Design Thinking- How to Create a Culture of Innovation in the Digital Era: Webinar Recording

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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Design Thinking as a concept is used by designers and innovators to solve complex problems. Design thinking has evolved over centuries and definitely not in a day. It is also known as the ideal state or the desired state of any situation. Creativity helps us in growing and Design Thinking is a part of creativity, as it helps us in solving the complexities of it.
To elaborate on the same, Dr. Vikram Venkateswaran- Marketing Influencer And Leader led a webinar on “Design Thinking- How to Create a Culture of Innovation in the Digital Era.” Wherein, he shared his views about how design thinking is growing and will grow in the near future. Poets are also known to be the best design thinker as they have an eye for imagination.  A survey was done by Adobe on the same and as a result, it was found that Japan was a highly creative country. But only 25% people felt that they are about to apply the creativity. While 80% felt that it is important to be creative.

Key Takeaways of the Webinar:

  • Intuitions play an important role in design thinking.
  • Reasons behind the need for Design Thinking.
  • The key principles of Design Thinking concept.
  • How Design Thinking has led innovation and how can that be incorporated into an organization.
  • A business needs Design Thinking for Success and organizations can leverage it for making profits.

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