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A take on IT industry joining hands with Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is such a dynamic field that no matter what you have studied in graduation or high school, it will welcome you with open arms. The idea of IT industry joining hands with Digital Marketing is extremely attractive because of one major reason i.e. the knowledge of computers. The IT engineers are well versed with the know-hows of the computers, they are at an advantage here. Let’s read on to find why should IT people do Digital Marketing Course?

IT and digital Marketing

When IT joins hands with Digital Marketing

As the name describes, Digital marketing completely operates over the internet accessed with the help of computers or smartphones. The IT industrialists with a prior hands-on experience in computer programming and technical knowledge have an upper hand over the others. Thus, it would be right to quote that if an IT professional educates himself with the functioning of Digital Marketing, he will be able to simply multiply his package manifolds.

We are all witnessing the digital revolution. The transformation of communication industry is evident from everything going digital in its approach. A major reason why Digital Marketing is gaining importance is because of the emergence of the smartphones, tablets, etc. in our daily lives. We now have a 24-hour access to the internet. a disconnection of our wifi almost makes us crazy. Yes, we have all grown addicted to the internet. This is why Digital Marketing has witnessed the highest growth rate compared to all the industries.

Reasons why IT industry needed Digital Marketing

The IT sector in India saw the growth rate of 55%  in 2000-01. It was the only year when the balance sheet of India matched. The IT industry marked itself as a 10 billion dollar project which worked as a torch bearer for India to be looked upon as a developing nation. The two- third of the IT sector dealt in software and one-third focused on hardware. The major dealings included export, registering India as a world competitor.

The IT industry has served India extremely well in terms of job opportunities, revenue, and world recognition. However, the growth slope of the IT industry went steep in the past half a decade. The IT industry alone is now failing to provide the ample job opportunities which were generated by it in the past decade.

why should IT people do digital marketing course.

The technical IT and creative Digital Marketing come together to deliver results

The combination of Digital Marketing and the IT sector is a powerful combination. It is like the coming together of two most successful sectors of the industry. The IT professionals who are well-read with the Digital Marketing concepts and strategy are efficiently shaping their career in the direction of growth. The combined knowledge is a plus and helps the IT engineer to vouch for a higher package. The pre-requisites for Digital Marketing career only include the knowledge of computers and good communication skills. Since content marketing is an important aspect of DigitalMarketingg. The aspiring candidates are expected to have a good command over the language. Since now Google lays extra emphasis on the quality of the content and a quality content in terms of relevance is displayed. The malpractices of keyword stuffing are put a halt at by Google.

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Why should IT people do Digital Marketing Course?

A course in any stream is helpful to gain knowledge on that particular stream. Similarly, a Digital Marketing course will only enhance your knowledge on the functioning of various practices included in Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), etc. The boom in digital industry is at its peak currently and we are a fortunate generation to experience both the phases with such precision. We have lived in the times when Digital Marketing had not hit our lives. We are also experiencing the digital revolution by being a part of it. The digital media has eased our lives in the most simple way possible. It is because of the digital revolution that we are able to do things we wouldn’t otherwise be able to do.

IT professionals

Digital Marketing- The virtual world

For instance, if today you have to travel to any place you can simply book a cab using the various apps available on your smartphone, you can book salon services, order food, and so much more. All this is a gift of the digital revolution.  Coming to the idea of IT people doing Digital Marketing course, take a look at some of the convincing reasons why every IT professional must give a thought to Digital Marketing Course.

  • The Digital Marketing industry offers a much higher package: There are lakhs of engineers produced every year. Due to a high number of skilled engineers, they are been offered a very less package. To stand out they need something that is in demand and something that adds to their existing knowledge. Most of the engineers opt for MBA after But why change the stream when you have an option which is both feasible and related to what you have already learned and is much less technical. Digital Marketing is the best option for the IT people because there is not much a shift in the streams, only the things get easier and the package increases.


  • Engineers are a pro at playing with data, the only addition that needs to be made is a little bit of creativity and intuition. Retrieving the data is the easiest of all tasks. The only challenge An IT individual might face is while contributing to creativity but the IT professional must have an understanding of how to run a particular campaign. The engineers are said to have a strong sense of data and intuition both and Digital Marketing is all about the hit and trials. Thus, it is gonna be a piece of cake for the IT professionals to conquer the tasks in a Digital Marketing profile.


  • Not just an IT professional but every individual strives to build a sound career. The Digital Marketing industry is currently at its peak. With entering India only a few years ago, it is here to stay and flourish. The theorists have predicted a number as high as 8 lakhs jobs in the year 2018 from the Digital Marketing sector alone. Also, since the Digital Marketing sector has emerged only recently. It is driving the communication industry which is ever-growing.

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  • The Digital Marketing industry also has some technical profiles which require an individual with strong analytical skills. The IT engineers are extremely good with numbers, thus such profiles are very appropriate as per an engineer’s aptitude. The IT engineers who are good with numbers and are aspiring to build a career in the Digital Marketing industry can choose the profile of the SEO Analyst, PPC Expert, SEM Analyst, Web Analyst, etc.


  • There are new terminologies popping up every now and then. the technological advancement is turning out to be the man’s best friend. When the digital and IT world comes together, they form something of their own i.e. Techno-Marketing. Techno Marketing can be simply described as the combination of technology and marketing. The marketers are giving up on the traditional methods of marketing and exploiting artificial intelligence into their marketing campaigns.


  • Most of the Digital Marketing firms follow a start-up culture. Since the industry is still evolving and growing, each profile offers a lot of learnings. as you begin your career in the Digital Marketing industry. The ever-changing and versatile industry will feed you with a lot of learnings. You are most likely going to do more than just one task. Also, you will not be confined to a full-time formal job. The experience of working in a digital industry will be semi-formal with a friendly work atmosphere.

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  • A degree Engineer has reached there only after dealing with his fair- share of challenges. To keep the fun alive and for the ones who are thrilled with a job profile that involves a string of challenges, Digital Marketing is again an attractive field. There are challenges to choose the products to be sold, the audiences to be targeted, the strategies to be laid and so many more challenging tasks.


  • A notable percentage of the engineers decide to begin their career as an entrepreneur. Even as entrepreneurs, they need to have complete knowledge of marketing and sales without which no business has ever managed to last. Now that the world is available on the digital media. It is definitely the best media to generate leads and increase conversions. Digital Marketing is a very feasible and easily accessible media which is of great help to startups to leverage sale.

Why IT engineers find their dream jobs in Digital Marketing?

The above-mentioned points are good enough reasons for an IT engineer to pursue a career in the Digital Marketing field. From the perspective of packages and work pressure, a job in the Digital Marketing field is actually the best field at present.  The Digital Marketing field is ever-growing and ever- changing, the freshers in every field find it an alluring option to begin their career in.

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The Digital Marketing professionals are not expected to have technical knowledge, yet there’s a big percentage of IT professionals opting for Digital Marketing. The former IT engineers who have shifted from IT to Digital Marketing have shared heir experience which states that apart from communication and creative skills, the analytical skills play an important in planning and implementing the campaigns. A strong analytical ability helps an individual to take wise decisions in carrying out a campaign. The engineers inherently possess excellent analytical skills which help them to successfully implement a campaign.

The IT professionals who are at a senior position and deal with clients face to face especially are expected to have a clear understanding of Digital Marketing as most of the IT campaigns today are launched digitally. The client facing personnel will have an additional benefit if they are aware of the concepts on which Digital Marketing is based on. A proper knowledge will empower them to better formulate the ideas and at the same time explain them to the clients (How to become a Digital Marketer). At the same time, in the absence of the required knowledge, the IT professional will have to take help from the Digital Marketing expert or spend hours in order to gain the basic understanding of concepts.

The need of Digital Marketing to be integrated into the IT projects is the major reason why IT professionals are making a shift from the IT industry to the Digital Marketing industry. The benefits of learning Digital Marketing for IT are many,  some of which we have listed above. We have now found the answer to the question, why should IT people do Digital Marketing course. Now let’s take a look at the reason why Digital Marketing jobs are turning into every IT professional’s dream job.

Now let’s take a look at the reason why Digital Marketing jobs are turning into every IT professional’s dream job.

1. There are ample of vacancies

According to a survey by a research firm in New York, the Digital Marketing jobs are expected to boom by a percentage of 38%. To grab the opportunity, all you need is the right skill set. Knowledge can surpass the experience any day, so you must set your priorities straight in order to land the dream job. Enroll for a comprehensive Digital Marketing course to build your skills with the practical assignments and training sessions.

2. Several profiles with different skill set requirement

Digital Marketing is a field which has a variety of job profiles that differ in their tasks completely. The technicality in the tasks varies from one profile to the other. Thus, when an IT professional switches to the Digital Marketing industry, he has the freedom to choose the profile which involves tasks that are best suited as per his aptitude.  Refer to this blog to have an insight into the various job profiles in the Digital Marketing industry.

3. Higher packages

The booming Digital Marketing has been successful in overshadowing all the other industries when it comes to the packages. The Digital Marketing industry has profiles for which the starting packages are as high as 30 LPA, Which is indeed a big number. However, you need to fit well in the profile with excellence in what you do and commendable knowledge.  The variable that makes Digital Marketing firms pay such a high sum of money is that the demand and supply are highly unproportionate to each other. Thus, as a result, there is a hike in the salaries of the existing personnel especially for the profiles of SEO, SMO, PPC. 

4. High Flexibility

The digital industry operates over the internet. Hence, there is no restriction as to where you work from and the working hours until and unless you do not have to meet any sorts of deadlines. One can even work fro home band in the case of a  bug or any kind of error one can fix it over the internet, without having to travel to the workstation.

5. Deliver the assignments to clients  virtually

A Digital Marketing job has everything done online. The deliverables to the clients are also updated online. Easy Assistance is given to the clients. The deployment of services to the third party is transferred from one work station to the other. You can suggest the appropriate tasks to be performed by using your learned skills.

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6. There’s room for creativity

there are a lot of job profiles out there that have simply no space for creativity. Such job profiles are monotonous and soon you’ll be bored to wits while working in such profiles. On the other hand, if you take a glance at the Digital Marketing job profiles, you will find one thing that is consistent throughout every profile and that is the spark of creativity. Apart from analyzing the data and implementing campaigns successfully, Digital Marketing aims at breaking the monotony in blog posts and online content by adding a flair of creativity to it. For instance, content marketing is an important aspect of Digital Marketing. Just imagine if a 2500 word long blogs only had text, boring text! who would want to read it? Nobody!. Thus, it must be understood that this fact is consistent throughout every domain of Digital Marketing which calls out for a need for creativity. a creativity that makes the content attractive enough to generate organic traffic.

CASE STUDY- TCS going Digital

tcs goes digital

TCS logo

About TCS:

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (TCS) is an IT services and consulting firm which provides business solutions to small firms. Headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, it operates in 46 countries. It is a unit of Tata which is one of India’s biggest companies. It is a world famous company listed amongst the ‘Big 4’ most valued IT services brands in the world.

Campaign launched:

Tata introduced a Complete Reimaginative Force: Sixth global trend study. The company had been working on the project since 2011, the study was focused on how big companies are using Internet of Things (IOT) technologies.


The objective of TCS to implement this campaign was to reach the potential clients through the social media.  It does not end here, they wanted the impact of the campaign to be so strong that the potential clients further persuade their contacts to download the study. The primary objective of the campaign remained focused on building a string of conversations around the study over the social media platform.


To reach the targeted audience over the social media, a digital campaign was been run by the company to serve the purpose of more and more downloads. For this to be made possible they initiated conversations on the social platforms so that the people are aware of it.

Excerpts from the Global Trend Study were extracted and circulated all over Twitter with a link to further read more. This was an attempt to build audiences interest and compel them to download the study. The engaging excerpts from the Global Case Study were combined with an equally attention-grabbing image. The company even launched a new image template for this campaign. The new template was quite different from what the templates usually used by TCS. So, this was another point that gained them attention.

They further used the informatory appeal to attract the users to download the Global Trend Study and read it. Phrases like ‘Did you know?’, ‘Know how?’,  ‘Find out!’, etc. were used by them to attract the attention of the target audience.

Internet of things case study

TCS’s Twitter posts with new image templates


tcs goes digital

Reach users through social media – TCS twitter post


After Twitter, they further approached Linked as it was the most suitable platform according to the target audience and the type of study. The LinkedIn campaign included the following:

  • Organic posts on LinkedIn
  • Sponsored Updates
  • Paid Inmails were sent to reach the identified audience to communicate through personalized form of ads.

Also, Facebook, Twitter, Slideshare & YouTube were exploited to reach the audience through other social networking sites.

TCS case study - going digital

TCS-IOT promotional tweets


The social media promotions of the Global Trend Study marked a success 9000 unique downloads. One-third of the downloads were from social media.

Moreover, the campaign gained 25101046 impressions on social media and was mentioned by over 500 user accounts on Twitter.

The LinkedIn engagement marked up to 0.7%, Twitter engagement rate of 1.1% and a total of 561,100 YouTube views. 

Thus, the campaign was overall a successful one.


  • A change is always good
  • To achieve results you have never achieved, you must try something you’ve never tried before.
  • Digital is definitely the new big thing and any business that does mark its presence digitally is going to lag behind.
  • User engagement is much higher on the digital platform at present.
  • You can measure your results instantly through various tools.

To Conclude

I would like to sum up this blog on a note that every individual must choose a career that they are happy working in. To be happy in your professional life, you must always choose a profile that involves tasks you can relate to and suit you best as per aptitude. Digital Marketing is emerging as the most preferred career option since past few years because of its dynamic job offerings.  The individuals can apply for a variety of job profiles according to their skill set and preference. Thus, there is enough space for improvisation and the packages are quite attractive.

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