Dearfoams Used Social Media Marketing Tricks To Obtain 68% More YouTube Views

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deaefoamsAbout Dearfoams

Founded in 1947 by Florence Milton, Dearforms has grown into one of the world’s most comfortable and recognized lifestyle brands. Dearfoams are the pioneers in foam cushioned slippers delivering ultimate comfort. It has been almost 67 years and more than a billion pairs sold, customers still love and admire Dearfoams’ exceptional style, comfort, quality and functionality. The main feature of the slippers is “Dearfoams Difference”, which is a MULTI DENSITY CUSHIONED comfort system that puts Dearfoams in a completely different league compared to its competitors.

Business Objectives Of Dearfoam

Dearfoams was having strong brand identity but that they had issues in conveying same on different Social Media networks. Their main goals were:

  • Widening their network of audience and reaching a younger demographic.
  • Making sure they stick to their true brand identity.

Strategy/Approach Adopted By Dearfoams

social media dearfoamsTo achieve these objectives and for creating a high performing and an effective campaign on social media, Dearfoams adopted following strategies:

  • It focused on creating Brand Cohesiveness across all social mediaprofiles.
  • Developing a shopping & sharing tab on Facebook.
  • Focusing on targeted Facebook ads campaigns.
  • Reaching out to celebrities for encouraging and receiving tweets.
  • Using social media profiles for driving offline sales.
  • Providing strategy of reputation management.
  • Generating excitement and engagement through YouTube channel.
  • Implementing a strategic and effective Twitter strategy.giveaways

Each quarter the agency Wpromote that manages Dearfoams, focuses on creating and managing proper/effective execution of different contests that are promoted on Dearfoams’ various social media network profiles. Apart from this, offers like weekly giveaways are employed to keep followers and fans engaged. These type of initiatives are quite popular with the young viewers and users that the company wanted to tap. The users involved in the promotional activities act as brand evangelists by tweeting, sharing, liking, posting and carrying out different activities for promoting their content.

Key Results

fb dfThough the company was already enjoying a strong social media platforms presence, the recent efforts not only consolidated it but took it to an altogether different level.

  • The advertising campaign on Facebook reached a targeted users of more than 138,726,660 prospective customers.
  • A followers/ following ratio of 1:1 was maintained on Twitter.
  • The no of fans on Facebook saw an increase of around 14.9%.
  • Similarly there was an increase of 26.5% followers on Twitter.
  • There was also a rise of 68% in total YouTube views.
  • The successes and popularity of these promotional strategies can be attributed to the fact that they were duplicated and employed by many other businesses and brands on Facebook.

Key Findings

Dearfoams undertook an exhaustive marketing campaign on social media for enhancing it’s user base, targeting younger demographic and maintaining their brand identity at the same time. Following are the key findings of the campaign:

  • This campaign again emphasized an effective integration and usage of different social media channels namely Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • It utilized the Targeted advertising of Facebook. This feature of Facebook campaign provides you an option of designing ads where you can display these ads to the audience or viewers of your choice. For e.g. if you are a youth oriented e-commerce portal selling apparels and you want your ads to be displayed to only a particular section of users, say between the age groups of 18-30 years. Then by using targeted Facebook ads, your brand’s ads would be displayed to only that audience that fall within this range of age groups.
  • Due to the combine effort of targeted ads and shopping/sharing App there was an increase of 14.9% in no. of total fans on Facebook.
  • win everyweekUsing strategies like “Weekly Giveaways” prove to be quite effective in grabbing the attention of young viewers.
  • Tapping in the celebrities segment and encouraging tweets from them helps in engaging more fans on Twitter.
  • Using of exciting, unique content and presenting it through videos helps to increase reach and engage more viewers evident from the increase in no. of total YouTube views.
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  1. Indrajit Goswami

    Very good content. I find use of two word uncomfortable. ‘Younger demographic’? Better option or use will be as ‘younger generation’ or ‘young population’.

  2. Vikalp Bharti

    Great Article Mayank! It highlights the power we can harness through social media marketing.I also believe that Targeted Ads have a huge potential and such case studies are excellent examples.


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