Delivra Employed An Inbound Marketing Strategy To Raise Its Leads By 70%

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About Delivra:

Delivra is a Digital Marketing solution company earlier giving email marketing related solutions; however, now Delivra has been providing digital software solutions and professional services for over 13 years. Delivra contributes businesses and organizations to execute effective digital marketing campaigns by providing dynamic software and professional services – in areas such as: Design, Production, Deliverability and Testing. Voted one of the 2011, 2012, and 2013 Best Places to Work in India as their Brand Image motto being “Best Solution With Best Service”.

Business Objectives Of Delivra: Building up B2B clientele by adopting effective tools and practices thus escalating ROI of the company.

Strategies Implemented By Delivra:

The challenge in the strategy was to pull in more qualified leads but not only by traditional method but also with a tight budget and basic structure of the company without the help of third-party agencies and vendors.

  • Gathered brand market position data to position their target audience accordingly build communication strategy, quality content keeping consistency with Delivra’s brand image and its products visually and in terms of content as well as using message building mediums i.e. website, customer service, focusing on the reiteration of same message through all market channels.
  • Building interesting and quality based content on email marketing as a target audience interest purchase-point & attracting them to the website through eMailchatr Blog, Social media (facebook, Linkedin, Twitter) & PR (Industrial press) to build credibilty of Delivra then placed in search results aligning with Delivra’s content (Content Optimization).
  • Target audience who were looking for email services, to enrich them, team updated with case studies, whitepapers to the website and listed them behind lead generation forms as well as sending them confirmation email, so that visitors can download the reports once given the generic contact info which will get feed in Delivra’s CRM system resulting link building.
  • Approaching differently to paid and unpaid leads: Responding quickly to unpaid leads to close them fast rather than cold calling. Since paid leads are unaware about the company profile so only these were part of the 5-part email series to familiarize with the company.
  • Monitoring and tracking each inbound leads and analyzing – I) Number of leads attained; II)Ratio of leads-to-sales; III) Average sales value; IV) Average ROI thus they’ve collected these data which helped them to decide which are the best performing channels and which one to tweak i.e Blog or website.


  • Attracted higher quality leads than company’s paid leads thus increasing sales and quality of return.
  • Though inbound costing more in time and money, doubled the return and ROI which is worth more.
  • Revenue uprising each quarter from 25% to 40%.
  • Average annual revenue per account  got doubled up.
  • Increase in Inbound leads by 70% and website traffic by 20%.
  • 3-4 times more site traffic on the blog than Delivra’s website.
  • SEO rankings improved for major keywords.
  • Email marketing , increased visibility ranking  from page 29 to current page 13.
  • Email marketing software, before- page 17, after- page 8.
  • Email marketing service provider, before- page 32 and after- page 16.


  1. Getting to know your target consumers and implementing planned inbound strategy is itself a nutshell cracked.
  2. You doesn’t need to follow each and every line, just attract the selected line and focusing on them saves a great time and energy.
  3. The pattern of strategy changed by them by stated source leads generated i.e. paid and unpaid leads , can serve well converting them in leads successfully.
  4. Quality content and activating PR channels in a satisfied way channelize Brand Relevance and Brand Differentiation positively.
  5. Last but not the least, analytical data gathered through the sources help greatly to accelerate decision making process and prioritizing right channels.
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  1. Nikhita Reddy

    Impressive post. The strategy employed and the results achieved are explained in a very good way. Neat and understandable presentation. The learnings are also explained in a very good way.


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