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It’s the New Year and time for some fresh thinking! As we enter 2014, it is time to sit down and devise your sales and marketing goals for the year to increase your chances for a successful year ahead. The following ideas can help you build up a plan that can plug all the holes in last year’s strategy and fuel growth in 2014.

  • Re-evaluate you past trends

The foremost step is to analyse your past year’s sales and revenue trends and find out what worked and what didn’t.  A complete revaluation of your existing marketing strategy will help you to avoid repeating yesterday’s mistakes.

  • Develop your company’s goals and vision for 2014

Ask a few fundamental questions to yourself. Where do you want to see your company by the end of 2014? What is your mission statement? Whom are you targeting? How to reach your audience? Simple and realistic plans will any day help a company to sell more products and services to even more consumers.

  • Stay abreast of your competition.

Keep yourself informed of what your competitors are doing. Compare their online and offline presence with yours. Make sure that your customers are able to differentiate you with your competitors. Developing plans and regularly revisiting them helps to ensure that the business is on the right track and also gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Review your documentation

Well designed and written marketing materials will better communicate company’s unique qualities to the potential customers. Ensure that your sales process is able to reach out to the required quantity as well as quality of customers that the company needs to achieve its growth targets. Also make sure that everyone in your sales team is following the same process to generate and nurture leads.

  • Involve people

Client surveys conducted recently have cited that increasing the size of the team has been a key factor in facilitating business growth. Recruiting the right personnel can help you accomplish some challenging objectives that you might have planned for the year. Building an innovative work culture keeps your employees motivated and engaged.

  • Track your progress

Identifying and solving issues, reviewing progress and defining metrics to measure success is very important to ensure that you are focussed on your goals. Tracking progress generates a sense of satisfaction and at the same time encourages you to work harder.

Developing a plan is not so easy, but a must to make sure that your company is going in the right direction for 2014.

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