promotion of their film and campaign which was created by DBS. Rather than insisting the audience to watch their film, they share new recipe ideas and suggestions on food.

On Twitter, contests included questions from each episode of Chilli Paneer. “Amit Sharma” and “DBS Bank” also trended on Twitter. DBS ensured that brand awareness is generated through tweets as well. They shared story videos, not too long, which mentioned the benefits and offers of DBS Bank.


Facebook  Page, Contests and More

To increase the fan following and keep them connected with the story, this campaign included exciting games and contests. Games and contest were related to the situations and decision which was associated with Ken and Asha. This helped a lot in building brand awareness for DBS Bank. Small episodes were shared on Facebook and contest included questions from those. There were quizzes after every episode supplemented with cool prizes. These contest made Friday’s fun for all the people following the episodes of Chilli Paneer. Vouchers of BookMyShow, Food Joints and classes on cooking are few examples of cool prizes.

Contests and Quizzes on the facebook page of Chilli Paneer created a good fan following, people had to keep themselves connected with it to get updates about other contests and prizes. DBS realized the fact that creating brand awareness on Social Networking Sites through storytelling is much easier and will definitely increase the fans and followers.


Ken and Asha are foodies and they have opened 2 restaurants. Facebook page of Chilli Paneer 2 ask the fans to invite Ken and Asha to their cities and help them find out best place for their 3rd restaurant. Fans need to compel them to come to their city. Also, they have to  share the popular food places and food of their city.


DBS was very much succeeded in achieving its aim as it was not too popular on Social Networking Sites.

Second part’s first episode was uploaded on Sep 4th 2015 and it received over 5.7k views till now while the trailer of the same received 89k views. Film spotted 1.2 million views. DBS’s objective was clearly to attain maximum number of followers and to let each one of them know the fact that banking and financial support becomes easy if you are dealing with DBS Bank. They succeeded in making themselves updated on Social Media channels.

Knowledge Acquired

When you read a novel, your imagination about the characters, situations and incidents builds up. Similarly, people following Chilli Paneer started imagining themselves in place of Ken & Asha and they realized the benefits which both of them got from DBS.

Combination of storytelling and technology created a good brand building for DBS. Consumers and DBS both were benefitted through Chilli Paneer campaign. People got to know how they can fulfil their dreams and leverage the services offered by DBS easily. DBS ensured that people get to know the present story of Ken and Asha along with the awareness about the bank with fun games.

Motive of DBS in releasing, promoting and launching “Chilli Paneer” was to increase the reach of their bank and undoubtedly it was achieved.

Image Credits – DBS Bank

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