Importance of Digital Marketing for Recruiters

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Are the traditional methods of recruitment not delivering the best results for you?

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Do you want to know the importance of Digital Marketing for Recruiters?


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Finding the right candidate for a job position is quite a daunting task. Not only you have to take care of the candidate’s certifications, experience and educational level but also have to make sure that the candidate perfectly fits in the culture of your organization.

Apart from this, you might have only a few resumes to choose your “perfect candidate” from.

Gone were the days when the recruitment process was just confined to Local Paper Advertisements, Employment Office Postings, Recruitment Agencies and Internal Hiring.

Digital Revolution has not only benefitted advertisers and marketers but it has also taken recruitment to another level.

Over the past years, businesses have been leveraging the power of digital marketing to engage with their customers and increase their conversions.

It is no brainstormer that the digital wave has transformed almost all the business departments like marketing and sales.

However, there are certain departments that are still going through this digital change management process. One such department is the HR or Recruitment department which is still making its way towards digitalization.

Role of Marketing in Recruitment

1. Create an Online Brand Identity

Digital Marketing for recruiters needs to focus on building a unique positive employer brand identity online. This will initiate in developing a keen interest in people for working your brand.

The recruiters should display the Core Values of the company in the job market to attract more workforce.

By displaying your brand’s identity through Digital & Social Channels, you can target a wide range of candidates & select the best one.

2. Create Customized Employee Value Proposition

Digital Marketing for recruiters should customize their Employee Value Proposition to directly connect with their target candidates.

According to a survey conducted by LinkedIn, 75% of the research your company’s reputation before applying for the job opening. 

Digital Marketing has been dominating the marketing landscape, the candidates are too using it to get their dream jobs. They are active on various digital and social channels like Linkedin, Facebook and even Twitter. 

As a matter of fact, if you as a recruiter is not using the digital and social channels for recruitment, you are missing on a lot of potential candidates that might be just the right ones for your organization.

Thus, Digital Marketing allows you to take your Recruitment process to the next level.

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3. Build a Candidate Pipeline

The core objective of Recruitment is to hire the “right” candidate and Digital Marketing with its omnipresence and target oriented reach attracts the right candidate.

Recruiters should take advantage of Digital Marketing to reach out to the most-wanted candidates who are interested in new career opportunities.

They should focus on actively looking for qualified candidates and build engagement through leads that have been generated with digital marketing channels.

4. Creating the Right Message Campaign

Digital Marketing allows recruiters to directly connect with the target audience.

With Digital Marketing, the recruiters can create a job requirement message that is precise and value oriented. This will help in attracting the most eligible candidates for that particular job.

5. Maximizing Recruitment with Minimum Budget

When it comes to recruiting candidates with a limited budget, Digital Marketing is the most cost-effective technique. By having a wider reach, it gives immediate and relevant results which are not generally possible in traditional recruitment.

Digital Marketing for Recruiters – Features

1. LinkedIn Ads for Jobs

LinkedIn is the most obvious choice when it comes to Social Media Recruitment. However, there might be possibilities that you are unable to find the ideal candidate on LinkedIn.

On the contrary, if your job opening matches with a profile who is an active member of LinkedIn, your job is done there.

With the help of LinkedIn Job Ads, you can detect the users who fit in your candidate requirement.

Thus, while using LinkedIn Ads, you should ensure to make your ads creative & display the culture of your company for better engagement. This will further attract people who have a strong interest in your company.

2. Boosted Posts

Digital Marketing for Recruiters

Boost Post

Social Media Recruitment is a popular recruitment technique where social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are used for finding the right candidate.

Posting information about job openings on various Social Media Channels can easily get you a few resumes. However, you can target a wide range of candidates by just boosting a post.

Boosted Posts are economical. By narrowing their target, they fetch the desired results when it comes to finding the most eligible candidate for a particular job position.

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Benefits of Digital Marketing for Recruiters

1. Specific Targeting

Digital Marketing platforms like Facebook & LinkedIn offers specific targeting options based on locations, demographics and interests.

This further guarantees that your ideal candidates will see your job postings. For example, if you are looking for freshers, you can target graduates.

2. Ads Tracking

Measuring the performance of the ads is crucial to know whether your job ads are working or not.

The effectiveness of the ads is measured by a UTM code that is added at the end of the URL. Campaign Name, Medium and Source are the three parameters that can be used in the UTM Code.

3. A/B Testing

Digital Marketing for Recruiters

A/B Testing

Digital Marketing allows you to literally A/B test everything. A/B testing is running two or more versions of the ad and then using the statistics to see the success rate.

You, as a recruiter can create different ads with variations in requirements, job description, or even title, to see which ad works in the best possible manner.

4. Retargeting

As Digital Marketing for Recruiters, you can use some more advanced techniques like retargeting to aggressively target the right candidates. By means of retargeting, you can track any candidate that appears on the career page of your website.

To again show your job postings to these candidates, you can display your ads to them on Google display campaigns, Facebook Sponsored Ads, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Digital Marketing for Recruiters – Strategies

1. Search Engine Optimization

A majority of people who are looking for jobs actively search for them on Search Engines, thus, Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component of any digital recruitment strategy.

By SEO, you can improve the website so that your website ranks higher in the Search Engine Results Page for given recruitment keywords and phrases. For recruitment purposes, you should optimize the website, especially the “Career” page for searches that are related to the employment landscape.

2. Pay Per Click

Digital Marketing for Recruiters

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click, popularly known as PPC is another Digital Marketing strategy that increases your Search Engine Results Ranking. By using the PPC strategy, you can place your ads in the SERP for employment oriented keywords.

3. Job Posting Sites

Apart from the Search Engines, job seekers use a lot of job listing websites that create career opportunities. These websites make it easy for the employer and job seeker to connect. It makes job seeking easy as the job seekers can browse the jobs by job title, industry, and company.

As a Digital Marketing Recruiter, you can upload your job openings on these sites and benefit from the potential exposure.

Wrapping Up

Digital Marketing is not just confined to departments like marketing and sales, it has extended its dimensions to other verticals like Recruitment.

Hopefully, by now you must have understood the importance of Digital Marketing for Recruiters.

So, if you are looking forward to expanding your reach and hiring the best applicants for your company, Digital Marketing for Recruitment is a smart choice.

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