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Decode Out Of Home Being The New Indoor At GMAW 2015

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Global Marketing & Advertising Week (GMAW) was held in Delhi from 18-20th February.  The event is a great confluence of the best of minds in the marketing ecosystem. Marketing experts from all across the spectrum instill creativity, innovation and design in the audience so that they are able to connect the dots and create irresistible brand for consumers who are literate as well as demanding.

Here is an excerpt of one of the sessions- Out of home is the new indoor. Speakers: Rajesh Chakrabarti, Nabendu Bhattacharya and Rajan Mehta.

Rajesh Chakrabarti is CMO and CIO of Reliance Capital, RCF and RHF business head.

Nabendu Bhattacharya is  CEO and MD of Milestone Brandcom. He was the present of Ogilvy Action India for 10 years.

Rajan Mehta is Founder and CEO of LiveMedia.

Out of Home (OOH) industry is one that ever changes and still remains the same. Local business has traditionally been the chunk of business for this industry. OOH is still one of the cost effective advertising tool to reach the target audience. They are still able to garner eyeballs in an age where we all are busy with our phones. Online retail picked up OOH as one of the element of marketing mix. Even advertising in transit is fast catching up. Look at the Delhi Metro which is covered with IndiaMart banner on its outer body. With almost sudden metamorphosis into a hitherto alien culture where people are spending an average of 10 hours out of their homes, out of home is the new home. Because of changing environments, new players are betting on OOH apart from conventional sectors like FMCG and telecom.New players being auto, real estate and infrastructure, white goods, retail-large as well as small format. OOH is no longer restricted to traditional arterial roads but is moving to a demographically targeted destination based on planning that is based on TG movement. Interactive screens, LED panels coming up at multiplexs are another dimension of OOH though it is still at a relatively nascent stage. OOH when combined with technology which enables interactivity with people with their hand held devices has the potential to be a game changer but at present is subject to cumbersome laws.

Rajan Mehta highlighted the concept of “Captive Audience Networks” which consists of LED screens strategically placed in captive environments such as Restaurants, Hospitals, Corporate  Offices, BPO’s, Gyms, Salons where people of identifiable demographics congregate. The screens show entertainment and information oriented content, snippets thereby engaging and entertaining audience and proving effective medium to marketers to reach out to their target audience.

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