Consumer Good Companies To Start Thinking Digital: Webinar Recording

by | Jun 17, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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The marketers associated with consumer good companies are realizing and understanding that their audiences are more influenced by what they see Online. Thus, they have begun restructuring their marketing strategies and the new strategies have a digital bent.

The primary objective of any consumer good company is to maximize sales. The sales only hit high when the consumer is completely informed and updated with the availability, usage and the exclusivity of a consumer good.

In this webinar, Ajeet Bawa, Head of Digital Marketing & E-commerce VLCC, discussed how marketers have prioritized the customer experience, the in-depth data to understand a single customer’s view, thoroughly understand the effectiveness of data-driven channels of communication and reach, and much more.

Key Takeaways

Why must industry marketers go Digital?

  • They should go digital because about $8-$10 billion revenue of total online sales is generated only from FMCG.
  •  By 2020, the estimated number of online shoppers will reach 170 million.
  • Consumer journey interacts in a non-linear format. When the company goes digital, they can interact with customers in multiple ways.
  • The company needs to be present on multiple channels and make use of various medias to reach their target customers. They can use websites, e-commerce, Word of Mouth, PR, Email, Social, Forums etc. for this purpose.
  • Building awareness for the product should be the foremost priority of any company.
  • Creating TV Ads, Print ads, radio ads, Discussion forums, E- mailers, Blogs, and associating with influencers must be exploited to create massive brand awareness and develop recall value for the company and the goods.
  • With videos taking over the entire digital media, it would be quite appropriate factually to state that Vlogs are an effective communication medium. Thus, more of catchy videos must be used for various purposes like informing the target audience, communicating the utility of the product, etc.

Consumer Good Companies To Start Thinking Digital by Digital Vidya

Hope this webinar added to your knowledge. To attend more such webinars and learn from the recordings, stay updated with the upcoming and trending webinars.

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