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Digital is Changing Human Behaviour- Reebok Case Study- Webinar Recording

Digital is Changing Human Behaviour- Reebok Case Study- Webinar Recording

The evolution of digital media has all of us rolling with it. The brands and retailers included, have turned into E-commerce sites today. They evolved because they saw the change coming and not adapting to it would have only made them left out. Thus, they took a decision that is wise enough.

It is well said, ‘change is the only constant’. They knew that brands need to adopt a radical new thinking when approaching digital to stay relevant and drive home their message with impact. 

In this webinar, Kanika Mittal, Head – Marketing & Brand Communications, Reebok India, discussed in reference to the case studies of Reebok with an attempt to explain the hacks of rising with the digital media.

Key Takeaways from the webinar:

  1. The case study showed that the fitness campaign launched by Reebok catered to one and all.
  2. They insisted that small accomplishments do matter.
  3. An hour of fitness can change your life.
  4. The 3 most important things while training: Influencer, Community, and Content. That is you pave way for brand engagement.   
  5. The 100 days fitness campaign worked wonders for the brand by consistently offering a routine reach to the target consumers.
  6. They promoted the idea of fitness being the factor that prepares your body for the hurdles in life.

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