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Did You Know Instagram Is Now Searchable On Desktop

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instagram logoIn this age of digital evolution where everybody wants to be a part of the digital bandwagon, social media plays a key role by connecting people divided by creed, colour, geography and varied/similar interests. Out of various social media platforms used by the social media audience, Instagram is one platform that is gaining lot of prominence today.

Instagram is one of it’s kind online mobile video-sharing, picture-sharing and a social networking platform that allows its audience to take videos and pictures , and enables them to share same on different social media platforms, such as Twitter, Flickr , Facebook and Tumblr. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are the people behind the creation of Instagram, which was initially launched as a free mobile app in the fall of October 2010 . The app’s popularity rapidly soared , it garnered 100 million plus active users by April 2012 and more than 300 million active users by December 2014. Instagram is distributed through the Windows Phone Store , Google Play and Apple App Store. The App’s support is available for Android handsets, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch while 3rd party Instagram apps are available for Nokia-Symbian Devices and Blackberry 10.

In April 2012 the social networking service was taken-over by Facebook for 1 billion us dollers in cash and stock, approximately. The year 2013 saw Instagram grow by 23%, while at the same time Facebook, the parent company, could only clock a year on year growth of 3%.

One of the original and distinctive feature of Instagram was that it allowed you to keep photos to only a square shape, somewhat similar to Polaroid images and Kodak Instamatic. This was a complete contrast to the 4:3 aspect ratio used by typical mobile device cameras. This was improved in August 2015, with the launch of the version 7.5, which allowed the users to post photographs captured in any aspect ratio. It also enabled the users to apply digital filters to their photos. The maximum duration for a video on Instagram is 15 seconds.

instagram-exploreThere has been a recent development in Instagram’s user’s interface wherein when you are signed in your account, you will find a search bar being displayed on the home-page. This search bar is pretty useful as it enables you to search for hastags, location tags and other accounts, all at one go.

By clicking on the location tag or the hastag you will be taken on a search results page which features the top and the most recent posts. The top posts generally comprises of videos or images that have maximum likes and comments. They are generally featured directly above the latest posts in most search results. This new search functionality is available on Instagram’s iOS and Android apps which allows the users to find pictures by location, explore real time trending searches, and more.

This all new explore page will scan through over 70 million videos and photos published on the social network daily to discover and provide it’s users the trending and latest tags, people and places.

instagram-search-681x600Another exciting addition that the users will find very interesting in the Explore page is the curated collections. These new collections are featured at the very top of the Explore page, and are updated on regular basis. Some of the latest collections that you may find will include things like extreme athletes, interesting accounts, ancient ruins, architecture and more. All Instagram users are now able to use this new search functionality. After clicking on the search bar users will now be provided with four tabs: People, Places, Top and Tags.

The new ‘Top’ tab of Instagram is an effective new way of searching across places, people, and hashtags all at one go. The Places tab enables the users to search for videos and photographs taken at a precise location, something which was not very easy to do earlier. In the past, one had to find a video or picture that was location tagged. Here, you were required to tap on that tag to reveal other videos and photos that were captured at that location.

instagram7 (1)Now the users have the option of searching for the locations on Instagram —right from restaurants, to vacation spots, to convention halls — it has become a lot easier now for the users to drop in on the location of their choice.
Instagram is gradually moving towards becoming more desktop friendly. The app, that was only meant for mobile users to share images is now equally operational on desktops as well and allows it users to do anything except uploading videos and images.

Though you cannot publish any content on desktop yet, but it’s a lot easier than before to search and engage with variety of Instagram content while you are away from your smart phones.

*Image Source: notey, techcrunch, marketingland, petapixel

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