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Marketing for Engineers?

Sounds weird, isn’t it?

Not really!

In India, Engineering as a career option has always attracted a larger number of students. Lately in 2018, almost 12 Lac students appeared for JEE Exams. Taking into consideration a serious digital transformation in the past decades, this craze for engineering has certainly reduced.

More and more engineers are making their way into digital marketing for a career as it has started to dominate the traditional IT domain. Another reason for the shift in the workforce from the IT sector to Digital Marketing is higher financial yields along with the excess of supply over demand. While an average Engineering seat costs around 10-12 Lacs, the annual salary packages are pretty low and starts at around 3 – 4 Lacs Per Annum for an Engineering graduate.

Engineering no Longer is High in Demand

Engineering has been a popular career option and as a result of this, the supply of Engineering graduates often exceeds the demand. Stats depict that around 60% of engineering graduates are either jobless or working at positions below their qualifications.

Digital marketing for engineers as a career option acts as a horizon of change and holds the potential of providing lucrative career opportunities.

Well, you must be thinking about how does digital marketing blend with engineering?

Scope in Digital Marketing for Engineers

Scope in Digital Marketing for Engineers is endless. Generally, Digital Marketers need to have competency in three main skills ie. Analytics, Competency with Technology & Strategy. The rigorous coursework of an engineering degree helps engineers to excel and develop all three. Thus, engineers, with their technical know-how, and strong mathematical skills compliment digital marketing in the best possible way.

Before the evolution of digital marketing, a constant debate on marketing vs engineering was witnessed. Marketers were usually people with a creative mindset who believed in the aesthetics of marketing than anything else. Marketing now with the ability to get measured has led to analytical skills to become more important than mere creativity. This transformation in marketing has initiated to being more technical nowadays and the number is driven. This has naturally given an advantage to engineers over non-engineers.  

Digital Marketing vs Engineering: A Messiah For Engineering Graduates

Let us have a look at the reasons why in marketing vs engineering, engineers are ahead of their counterparts and why this is a better career choice.

1. Creativity & Innovation

Engineers have a logical thinking process. They like to research, experiment, create and innovate. Digital Marketing for engineers acts as a perfect platform where these engineers can widen their horizon of imagination and creativity. Digital Marketing is more than just selling products and services online. It involves creativity at almost every level.

Creativity has always been a vital component of Digital Marketing. Since the internet is highly cluttered along with intense competition, creativity is very much required to stand out in the crowd.

2. Excellent Salary Packages

Digital Marketing for Engineers Source Dice Insights

Excellent Salary Packages

Without any doubt, this is one of the best reasons to choose Digital Marketing for Engineers. Digital Marketing is going through a positive phase these days and is expected to develop more at a rapid rate in the near future. The reason for high digital marketing salary packages is the widening gap between the demand and supply of the digital marketing professional, where demand exceeds supply.

On the contrary, if we consider the demand and supply of engineers, the supply exceeds the demand. Thus, a majority of engineers opt for MBA after graduation. However, getting more engineers converted as digital marketing engineers can lead to optimal allocation of the workforce. The average salary of a Digital Marketing Professional ranges from 15,000 to Rs 4 Lacs.


Experience (Years)

Annual Salary (Lacs)



1.5 – 3.0



2.0 – 4.0

Team Lead


2.5 – 5.0



4.0 – 8.0

Digital Marketing Head


8.0 – 30.0

Apart from enhancing the skill set of Engineers, Digital Marketing, without any doubt, opens more revenue sources for them. Hence, while doing regular engineering jobs, digital marketing engineers also have the option of working as freelancers.

3. Demonstration of Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Digital Marketing for Engineers Source echoVME

Analytical & Problem Solving Skills

Digital Marketing is also based on conceptual learning and as can compliment the thinking capacity & problem-solving skills of the engineers perfectly. Coming from a highly technical background, Engineers are very proficient in handling data and Digital Marketing does deal with a substantial amount of data.

Thus, marketing for engineers gives digital engineers a chance to demonstrate their area of expertise. A lot of permutations and combinations of data are involved in Digital Marketing. Engineers are also experts in problem-solving and possess analytical skills which are very much needed in digital marketing.

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4. Sound Work Profile

Who doesn’t want a sound working profile without frequent highs and lows?

Almost every working professional.

Digital Marketing industry is currently flourishing and the growth opportunities that it provides are simply incredible. Becoming an engineer is not everyone’s piece of cake. It requires a lot of consistency, hard work and effort. After putting in so much of effort, engineers do expect a sound & peaceful work profile and Digital Marketing fulfils this requirement.

5. Job Opportunities

Job stability is one of the main factors that ensure digital marketing for engineers is a better career option. According to the All India Council for Technical Education, 60% of engineering graduates from technical institutions of India are unemployed & 95% of engineers in the country are not fit for software development jobs. These facts clearly indicate that the engineering job market is pretty bad

While automation has taken over the IT sector, jobs of a lot of engineers are under a threat. Subsequently, Digital Marketing provides a smooth career along with job stability. As more and more businesses are becoming digital, the demand for digital marketing professionals is rapidly rising.

6. Begin your Entrepreneurial Journey

Digital Marketing for Engineers Source Quotesplant

Begin your Entrepreneurial Journey

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, you can easily start your entrepreneurial journey. Marketing is the heart of any business and as digital marketing is already dominating the marketing landscape, having experience in that can add to your benefit.

Rather than outsourcing to an agency for digital marketing assistance, you can now use your practical experience to globalise your brand and get a competitive advantage over others in the same field.

Want to start your journey from an Engineer to a Digital Marketer?

Hopefully, by now, you must have understood the opportunity of digital marketing for engineers and cleared your doubts on marketing vs engineering. Moreover, by expanding your career from engineering to digital marketing, you can avail the opportunity of becoming a versatile professional.

So what are you waiting for?

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