Why Advertising Agencies Need Digital Marketing?

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Digital Marketing

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Why do Advertising Agencies need Digital Marketing?

When we talk about the need for digital marketing, we first need to have an understanding of what digital marketing is, only then we will be in a state to comment on why do advertising agencies need digital marketing. The concept of Digital Marketing for advertising agencies is focused on exploiting digital media for increasing the reach of the advertisements. Several surveys have been carried out to measure the reach of the digital media in total and also the reach of digital ads in specific.

digital marketing for advertising agencies

Digital display ads

Some of the recent surveys have resulted in a higher reach of digital ads compared to the ads broadcasted via other mediums. Let us take an example of the most popular social media here, Facebook: The self-survey of Facebook to measure the reach of Facebook ads reflected that Facebook indeed is the most popular media, not just in the number of users or using hours but also in terms of conveying a message. Not just that, if you decide to run your business on Facebook, you can also earn money from Facebook ads.  A shift in the medium of advertisements, t

A shift in the medium of Advertisements

Just imagine if today someone tells you that they have started a new business and have not updated it on Facebook, what would be your reaction? If I were you, I would probably laugh at them. Well, Facebook today is like that essential broadcasting media where it is necessary to update every little detail. This is because the world today is on Facebook. There’s even a meme about it.

Due to the massive popularity of the social media networking site, it has become the most preferred platform for advertising. Of course, radio still occupies the first position when it comes to mass reach but compared to television, the social media is reported to have a higher reach.

Now coming to the need of advertising agencies to have hands-on Digital Marketing is quite obvious. The base reason for any business to go digital remains the same. For advertising agencies, there is a dual need for digital marketing. They can use it for both: promoting their own business to fetch clients and also for promoting the client’s ad campaigns. The advertising agencies need to be flexible about the media they choose to carry out their client’s campaigns. It must be understood by them that the communication network is ever-changing and there will be a shift in the communication media time and again. Thus, it must be acknowledged by the advertising agencies that Digital Marketing is the new big thing and they must work with it hand in hand to stay updated. There is absolutely no point continuing with the traditional media when your target audience has shifted from it. Digital Marketing for Advertising firms is effective in delivering the desired results.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Advertising firms

There is a requirement of planning and strategizing in every business and so is the case with implementing Digital marketing campaigns for the advertising agency. Before crafting the list of the important elements of a Digital Marketing strategy, we surveyed a couple strategies and it was unveiled that the number of digital marketing strategies is increasing and also there is an improvement in the layout of the strategies of digital marketing strategies. Here, we have listed below a few points which must be kept in mind while constructing a Digital marketing strategy for the advertising agency. Read on to know more.

1. Find the audience and the channels most used by them

Let us assume here that if you have chosen Digital Marketing for your own ad campaign or your client’s ad campaign, the target audience of either is present online. Since the Digital Marketing campaigns can be implemented on the internet only. Thus, here we need to find that: 1.) who is the target audience? 2.) what media are they using?

For example: If I begin an online cosmetic brand that has lipstick as its primary product. My target audience will be women who like to stay updated with the latest fashion trends. Assuming that these ladies use Facebook and Instagram the most, I will carry out my ad campaign specifically on these two social networking sites. Similarly, you can break down the same and choose the right media for your brand as per your target audience’s usage.

2. Deploy Digital Marketing tools to know your performance metrics

You must have the information regarding the metrics in order to know areas you need to improve on. The metrics are numbers that show you your performance exactly as it is. To get access to the metrics you need certain Digital Marketing tools to measure the various numbers associated with your campaign. I personally believe that these tools are an extremely effective tool in knowing and understanding how your campaign is performing and how it can be made better. These tools enable the marketer to have access to the immediate response and feedback by the target audience. Thus, it must be noted that these tools are an essential part of your campaign that further guide you in which direction to proceed.

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3. Think marketing as a whole do not conclude it to your website

Do not forget that the website is only a part of your marketing campaign and not your entire campaign. Yes, you may have designed a very responsive website but is that all? does that sum up your Digital Marketing Campaign? NO! You need much more than just a website to make a digital marketing campaign. The website is only a part of your Digital Marketing strategy or you can say its just a virtual space where your audience can find you. It definitely has a strong impact on the potential customers but for the customers to reach their there are several activities that need to be performed by you. Thus, this point focuses on reminding you that you must.

4. Infuse special offers in your Digital Marketing campaign to attract the right audience

The term ‘right audience‘ calls for recognition, you need to familiarize yourself with the audience that is best suited for the products of your brand. There are many ways to do so. Various factors can be used for you to identify who is the right audience for your brand and accordingly launch the campaigns to communicate with them and target them.  These factors include age breakdowns, city, choice preference, spending capacity, etc. You can come with your parameters to decide the audience for your product/ brand.

offers and discounts on online sites

Persuasive online discounts

This kind of segmentation will enable to spend only on the right audience. There is no point targeting everyone and frankly, no marketer does that. Every brand has it sown defined audience and that is where the marketer spends Energy and money.

As you surpass this process and have an idea of who your audience is, you must also be aware of what will be the preference of your audience. You should know what will trigger them to make a purchase. So in accordance with that craft an intriguing offer for your audience which is appealing enough to make a purchase.

For example: continuing with the above example of a lipstick brand, propose an offer which includes 3 different shades of lipstick. A girl/ woman who uses lipstick in a daily routine will find this offer extremely attractive provided the lip shades are good and are available at a reasonable price.

5. Be easy to reach

You must know that no lead would convert at once. It takes time! Thus you must make sure that your audience can easily find you. it takes multiple interactions before the consumer finally makes a purchase. With this understanding, add elements like remarketing, email marketing, advertising on various media, SEO, Influencer Marketing, etc. All these elements combined together will build a traffic generating system and majorly make it easy for the audience to locate you.

6. Consult the experts

As an advertising agency, you are focused on driving results. If you are new to your Digital Marketing campaign or are crafting a campaign for the client. Do not hesitate in taking help from the experts. It is always good to take advice from the experts.

The advantages of using Digital Marketing for the Advertising industry

An industry like advertising adopts a media on the basis of its reach. In today’s time, digital marketing is said to have a higher reach than the print and television. However, the young and the middle-aged are comparatively more active on digital media than the senior citizens. Naturally, if the users shift to the digital media leaving behind the traditional broadcasting media like the radio, television, magazines, newspapers, etc. The broadcasters are adapting to the changing lifestyle of the population and coming up with communication strategies which are less time-consuming. The communication evolution has made us witness the shift of newspapers to E-papers, short news pieces on the news apps, video recording options (so that it can be watched later). All these examples are to suggest that the broadcasters are shifting to online media because the users are increasing in number each day. Even our Prime Minister preaches India to go digital. For sure, digital media is currently the big thing and is expected to stay here for long as it expands even further.

Let’s take a look at a few points mentioning the advantages of advertising agencies making use of  Digital Marketing:

Huge audience:

Since digital media is gaining high user engagement, Digital Marketing campaigns provide for a huge audience for the promotion of a brand/company, it’s products/ services, boost sales, etc.

It’s so easy

Digital Marketing is just so easy to begin with. You do not have to travel long distances or deal with a number of people before your campaign goes live. All you need is a marketing strategy, an internet connection, and a laptop. There you Go! it is actually that easy.

Choose your audience

Practically, no other media provides you an option to choose your audience specific to so many parameters. Digital Marketing enables you to pick the desired audience, giving you plenty of options to narrow down the audience to choose from.  When an advertising agency vouches for say, social media ads, they can choose their audience from a parameter as narrow as the behavioral aspect. The precise options enable the advertiser to spend money only on the audience he sees potential. No other media provides one with such a precise option to choose their audience.

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Advertising on digital media is comparatively much cheaper than the traditional broadcasting media. You have a variety of ads that offer you different payment options. The budget for the social media ads is completely flexible. The ads campaigns like PPC, Facebook ads, etc. cost you a minimal charge. The PPC ads are to be paid according to the number of clicks whereas the Facebook ads have a predecided budget.

Track the results

The Digital Marketing campaigns make it very easy to track the results of the campaign. By deploying certain digital tools, the advertiser or the marketer can keep a track of the performance of the ad campaign. Being measurable, they create scope for improvement in the existing campaign. The marketer can analyze the results in short intervals of say a month and a half or more. Then accordingly the changes can be made.

Multiple campaigns

The ad campaigns can be customized with certain variations to judge which content is performing better. The concept of split test campaigns can be implemented to do so. The split test campaign involves mix and matching of content to have a better understanding of which of the contents are performing better. The one with the higher yield must be continued.

Case Study: Levi’s Denizen


levi's denizen case study

Levi’s Denizen – A family wear

About the brand:

Denizen clubbed in with Levi’s, the most respected name in the Denim industry. Denizen was an extremely popular retailer in America. The otherwise expense denim brand, Levi’s, introduced Denizen as a sub-brand to offer reasonable denim jeans for the entire family.


The otherwise expense denim brand, Levi’s, introduced Denizen as a sub-brand to offer reasonable denim jeans for the entire family. The Denizen jeans joined hands with Levi’s to target their customers. The brand came into the market with an attempt to build their own customers out of the existing customers of the brand. Also, at the same time without causing any damage to the parent brand.

Campaign Launched:

The brand had to introduce a sub-brand and the advertising department of the company saw the digital revolution coming. Hence, the advertisers associated with Levi’s suggested them to exploit the social media, web and Google campaigns in order to fix the image of the new venture, Denizen. The advertising agency, however, did not completely give up on the traditional advertising methods. Though, a major focus was laid on the digital media as suggested by the advertising unit of Levi’s.

The brand aimed at catering to the national audience. Thus, it took to Facebook to communicate and build brand loyalty. All of the social media and other digital media traffic was lead to the brand’s Facebook page, where they lead the communication that focused on thanking and asking the customers to shop again and building brand loyalty through communication strategies.

The initial photo shoots targeted mothers as the newly introduced brand showcased their product as suitable for the entire family. Well, it’s a universal fact that the mother decides what the family wears.

Levis denizen case study

Family photoshoot to establish Denizen as a family wear

More than 80 popular bloggers were invited to the press conference held in NYC as a part of the influencer marketing strategy. The target consumer being the mothers in every household, the mommy bloggers were sent a pair of denim jeans each and were asked to share their opinion regarding the same on their blogs.

Levis denizen case study

Levi’s collaboration with Fashion Bloggers

Levi's influencer marketing campaign, case study

Levi’s collaboration with Mommy Bloggers

The next step involved partnering with the ‘Cover Girl’, it is a one-stop destination for women that has tied up with the best brands. to further build equity. They offered gifts with a purchase of Denizen jeans by women. This strategy was a part of their social/ ad campaign which focused on working with hands in hand with other brands.

Levis denizen case study

Levi’s Denizen’s tie-up with COVER-GIRL

Also, a co-branded microsite was built that offered style and make-up tips. The traffic was driven using video tutorials, etc. The print media was also used to reach the consumers, a full-page ad was published in the People Stylewatch magazine giving reference of the website as well as the in-store collection.

The popular social media networking site was used to conduct a giveaway session. The excitement was built so that it reached 16000 plus followers.


  • The sub-brand Denizen was very well established with 100 million impressions over the social media.
  • the collaboration with COVER- GIRL, brought in additional sales and position the brand in the minds of the consumers.
  • 1,23,000,00o impressions were reached only by the billboard ads and bus wraps.
  • the target ads saw a number as high as 1,20, 000,000 impressions, marking the success of the newly launched sub-brand.
  • The Digital marketing campaign brought about some tremendous results with 215, 413,000 impressions on social media.
  • The COVER-GIRL partnership also brought them a 10, 600,000 impressions over the social media, 114,162 sweepstakes entries were reported, the average sales of Denizen went up to 23%.


  1. No matter how established your brand is, you must adopt the changes in the communication industry and adopt the most popular medium for an advertisement at a given time.
  2. Digital marketing is an effective communication tool.
  3. The social media is a good platform to raise the awareness regarding an issue or establish a newly launched brand.
  4. For international assignments, the use of digital media will make the campaign cost-effective and efficient approach.
  5. Digital marketing enables us to have the exact numbers as a result of the success of the campaign.

To conclude

In this blog, we have discussed some of the many reasons why Digital marketing for advertisers is gaining recognition and importance in the communication industry. the advertisers are realizing that they must capture the Digital Marketing hacks in order to maintain their fair share in the communication industry. This blog discusses the many reasons why Digital Marketing is helpful for advertisers to gain command over the online audience and convey their message effectively.

The advertisers have many options to exploit when they decide to go onboard with Digital ad campaigns and simultaneously practice Digital Marketing practices like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Online Advertising, Online Content and Blogging, Web PR, Social Media Management and Listening, Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Optimization (SMO), Social Media Marketing( SMM), Email Marketing, etc.

The blog also talks about the need for laying down a strategy after relevant survey and consultation to give direction to your digital marketing campaign.

Hope that you found my blog ‘Digital Marketing for advertising agencies’ valuable and informative. Please share your thoughts in the comment box.

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