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You must have heard the name Digital Branding multiple times, still curious to know what exactly it is.

Then this is an article for you, here we will be discussing the basics of Digital branding, what it is all about and what its connection with online marketing is.

Internet and technology have gone through a number of evolutions and with it, arises a number of opportunities in the marketing sector.

There were times when marketing was not an easy job and getting desired results through marketing was never easy. But with the arrival of Digital marketing, it has become a lot easier and efficiency has increased as well.

As per stats, for every $1 spent on Digital Ads, businesses get an avg. of $2 ROI.

Digital marketing has also gone through a number of evolutions for the last few years and it has become more effective and more versatile.

Gone are those times when people were surrounded by limited digital devices only, rather these days we can see a large number of people are having multiple digital devices with them.

We can also say the same fact in a different way; numbers of people are having digital devices with them, that means digitalization has grown which has eventually provided opportunities to brands to directly reach their targeted audiences in an easy and results-driven way.

And this method has proved its efficiency as well.

What is Digital Branding?

By now you must have got an idea about it, digital branding is simply using digital devices for branding purpose; using digital media and technology to promote brands. This is done by communicating through the audience directly through digital means or say digital devices that they possess.

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You can take multiple examples of brands using this technique to achieve their desired marketing goals and they have been successful as well. It is actually a very efficient method which when done appropriately can fetch great results.

These days brands are using digital devices to communicate with their audiences and for their promotional purposes.

Let’s put these things together and simplify them; we can replace ‘digital branding’ with ‘digital communication’. It has been proven that digital branding strategies in the field of marketing has been really effective and has also provided brands with the desired results.

Let us now try to understand what the relation between brand planning and business strategy is:

The Link Between Business Strategy & Digital Branding

Digital Branding

Business Strategy & Digital Branding

These days a number of brands are following a special planning framework ‘marketing way’ in order to increase their brand. This framework basically helps in developing a link between the brand plan and business strategy.

If you are into online marketing you must be well aware of the essence of communication strategies and how these are being used these days. So we can say that communication strategy of any brand is basically a part of the brand plan which eventually links it back to the business strategy.

You might be thinking what is this ‘marketing way’?

What these frameworks actually mean?

Let us try to understand that.

Marketing was basically comprised of certain steps that are confined while opting for right types of digital marketing and branding if followed appropriately, can lead any brand to achieve the desired goals.

Let us try to understand each and every step in a detailed manner;

Where to play?

Before opting for digital branding the first and foremost question that strikes our mind is which market should be chosen?

You will have to figure out in which market or a segment of the market your business can best compete.

There are a few factors that actually help in deciding the answer to this question:

How To Choose Your Digital Branding Market

1. Your Target Markets

Digital Brading

Digital Brading Market

You will have to figure out the answer to a few basic questions about your target markets like where they are, how big/small they are, what are their chances of growth?

You will have to make sure that you know the answer to such questions about your target market and then only you can implement digital branding solutions for your business.

2. Requirements Of Customer

The next big factor is that you will have to find out the needs of your customer, what do they actually require?

Unless and until you know the expectations of your customer you can never implement any internet marketing strategies correctly. You will have to figure out how the targeted markets are segmented?

3. Differentiation

Digital Branding

Differentiation Of Product

This factor actually means that you will have to figure out up to what extent your business needs differentiation in terms of its products and services.

You will have to understand the need to differentiate products and services in order to influence your customers.

Since these are the basic questions in your online marketing journey, so unless and until you are clear with them, you can’t expect digital branding to do wonders for your business.

If you are clear with these questions you can expect your brand to grow in long term.

While focusing on brand’s promotion you should actually try to look for long term goals rather than short term. These factors will actually decide the direction of your business and what will be the essential elements of your business and about resource allocation and a number of other basic kinds of stuff.

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After this, we are set to move to our next question:

How To Win?

Since we have discussed the basic factors, now it is the time to discuss some competitive advantages. You will have to figure out if your business possesses;

(i) A reputation that can help your brand to stand out of the herd and audience can recognize your brand as the most trusted one.

(ii) Why not we prefer to buy kinds of stuff from road-side shops rather than we prefer to buy them from trusted online retailers or trusted stores in your area. It is because those online-retailers and trusted stores have established a brand reputation and we trust them.

(iii) Capabilities that can help it to stand out of the crowd. The abilities that can help it to build a brand reputation. We are introducing the previous point in this one because it can actually determine a lot of things.

You will have to make your customer to purchase from you and to do that you will have to target their mindset; here comes the role of ‘Positioning’, you do it in your customer’s mind. If you want to sell your product/service then you will have to first influence your targeted customers.

It has been found that emotions are the best way to drive your targeted customer in a zone where they will make their own decisions. You will have to drive them to a path where they will make choices about their purchase and this can be well done by bringing emotions into the game.

A lot of brands use emotional strategies to drive their targeted customers in a zone to make their purchase; Cadbury’s inspire moments of joy is one of the best examples to that.

How To Win In Market Through Digital Branding Solutions

Digital Branding

Digital Market Solutions

After the two crucial questions discussed above, it is the time to discuss what initiative a business will have to take in order to get a victory in the market. You will have to find answers to the following question in order to understand this:

(i) If your brand can influence the customer with its story? Your brand must have a compelling story that you can use while making communications with your targeted customers and then only you will be able to leave an impact on your targeted customer’s mind.

(ii) If the activities followed by you are well aligned?

(iii) What factors will determine the efficiency of the activities? You will have to figure out certain factors that will help you in determining the effectiveness of the activities that are being followed by you for your brand promotion. Until and unless you have found out such factors you can’t actually predict if those activities are actually beneficial or not.

(iv) The last and one of the most crucial questions is how will you know if you are going in the right direction or not? Or in other words, how will you know if you are winning in the market or not?

When planning comes to a process of situation analysis, there your strategies including types of digital branding strategies and communication strategies will be reviewed or developed.

Hence it is clear that you will have to introduce digital communication in your business and then only you can expect it to grow at a good rate. You will have to note one crucial point that it is not about doing digital marketing rather than it is about doing marketing well in the digital world.

Try to understand the essence of this line and you will be a lot more clear about digital branding strategies.

How Can Digital Communication Build Brands Via Relevant Digital Branding Strategy

There is no doubt that the introduction of digitalization in any business is really important and especially if you are serious about its growth (which you should be).

Digital communication is basically a very effective tool that can help in building brands and enhancing them.

Let us understand what the benefits of Digital in a brand build-up are-

(i) It helps in increasing the trust of customers and make your brand a credible one.

(ii) Increasing the transparency about your brand as well as your products and services. This also helps in making a good impact on your customer’s mind.

(iii) It becomes a medium where you can write quality and information-rich content.

(iv) ‘Word to mouth’ is what it focuses on.

With the arrival of ‘digitalization’ in this brand build-up journey it has become really easy for the brands to communicate with their targeted audience. T.V. is a great source to that, they can easily communicate with a large number of audience with just minimal efforts.

Digital channels actually provide brands with multiple ways to communicate with their targeted audience. In this way, they can also increase their credibility in a very effective manner.

Digital branding can actually help business in the following ways:

(a) It supports the offerings of the brand.

(b) It amplifies the building platform of the brand.

(c) It amplifies the offerings of a brand.

(d) It helps in the creation of a brand-building platform.

Consumer-Centric Approach

Digital Branding

Consumer-Centric Approach

Wise people say this; put your customer at the centre of each and everything you do. Your customer is your main target and you will have to focus on them entirely. There are multiple methods these days through which you can provide your customer with a great brand experience.

The consumer-centric approach will actually help in enhancing the user experience. To do that first of all you will have to focus on your communications with the targeted customer.

You will have to make sure that you are using the right channels and an appropriate strategy to reach out your targeted customer. Meanwhile, you will also have to figure out if your message is able to influence them or not.

So, the consumer-centric approach is really important when it comes to online reputation management, building your brand and developing your business.

Eventually, whatever you do, your targeted customers will decide if your brand is going to propel or not hence focus on them and target mainly on them.

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Final Words

Digital branding is a great medium to promote your business.

Actually, your brand can reach unbelievable heights if you are able to do digital branding appropriately. Basically, an integrated approach is a key. Digital branding services will help you if you use them wisely.

Your main aim should be to enhance the user experience of your targeted customers and this will eventually help in building your brand.

If you are able to build a kind of trust in your customers means you are on the right track.

Joining Digital Marketing Course will empower you to learn and master Digital Branding to optimize your brand presence in an emphatic and sales were driven fashion.

Want to know how digital branding can help your business? Share your business details in the comments and our experts will guide you in the process.

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