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Did You Know India Ranked Amongst Top 3 Data Consuming Countries In APAC- Sub Region

Did You Know India Ranked Amongst Top 3 Data Consuming Countries In APAC- Sub Region

If you all have perception that India is lagging behind in internet connectivity, you should immediately drop that idea of yours. Despite of a large number of people deprived of using internet, there are enough number of people who have successfully helped India to stand out amongst top 3 data consuming countries in APAC (Asia Pacific) region, Kudos! Thanks to our internet crazy fans who made help India to achieve this feat.

Reasons that helped India to rise up in the data consumption ranklist

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India is changing, in the upper middle class and above category of people you can see even the school kids holding a smartphone. Move back few years from now, there were hardly few businessman or high class people who had mobile, having features to connect to internet. During those days, if you needed to buy a mobile which can help you use internet, it would cost you atleast more than Rs.20,000. But look now, how the economic, the mobile market have turned to. You can get a smartphone at Rs.2000. This is a beautiful change in the history of technological advancement. It’s not just that smartphone started coming at low price but it also brought the perks along with it. The ease of using high speed internet don’t need a laptop or desktop computer anymore. In fact people have started replacing laptops and desktops with this smartphone and tabs. The ease of carrying, low cost, and fashionable tabs and smartphone have become the first choice of people in this fast growing world of digital era.

This have ultimately helped India to push to the top 3 rankings of data consuming countries in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region. The obvious reason behind this is, when you get a smartphone of tab it becomes almost impossible to survive without buying a 3G pack. Did you noticed one thing, how fast do you consume internet when you are using a 3G or 2G pack? You definite give this answer accurately because when you are not using a broadband or wifi it is obvious that you will count every penny of the pack that you buy, as those are not unlimited. But think back and take an example of using your unlimited wifi, did you ever counted the amount of data that you have consumed in all total? Unless you check the monthly or daily used data statistics, many of you will find it hard to answer this question. All this factors are the main reasons that help our country to climb above the rank list of most data consuming countries of APAC (Asia Pacific) region.

Report details


The news of our country India begin ranked as one of the top 3 countries to use maximum amount of data in APAC (Asia Pacific) region, is put forward by the APAC (Asia Pacific) state by Opera Mediaworks and Mobile Marketing Association for the fourth quarter survey of 2015. The detailed report was about the smartphone use in APAC (Asia Pacific) region, which continues to grow rapidly as compared to rest of the world. In this survey report India, Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines are considered in the category of P4 (power 4) sub-regions, as reported by Opera.

In order to get bets possible estimate of number of people using smartphones and amount of data consumed, a sample number of people must have to be taken. In this survey, 400 million unique users were taken as a sample for checking the estimate number of people using smartphones and total consumption of data in APAC (Asia Pacific) region, which was surveyed by the Opera Mediaworks.

Important points of the survey report

Let us see what all were the observation of the survey of Opera Mediaworks. Here are few points that can clear the results of the survey report.

  1. The survey brought into notice that India is counted among the top three data consuming nations of the APAC (Asia Pacific) region, which is counted in P4 (power 4) sub-region. The other three along with India that comes in this category are Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.
  2. It is to be noted that this nations under P4 (Power 4) sub region has witnessed 545% increase in use of smartphone since 2013. Which can also be counted as one of the main reason behind the more use of data in this P4 (power 4) sub regions.
  3. Most Interesting thing that is observed in this countries in that over 76% of users in APAC (Asia Pacific) region access internet via mobile. So, now this makes sense, why the more use of smartphone has a direct impact on the consumption of data.
  4. The market share of APAC (Asia Pacific) region is dominated by Android, out of all the available mobile user platforms this seems to be the best fit for users.

So, we can see clearly the reason behind the rise of ranking of India in top 3 lists of maximum data consumed nations. The future seems to be promising as the pace at which Smartphone users in Indian market is increasing can directly impact data consumption making it the top most country in data consumption.

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