Role of Digital Advertising to Expand Sales

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Advertising has advanced. Now it is not limited to radio, print media houses, static billboards and TV. Present day innovations have opened the way to an absolutely new and equally powerful kind of advertising – Digital Advertising. This article is designed to let you know What is Digital Advertising, how digital Ads work, what are the popular practices of digital advertising in India, and a lot more- So, let us delve into them-

What is Digital Advertising?

Digital Advertising alludes to marketing media that is displayed and channelized via digital channels. Digital Advertising runs marketing campaigns on the Internet, hand-held media gadgets, smartphones, billboards, automobiles and other possible digital channels. Businesses utilize digital advertising to construct or keep up their brand images, products and services to their target audiences.

Digital Advertising enables advertisers and promoters to target, appeal and convert their prospects with more exactness via custom-fit marketing channels. Digital Advertising has turned into a noteworthy segment of cutting edge promoting techniques— And if it is not a part of your marketing methodology, it ought to be. Be that as it may, if your promotions are not well thoroughly considered, you in all probability won’t get the result you are seeking after.

Regardless of whether your business is B2B or B2C, by actualizing digital commercials effectively, you will have the capacity to effectively build your brand, and at last cultivate more conversions. Presently like never before, digital Ads enable businesses to have greater perceptibility all through a substantially more powerful group of target audiences. It is the plan, the channels or it is the messaging elements, each part of the digital advertising incorporates immaculate inclusion of result-oriented advertising practices that are quantifiable as well.

Let us delve into reasons how digital advertising in India aids brands boost their ROI-

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How digital advertising helps Brands increase their Sales

1. Digital Advertising Agency Drives Sales and ROI

  • As per the research of Nielsen Catalina Solutions (pioneer in measuring and optimizing advertising performance through purchaser-based analytics)- “Not only can we prove that online advertising drives sales, but the returns on ad spends are significant when purchaser-based data is used to optimize the media buy.”
  • In its more than 800 studies, while working with more than 300 CPG brands, 80 organizations and digital advertising agencies to gauge the connection between digital advertising and offline advertising, Nielsen finds that brands can expect a return of three dollars for their one-dollar investment in digital Ads.

digital advertising

2. Digital Advertising in India is Effective across the Entire Customer Journey

  • Automakers are quite frequently using digital Ads to channelize their marketing campaigns, so McKinsey measured 24 customer touch points for 9,000+ new auto purchasers to better comprehend what engage clients and influences their purchase decisions.
  • In their analysis, they not only locate that Digital Ads are vital to driving premium engagement (second just to live encounters), but also found that digital channels hold great authority on the path-to-purchase.

3. Digital Ads Enhance the Effectiveness of Non-Digital Media Channels

  • According to BrandScience and Microsoft, Digital Advertising Agency conveys incredible ROI proficiency itself, as well as makes other Non-digital media be more conversion driven.
  • Researchers compared the ROI generated after adding the digital media advertising with non-digital media channels and result showed an overwhelming increase from a delta of +4% for radio to +70% for TV and an astounding +71% for Cinema.

digital advertising benefits

4. Digital Advertising Agency Drives Word-Of-Mouth at Scale

As per Nielsen, 90+% of shoppers trust recommendations from their near and dear ones i.e. word of mouth over all other types of marketing, and Digital Advertising in India turbo-charges this highly convincing marketing channel. According to a ShareThis study, on “Return on a Share, Quantifying the Monetary Value of Social Sharing”-

  • Recommendations have more effect on a shopper’s buy decisions than both brand and cost — More than 50% of decisions depend on this. Digital Ads are practically as profitable as in-person recommendations —

A shopper is 9.5 +% more inclined to purchase an item with a digital Ad, while 10.6% more probable with a fantastic in-person recommendations. Interestingly, negative recommendations can reduce the buy decisions by 11% for a digital advertisement, and 11.2% for an in-person recommendation.

  • Recommendations are perfectly used by digital advertising campaigns to positively influence the shoppers’ buying decisions. The particular estimation of an offer can be controlled by measuring the amount increasingly a shopper will pay for an item in the event that they have had an incredible online recommendation.

5. Creative Digital Ads Drive Interaction and Lifts Brands

  • It is obvious that the nature of imaginative advertising is the most essential determinant of the effectiveness of digital Ads. As per comScore ARS study, creative quality drives the greater part of the business conversions for brands analyzed, and for your surprise, it was four times higher than the effect of the particular media channel.
  • Highly creative digital Ads blend interaction, sound, visuals and motions together to create more noteworthy communication- That ensures constructive interaction and raises high the brand awareness.

6. Digital Advertising in India Is More Efficient than Traditional Media

  • While it would not be rational to make speculations regarding media costs given the wide variety of options in different marketing mediums, digital advertising in India can for the most part be believed as the most effective medium for targeting audiences.
  • Additionally, on cost-per-conversion basis, digital advertising is 5 to 6 times more productive that traditional marketing channels- (suggests Interactive Advertising Bureau(IAB) in its report about the comparative analysis of Digital Advertisement and Traditional marketing).

7. Digital Advertising Agency is Essential to Reaching an Audience

  • As per reports, time spent on digital advertising in India among Indian adults outperformed the time spent on TV, and this gap will probably keep on widening.
  • Indian grown-ups are evaluated to spend 4 hours, 40 minutes for each day in front of their TV, while combining online and mobile devices, Indian adults spend around 7 hours, 40 minutes with digital media advertising every day- Increasing digital advertising’s lead over TV to well more than three hour for each day.

Now, as we have gone through the top reasons how digital advertising aids brands boost their ROI; let us dig deep into the digital advertising practices and understand how you can run sales-driven digital Ads-

What are the practices involved in Digital Advertising in India

With such a large number of choices accessible- from Paid Search and PPC to in-app ads and display advertising, digital advertising can be a bit daunting for a newbie, yet it does not need to be. The whole process of online advertising can be quite easy if you accurately understand how digital advertising is done, and below given powerful digital advertising practices will help you utilize the real power of digital ads in the most accommodating and result-driven ways possible. Let us go through different digital advertising practices-

1. Paid Search Digital Advertising Practices

paid search Ads by Digital Advertising Agency

  • Generally, when one thinks of digital advertising, the odds are great that he/she is considering Paid Search Advertising– otherwise called pay-per-click Advertising or PPC. Paid search advertising is a standout amongst the most widely recognized and successful types of digital advertising.
  • Paid search enables advertisers to bid on applicable terms and phrases (keywords) that may make text based digital Ads be shown to clients when they enter particular inquiry into Google or Bing. Keywords are the base of Paid Search Advertising. Bidding is done on Keywords as a major aspect of bid auction.
  • This process guarantees all advertisers have a fair possibility of their digital Ads being shown to clients, contrasting those with the greatest Digital Ads spending plans. To make profitable digital advertisements, advertisers have to go for highly relevant keywords and should target right audience at right time.

2. Paid Social Digital Advertising Practices

paid social digital advertising in India

  • As social media remains the most mainstream online leisure activity for grown-ups, digital advertisers have advanced their procedures to target buyers where they invest their most of the time i.e. social media channels, for example, Facebook and Twitter. The thing that differentiates paid social from paid search is advertisers need to search for users in Paid Social.
  • One of the best qualities of paid social advertising is the accuracy with which advertisers can target their prospects. Advertisers can target their audiences with many parameters, from statistic information like sex, age, income, marital status, etc. to social conducts and browsing inclinations.
  • Advertisers can likewise target clients as per the news they read, products and services they purchase, or the pages and profiles they like and follow. Identity marketing is the latest and most convincing part of paid social digital advertising that lets advertisers have extraordinary opportunities to develop their business.

3.  Creating Buyer Persona

  • Similarly, as paid search advertising demands in-depth keyword research before launching an advertising campaign, paid social advertising also need to know their best clients to guarantee that they’re targeting the right audiences by using customized messaging. This is the place buyer persona becomes possibly the most important factor.
  • Making immaculate buyer persona for your clients enables you to go beyond basic level of targeting and aids you dig into the targeting choices that enable you to focus on your planned clients with the optimized level of granularity.
  • This boosts the viability of your brand, and in addition, offers more significant, directed digital Ads to your prospects. According to stats, individuals really acknowledge web digital advertisements more when it is exceptionally targeted and important to their interests.

Along with befitting digital advertising practices, digital advertisers should also be aware of the different elements of digital advertising campaigns, so in next section, let us discuss different elements of digital advertising-

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What are the different Elements of Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising includes a lot more than simply putting an advertisement on the Internet and seeking after the best. The best advertising efforts join various interconnected elements, all of which perform novel activities to boost the potential of digital ads. Not each digital advertisement effort will have each component, yet the below given elements for successful digital advertising in India will be the basic of most of the digital advertising campaigns, so let us turn them inside out-

1. Landing Pages

2. Text and Visual Ads

digital advertising

  • Google AdWords and Bing Ads let advertisers have a choice in between Text Ads or visual digital advertisements for example, banners. Text based digital Ads are frequently understood as PPC Ads, while on the other hand, banners and same sorts of Ads are usually alluded to as visual Ads.
  • What’s more, web-based social networking platforms, for example, Facebook offers visual digital Ads formats that are perfect and incorporate some Ad copy, which can be thought of as a blending of both- Text & Visual Ads. There are many digital Ads formats accessible; enabling you to pick the format and advertising system that best suits the necessities of your campaign.

3. Call Tracking

  • For advertisers, telephone calls are the most profitable source of leads. Consequently, digital advertisers can track telephone calls created for digital advertising campaigns.
  • There are digital advertising tools that offer well-integrated call tracking features, enabling you to decide the exact advertisement and keyword that provoked a forthcoming client to call your brand.

4. Analytics

  • Advertisers should not only publish digital advertisements to the web and seek after the best – they should know precisely how well their digital Ads are performing, and from where their traffic is coming. This is the reason analytics is a significant part of any digital advertising in India.
  • Digital Advertising Agency knows that befitting analytics tools for your kind of campaign, for example, with WordStream Advisor, you can know a lot of information regarding your Ad campaigns, from Impression Share and Cost-per-Conversion to Click-through-Rate and popular digital Advertising trends.
  • Analytics tools are likewise important in deciding how customers find and communicate with your site, a procedure known as attribution modeling.
  • Ready to learn Data Analytics? Read our Step by step guide here.

5. Sponsored Content

Digital Advertising Agency

  • Advertisers use sponsored content as a component of their digital advertising efforts. Sponsored content can be of any form, from advertorial-style editorial content highlighted on sites i.e. native advertising, to different supported updates via web-based social channels.
  • You can easily get such features from Facebook and Twitter as both the social platforms brag a lot about their extensive variety of sponsored content options, for example, Twitter’s Sponsored Tweets and Facebook’s Promoted Posts.

6. Email Marketing

  • Email marketing is a standout amongst the most widely recognized elements of successful digital advertising campaigns.
  • A few advertisers use email-only advertising campaigns to emphasize on their time-specific offers or content downloads, while others utilize email to supplement their other digital advertising channels.
  • Email marketing can be exceptionally compelling, if rightly used, and that is why it is a well-known choice for successful digital advertising.

 7. Remarketing

digital advertising tips

  • Visitors occasionally, find a site and choose to buy something instantly. The client adventure can be extensive and complex process that occurs over various devices and sites. Hence, remarketing has turned out to be a standout amongst the most critical methods in digital advertising toolkit.
  • Remarketing enables you to track clients who have gone to your site – yet neglected to convert or make a buy – once they leave your webpage- serve advertisements to them via different sites. This essentially builds brand awareness, as well as gives further chances to the client to return to your site and convert to make a purchase later.
  • Remarketing can be empowered on search, display and social advertising activities.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating the scope of paid search with the accuracy and influence of paid social can be the best digital advertising strategy for you to target new customers, increase the sales and boost your ROI.

Digital Advertising Agency makes dealing with your PPC and paid social advertising campaigns simple, letting clients have a centralized dashboard, wise and custom-fit suggestions in view of Ad performance, and a suite of tools intended to enable you to take full advantage of your digital advertising campaigns.

Digital Advertising in India is demonstrating its value to digital marketers consistently by creating new demands and then by ensuring befitting supply of the same through expanding engagement and reliability along with easy accessibility and guaranteed effectiveness.

Still dubious about the power of digital advertising for your brands? – Clear your doubts by asking us in comment section given below.

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