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Different And Effective Customer Testimonials To Boost Sales

Different And Effective Customer Testimonials To Boost Sales

Have you ever wondered what people think about after using your product or service? Getting answers to these questions are one of the most important tasks your website needs. Customer testimonials are powerful trust signals that you can use on your website or marketing campaigns including landing pages, pricing, and product pages, and also AdWords ads. It has been seen that customer testimonials are a powerful tool yet least explored. You can use testimonials like reviews and comments from your satisfied customers in the form of text, video, or audio format on your website and this gives other potential customers a credible and unbiased recommendation for your product.

Why Customer Testimonials Are Important

People want to know that what they are going to buy is worth it or not. From buying a luxury vehicle to choosing a dress for sister’s wedding, people want to be sure if their decision is right. In search of that, they almost always turn to other shoppers. This psychological mechanism, social proof, makes people follow the behaviors and actions of other people in order to make a right choice. The best way to do this is via customer testimonials. By displaying the reviews of your satisfied customers, you can persuade the potential customers to buy your products and services.

For this purpose, we have come up with a list of 9 different types of testimonials that you can use to fuel the sales funnel and persuade people to buy products.

9 different and effective customer testimonials


These type of testimonials are one of the most popular ones. They have been in use since ages and till day are very effective. These are testimonials which pull a quote directly from a customer.



To get more of authenticity, nowadays, the quote is accompanied by a picture of the person. The picture used in the above example is bright and smiling which gives an impression that the customers are satisfied and happy with the products and services. This gives hope to make a right decision from purchasing the program.

2. Social Media Posts

Customer testimonials are extremely convenient especially with the growing popularity of social media. What is to be done is, you have to pull screenshots from a Twitter update or a Facebook post and you will have the proof right away that your customers like your products and services.



There would be any question on its authenticity as many of the social media posts are public, therefore, if someone wants to cross check, they can do it by themselves. In order to get social media testimonials of this kind, you will need to keep your customers engaged with your accounts on social media platforms on a regular basis and encourage them to tell what was their experience with your services.

3. Case Studies

Case studies also act as customer testimonials when you take tiny parts of them. In order to showcase a case study testimonial, you can take a full-blown case study and then break it down into a brief and comprehensible parts. You can show these on your product page in order to enhance your sales. Giving a back link to the full case study might help the users to conduct a further investigation.



4. Video testimonials

These kinds of testimonials have quickly gained popularity in the recent years. Above that, it is easy to create and publish videos on your website with the technological progress going on. The outstanding point about video testimonials is that they stand out and leave a big imprint of an impression on users’ minds. Imagine yourself, seeing some talk about the products or services helps in establishing trust and likability. Here is an example of Video Testimonials.



Well, if you are fascinated by video testimonials but have no idea how do you create one. Here are few tips to keep in mind while creating a video testimonial:

  • You need to ask for a video testimonial. There are different ways of asking for a video testimonial. You should be persuasive enough.
  • Seek a good filming environment. Bad filmed video testimonial will definitely not interest the potential customers. So you need to take care of the background, lightening and brightness.
  • Capture stories that sell. Asking good and in-depth question that makes your product and services worthwhile is something to be considered.
  • Use good editing software to get the best of your video testimonials.
5. Blog post reviews

Though most of the testimonials are brief and short, there are testimonials which are detailed and long. We have a feeling of ‘must be a good product’ if there are long form sales copy. We usually believe if there is so much to say about this product, it must be good. To have a blog post review or long form testimonial, you can ask your customer to write a review of the product in the form of a blog post on their website. In return, you can provide them an affiliate link which can be used by them to earn a portion of the sales. Here is an example of a Blog post review:

6. High Profile Testimonials

If Salman Khan endorses a product, there would be a higher possibility of its sales. This is something obvious. People tend to place a higher value on something when a celebrity or an authority figure approves and/or endorses it. So if you have customers who are well known, you can make these people feature on your website. These could be anyone, from celebrities to well-known professionals in your industry.

If in case, you can not get an actual testimonial, you can simply mention their names of these famous and high profile customers or you can add the logo of their brand on your product or consulting page.



7. Interviews

Which potential customer would not like a vivid picture of the product or service they are going to buy? Interviews are effective in such cases. They provide a detailed picture of the customer experience, helping the prospects to get an insight on what a product is like.

However, you need to be particular about the questions so that they can elicit a story about why and how your customer came to buy your product. Here is a list of questions that you could ask your customer in an interview. These questions are suggested by Sean D’Souza, a writer at copyblogger.

  • What specific feature did you like most about the product you purchased from us?
  • What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from buying this product?
  • What would be three other benefits about this product?
  • What did you find as a result of buying this product?
  • Would you recommend this product? If so, why?
  • Would you like to add something?

These questions can help you elicit a story which will help other prospective customers to gain information regarding your product and increase the chances of buying the product.

8. Peer Reviews

People are influenced by the behaviors of other people who are like them. This is the key behind peer reviews. Reviews coming from people who resemble customer profile have a great influence on your potential customers. Yelp is one of the great ways of getting peer reviews. You can use a screenshot to place these reviews on your website. Along with Yelp, there are a lot of other review sites and apps. For example, Goodsnitch, Bazaarvoice (for any kind of product or service), TripAdvisor (for hotel and restaurants), Foursquare (for local shops and restaurants), UrbanSpoon, Chekplate (for restaurants) and GoodReads (for book reviews).



These testimonials can still be used even if you don’t have a single customer. You need to simply ask few colleagues or friends to try out your products and services for free and give you an honest review.

9. Press Reviews

Coming from sources who are professionally qualified to speak on the topic could help you gain more sales. This is because they will be persuasive. One of the examples is, new restaurants often try to get reviews from local restaurant critics.

The idea of getting press reviews is to make real-time relationships with the right set of people. However, you will have to work hard for this since press reviews are not easy to come by. But if you land one, it can make you go popular in no time. 

Testimonials are an important part that boosts sales. Therefore, it is better to choose one and implement it without any delays. Let us know which type of testimonials you like the most!

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