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logo-header About is an online advertising platform that assists businesses and individuals to smoothly advertise on any mass media option of their liking. The company was incorporated in 2009 primarily as an online self-serving booking platform to place Classifieds format advertisements in newspapers in categories like matrimonial, property, recruitment etc. Currently, it offers media options in over 212 newspapers, 27 Radio stations, 19 multiplexes etc through its portal

releaseMyAd’s Business Objectives

releaseMyAd was conceived to leverage growth potential of Classified advertisers, (estimated at around 4000 crore rupees) comprising of predominantly small & medium businesses, who are internet savvy but face lack of access to mainstream mass media options. A recently published PWC report states that by 2018, even though internet advertising might have a higher and apparently more impressive conjectured compound annual growth rate at 28%, its ad revenues speculated to come up to Rs. 100 billion barely comes to one-third of that in print media in that is assumed to reach a Rs. 314 billion mark in the next few years. This shows that digital marketing is still only a smaller portion of the advertising pie. Keeping that in mind the company’s main objectives were to:

  • Generating high online revenues by increasing traffic to its website.
  • Convince advertisers to go online
  • Raising offline awareness among advertisers who are not very Internet-savvy.
  • Make advertising easy, effective & affordable

Strategy adopted by releaseMyAd

  • Core focus on Inbound Marketing: Since its inception in 2009, releaseMyAd’s core focus has been on Inbound Marketing. Efforts were made to attract strangers to their platform, convert the leads into customers thereby reaching a closure & delighting them with servicing. The tool to attract traffic to their platform was search engine optimization.
  • Effortless service delivery: Being a new age digital platform serving advertisers of traditional media, the first job of release my ad was to convince the advertisers of its transparency & neutrality. Initial resistance was faced like all startups since impersonal mode of communication was a challenge as against traditional media agencies whose business dealings are relationship driven. These barriers were eradicated to a large extent by effortless service delivery. Website was remodeled time & again through feedback received from customers to achieve a simple yet uncompromising layout that provide a holistic solution to an individual’s advertisement needs.
  • Generating offline traffic: To establish awareness among advertisers who are not internet savvy, Release my ad entered into offline partnerships with retail store operators across the country, where individuals can walk in, pay cash and have their ad booked by a store representative.
  • Usage of Infographics in website: The portal is heavy in content to hold user’s attention for a considerable span of time. This also drives back traffic to the website. The portal has a section devoted to informative articles on latest trends in media as well as successful media campaigns, in the form of case studies, executed by the company. There is also a separate infotainment blog under the url: which in its own words “is an attempt to make learning advertising more accessible and meaningful.”
  • Active presence in Social media websites: It uses social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google Plus as engagement platform & drive traffic to its portal.
  • Focusing on a variety of keywords: SEO has evolved over the years to consider more than just singular keywords. To drive traffic to its website, release my ad uses as many as 845 powerful keywords as a part of its SEO strategy. Each keyword chosen requires a significant amount of effort – page updates, content creation, text anchoring, investing time and money in what matters.
  • Paying equal attention to all other major search engines: As a part of its search engine optimization strategy, releaseMyAd made sure to cover all major search engines like Google, Bing,Yahoo etc by submitting their url in each one of them.
  • Remarketing: As a part of its remarketing strategy, releaseMyAd continually shows its ad to visitors of its portal who left the website without the desired action.

Results achieved by releaseMyAd

  • As high as 75.58% of traffic it has received in the last 3 months is from keyword search. Direct traffic to its website contributed 13.79% while referrals through back links formed around 8.29% of traffic in the same period (Oct’15- Dec’15)
  • It ranks among the top ranked organic search results in all the major search engines. A simple generic keyword search with ‘Newspaper Advertising’ would return ReleaseMyAd as the top ranked result in Google & Bing and a second ranking in Yahoo search. It’s search engine optimization strategy is a key differentiator.          GoogleRMA
  • It stands head & shoulders above its nearest competitor, a portal which operates in the same domain where releaseMyAd operates. While releaseMyAd enjoys a daily estimated page view of 74,568, its nearest competition can garner only around 27,258 daily hits as per latest estimates. (source: At 1491 estimated unique daily visitors RMA has almost thrice the number of its competitor.


  • leveraged the opportunity space which existed in a 4000 crore Classifieds advertising market through digital marketing before anyone else. It also appreciated the potential that existed in the power of internet to cater to the needs of small & medium enterprises for providing advertising solutions. It was a perfect marriage between traditional & contemporary.
  • It realized early that competing with traditional advertising agencies who have built relationship with client over the years, sometimes decades would be a no-win situation. Therefore the only way to convince the potential customers is to provide a strong content which grabs the attention of the traffic & through uncompromising service delivery.
  • Since online classifieds advertising was hitherto a new concept, the first task for releaseMyAd was to raise awareness among potential customers & to drive traffic towards its website. Building credibility among the incoming traffic through a website designed to be search engine friendly & relevant is of utmost priority for a startup.
  • Regulating search engine optimization is very powerful. About 70% of the traffic of any given search in Google goes to the top 3 search ranks.

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