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Will Digital Health Systems Revolutionize Global Healthcare

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“The key thing to remember is that one size does not fit all.” This is true in all cases be it the dress we wear, the food we eat and the treatment we receive. How nice would it be if we can get tailored Digital Health treatment regardless of where we are and that too with just one click, tap or scroll. It will become a reality in the near future, thanks to the DIGITAL HEALTH SYSTEMS.  Journey to digital health

Digital Health is the confluence of the digital, genetic and healthcare revolutions with an objective of improving the quality of our healthcare. Health is not merely the absence of the disease but is multi-dimensional. Several psychological and emotional factors play an important role in aggravating or alleviating various disorders. It is the ability of us ti create wellness and harmony between our Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies which help us enjoy life to the fullest. Holistic treatment cannot be done by allotting 10 minutes to each patient as is the general norm now. This is where Digital Health Systems may play a vital role in embracing the complexity and dynamism of diseases giving deep insights about our holistic well-being.

 Digital Health Apps

Digital health apps


Revolution of Global Healthcare has already started but at a slower pace. This is evident by the initiation taken by the following companies:

  • Apple Watch and Apple Health Kit are the amalgamation of Apple hardware and software to give some meaningful insight into our Digital health.
  • Withing’s Pulse is an excellent Digital App to monitor our Lifestyle and health parameters.
  • Castlight Health, HealthSparq and PokitDok, have been able to develop cloud- and analytics-based solutions to  enable greater patient Digital health insights.
  • Go Meals  of Sanofi track Nutritional Info, monitor fats, proteins etc.
  • Living services Digital Health apps help prevent chronic diseases by encouraging people to live healthily.
  • The smart contact lens is an example of an collaboration between Novartis and Google, a new entrant in Digital healthcare for diabetics to monitor the glucose levels in their fluid as frequently as once a second.
  • GIST Digital health Calculator of Novartic helps calculate risk for Gastor Intestinal Stromal Tumours
  • Digital Health Smart care will improve patient outcomes and lowers the cost of healthcare through the use of precision medicine, robotics and medical printing.
  • 3D printing of Digital Health helps to manufacture customized medical devices and implants that are personalized to the individual’s anatomy instead of one-size-fits-all implants.
  • Virtual Digital Health care (which includes telehealth and telemedicine) connects clinicians, patients, family members and health professionals in real time to provide health services and promote professional collaboration.
  • Living services Digital Health apps help prevent chronic diseases by encouraging people to live healthily and make the right lifestyle decisions. 
  • Humber River is North America’s first all-digital hospital where patients and staff wear real-time monitoring devices and round the clock monitoring is extended even to patients’ homes.
  • The National Clinical Terminology Service (NCTS) of  the Australian Digital Health Agency works towards fulfillment of digital health requirements of the Australians.  Many more substantial initiatives have been taken by several organizations and the impact is yet to be seen.

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We are complex entities and our health is an interplay of several factors.With the help of Digital Health Apps, real time data of every individual’s health parameters like BP, heart rate, sugar levels, cholesterol content, sodium and potassium levels, hormonal levels etc are collected and assorted using advanced Algorithms. This data is compared with other persons of same age and analysed comprehensively and actionable insights can be predicted about one’s health. Thus one can get before hand information about the diseases one will be susceptible to, even before one experiences the symptoms of the same. The data also provides insights into the sum total influence of physical, emotional and environmental factors on the person’s well being and thereby adopts a comprehensive and coordinated approach in prevention and treatment. 

Digital health convergence

“The convergence of systems biology, the digital revolution and consumer-driven healthcare is transforming medicine from its current reactive mode, which is focused on treating disease, to a P4 medicine mode, which is medicine that is predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory”

LEROY HOOD, M.D., Ph.D. P4 Medicine Institute Chairman and Institute of Systems Biology President

Digital health app


Roland Berger devised a three stage approach for the pharmaceutical companies to follow with the advent of Digitalised Healthcare:
  • Map carefully the digital objectives against the core competencies of the organization to identify potential gaps and devise strategies to close them.
  • Identify the Digital initiatives and KPIs and assess their economic value for the company.,.
  • Execution and implementation of the Digital initiatives by  incorporating innovative approaches such as rapid prototyping and design thinking workshops.
 Though the digital strategies listed above are well said theoretically several pharma industries suffer from  a lack of understanding of the company’s digital objectives and  a failure to identify and quantify the value of specific actions.
Thus, we can understand that with the widespread introduction and coordination of digital health apps and connected devices, the healthcare industry could be revolutionized:
  • From a reactionary system to one that is proactively centered on the patient and driven by data.
  • Tailor made medicine based on our genetic data.
  • Home based treatment with hospital level diagnostics at home like portable x ray machines, blood testing kits etc.
  • Smart pills or implantable drug delivery mechanism where minute sensors are attached to the pills which inturn are connected to Digital Health Apps to monitor the intake of medication especially for dementia patients etc.
  • Democratization of health care with the advanced Artificial Intelligence and digital apps.
  • Self empowerment for managing their own health and well-being.
  • Rural areas too get access to premium health services with virtual care apps.
  • Integration of Social media into digital health and clinical platforms .
  • Seamless integration among all the concerned parties to provide optimal health care throughout the patient’s life span.

So, get ready for the Digital Health Revolution..!!

 So get ready for Digital Health Revolution.

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