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Did You Know? Instagram Offers New Explore Page Search Options

Did You Know? Instagram Offers New Explore Page Search Options

InstagramInstagram is the most loved photo and video sharing network which allows the users to share the photos and videos instantly and that too in a real time. You can capture any good moment of yourself, or some place or product and you can upload it on Instagram through your iPhone or android phone and share it straight away. There are lots of images that are shared on Instagram. It is not only used by photographers but it is also used by individuals and brand Instagram offers you to upload good quality images and videos. It is also one of the social media platform used by brands for promoting their business.  If you want to explore images related to topics, people, places. then it becomes very tedious job to find what you require from the whole lot of bunch as there are millions of uploads happening every day hence think of the data you need to browse to search for a particular thing. To ease out your pain did you know Instagram offers new explore page search options.

Instagram has now made the job hassle free for the people who want to explore the content using Instagram, with some additional features. This update was rolled out by Instagram on 23rd June 2015. Instagram is the Facebook owned photo sharing network and it has 300 million active users across the globe with 70 million of photo and video sharing daily. With so many uploads of the photos and videos daily imagine how difficult it is to find about the information you want to find out in particular. For example you are searching images for latest even happened say Grammy awards, Mother’s Day or some other things, want to know about what others are sharing. But now your entire problem is resolved with Instagram introducing this new feature that is explore search options. Previously using Instagram you can only search with hashtags and accounts but now explore page search option will provide in depth information.

The varied option through which we can search on Instagram is as follows:

  • Trending Topics/ Top Post
  • People
  • Places
  • Tags

It has compiled its collection of the images for specifically these features. So now if someone wants to travel to some beautiful let’s say sea beach then user can search using places option and using search term as best beaches. He can get the options of best beaches and from the image he can decide which place he wants to visit or let’s say if you are excited to visit some place say Switzerland, you can search with the places option and you will get the most relevant images for the places in the Switzerland. Instagram have an algorithm through which they show the most recent uploaded and most relevant pictures top posts of your search query.

Let us take an example, If recently there was an award show which has taken place and if you want to see its Top trending post or you want to know the places where Oscar has happened or you want to see people involved than you can find it through searching it in appropriate options / tabs provided by Instagram. For example if you want to view  an Oscar award event post than you can search it on Trending Topic option by entering search term as Oscar Awards. You can bifurcate it on the basis of most relevant info you are seeking, like you want to see celebrities photos then you can select people tab on Instagram and search for it. Providing this type of feature Instagram has made very convenient to the people to get the image they are seeking. In short you can now find out the information in very appropriate way.

For better clarity let us look at some images of its explore page search options:





It has bring in the functionality which it should bring in the beginning itself only but now it is good news for instagram users that they can really find easily of what they are looking for. People are really eager to know of what is happening around the world, and if they are interested to look for any topic they want to know about then they should fetch the information easily that’s what Instagram new features will help to achieve its users. Instagram also shows the location in the map from where the photo was clicked.

Instagram has provided the improved way to explore and find photos. You can now just peep in and get the info you want like nowadays it is a trend to explore before you visit any places like restaurant or go for holidays you explore a lot, and images are the best source in this cases to take decisions. Hence Instagram’s new explore page search option feature will definitely benefit the users.

Another social Media platform Twitter is also working on the same lines. Twitter is planning to launch its new product called “Project Lightening”. With this feature user will be able to pull similar kinds of tweets, photos, videos, and events in a manageable way.

Instagram’s CEO and co-founder Mike Krieger commented that what people want from social media is bridging the gap between having the knowledge of something happening in the world and you knowing it.

People will like to use your platform if they are getting the information want they want. Hence this move of Instagram will definitely increase its user base.

In USA Instagram has also launched one feature in which Instagram displays collection about the interesting accounts and places. Instagram has a specific team who choose these collections.  To make people remember your presence your platform should be such which is user-friendly and people easily achieve of what they want. If these things are fulfilled then only people will love you use your platform. This is what the Instagram has done, it has provided the user-friendly feature which will help its users to search in a relevant and organised way.

Image source – Instagram

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