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Did You Notice Google Play Store’s Redesigned Look?

Did You Notice Google Play Store’s Redesigned Look?

Google PlayStoreGoogle Play Store to get change over in coming days which we all can see the creation of Apps, Games & Entertainment tabs, amongst other changes as well. Currently, the Google Play homepage shows combined contents from all the sections including Apps, Games, Movies and TV, Music, Newsstand, and Books.

By the way change is something we all need often, changes sometimes is good and bad as well. Google’s plan is to make good for everyone. No need to say that now in smart phone era, everyone uses Google Play Store for sure. It may be low-end phone or else high-end phone, Play Store is needs to download anything for your Smartphone. The redesign or renovation for Play Store is vital because millions of people use daily for one or the other thing, likely for updating apps or downloading something new. As of now there is no problem in user interface, but Google is planning in-depth for better design and more users friendly. We all must appreciate Google for this step in redesign.



Now, the redesign was teased by Kirill Grouchnikov, a user interface engineer on the Android project at Google, who shared an image of the Google Play redesign over the years in a Google+ post. In one of the images, the new design which will likely replace the current interface was visible.

Google Play Store Evolution - Kirill Grouchnikov

“Google Play Store Evolution”

So through above image we can see how Google Play Store’s Evolution Occurred in recent times. Now, even in the new design we can’t see more details but, by looking the image it is clear that the “Entertainment” tab will have content from movies and TV, music, books, and the newsstand. The “Apps & Games” tab will feature apps and games, along with sub-tabs for top charts, games, and categories among others. I think the new design will be good for new-users; they now can go through separate section for downloading their favorite app or game. This New Google Play interface definitely looks simpler compared to the current setup with six tabs for Apps, Games, Movies & TV, Music, Books, and Newsstand appearing on top on mobile device. Below the six tabs lie sub-tabs for New + Updated Games, Popular Apps + Games, Movies Top Charts, and New + Updated Apps among others.

Play Store Landing

Play Store Landing

Unfortunately, Google or Kirill Grouchnikov has not reveled any date or time-frame for the new Google Play redesign roll-out, but we can expect it to hit the Play Store soon. This update will be rolled out from Google’s end and not as an App update.

The story behind redesign: The Google Play Store has evolved significantly over the years, mirroring the growth of Android. What once started as a loosely regulated app storefront has turned into a major revenue stream for Google, which announced in February it had paid out $7 billion to developers in the past year. With that much at stake, expect more effort to go into making the Play Store an appealing place to shop for content.

Kirill Grouchnikov Google+ post, Grouchnikov has announced that he will no longer be a part of the Play Store team and confirmed will join the frameworks team. “Android Market / Play Store has been my work home for the last (almost) six years. Now that I’m moving to the frameworks team, the story of Play Store will not be mine to tell – if I could even ever lay such a claim to begin with, since it’s always been a team effort, and I was the self-selected messenger of all things pixels. In fact, the vast majority of pretty pixels I’ve posted today are not mine. I did a few minor things here and there, mostly documenting all the terrible hacks and all the awkward decisions that were made over these years. I’m sad to leave the team after being on it for so long and seeing the product evolving along the way. I’m also very excited to have watched the evolution of the new design from the sidelines over the last [REDACTED PERIOD OF TIME WHERE NOBODY NOTICED THE NEW BITS AND PIECES IN ALL THE TEARDOWNS SERIOUSLY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE CAN YOU NOT READ BETWEEN THE LINES ANYMORE].,” Kirill Grouchnikov said.

Separately, the Google Play v5.10.29 app has started rolling out to users, Android Police reports. The website adds that the highlight of the update will be the new Google Play text logo, which now follows the new Google logo design language. The update will also ‘allow users to copy change logs and descriptions from mobile devices. This new design was inspired by Google’s Material Design language, which offers different tabs for apps & games and other content offered by the digital place. This redesign includes a highlights banner at the top that features popular content across all categories. Different content destinations are colour coded and follow a theme.

Conclusion: I’m excited for the new look too like many people out there, We can’t criticize the redesigned and revamped app since we have not sensed or tested, I hope google definitely has gone through tons of designs, UX, UAT and so on. Hopefully we can test them soon and give our thoughts back to google.

Image Credits: Google, Kirill Grouchnikov Google+ post

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