Digital Marketing Case Study On How Happily Unmarried Achieved Success

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Happily Unmarried: Selling fun stuff in little brown boxes

About Happily Unmarried 

Happily Unmarried was established in 2003 by Rahul Anand and his friend Rajat Tuli both alumni of Mudra Institute of Communications. Company is known for its quirky products, Happily Unmarried make fun stuff from funky coffee mugs to high-end mobile covers, Company is now involved into branding, communication, interiors, marketing projects. Happily Unmarried design and sell products which make people happy. Their product range spread in categories such as apparel, bar, home, kitchen and mobile accessories combine having 180+ products.


  • Happily Unmarried create products that resembles with the audience.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Creativity + Simplicity + Attractiveness = Quirky product

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Business Objectives

  • The objective is to create good quality humorous content that would attract people to the blog and also introduce the brand. Thereafter, use the usual aspects of online marketing to nurture these leads, convert them & Delight them into happy customers.
  • Company’s target its audience who falls between 18-35 years of age primarily in metro and tier I cities. Company Target these people because they are young at heart and enjoy all good things in life.
  • Happily Unmarried believes that they are in the business of selling fun and would always create products & services that make people happy.
  • Add products every month with the aim of having 500 pick-off-the-shelf products.
  • Start providing franchising opportunities ‘to young people who hate what they do right now.’
Watch Mr Rajat Tuli speaking- The brainchild behind H.U. products

Selling Process

It use both  online and offline modes for selling their products. Currently, it sells its products via 4 channels.

(I) stores;
(ii) Its website 
(iii) Multi brand retailers; and
(iv) Online marketplaces such as Amazon, Snapdeal, and Flipkart.

Online Marketing & Achievements

  • Currently about 20% of company’s revenue comes from its website This channel has been seeing exponential year-on-year growth for the company. Happily Unmarried expects the contribution of this channel to go up to 70% of total revenue within next 2 years.
  • Majority of this growth would be fueled by company’s ability to strengthen its presence on smartphones. Hence as a first step, Happily Unmarried has developed a mobile specific website for leveraging its usage on high-end phones.


  • Facebook page – It has over 5 lakhs fans on Facebook.
  • Company relies on Facebook ads to promote its products.
  • Approach has worked well for the company and has created substantial word of mouth publicity for the brand.
  • Recently company has also stepped into Mens Grooming product “USTRAA” having 2 lakhs likes on fb.

H.U. Gone Inbound

  • Happily Unmarried create a buzz around its out of the box products using pull marketing tactics
  • Happily Unmarried does not believe in hard selling. The company relies on its content to generate curiosity about the brand.
  • The humorous content that the company creates stick well with the target audience and generates curiosity about the brand. As a result people visit the website to explore about the brand & there they find other unique products which again attract the attention and starts again.
  • Methodology being followed is ATTRACT—>CONVERT—>CLOSE—>DELIGHT.
  •  In June 2014, Happily Unmarried launched its blog in line with its content strategy.
  • After the blog was launched, daily traffic to the website almost doubled within no time, company is following inbound ways of attracting new customers.

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  • Taking Business online make business more visible.
  • Content is king
  • There are 236 million internet users out of them mostly access it by their smartphones business selling offline must strengthen their presence online too.
  • Engage with customers through social media conversation
  • Create content.. interesting content …educate as much as possible, people hate it when someone try to sell
  • Create Ads that are more engaging to customers. 


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