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How to Write Best Digital Marketing Proposal in 2024

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In order to grab the attention of their audiences, businesses need to follow a great marketing strategy. A technical touch is definitely required in order to frame an appealing website.

For all this, they go through Digital Marketing Proposal before hiring a Digital Marketing Agency.

Optimizing online presence is one of the primary goals of businesses.

The first step in business promotion through the online medium is having a good website.

In order to fully operate as a digital agency, you must be in a position to tackle all these challenges.

You will have to pick the exact strategy in order to attain success in the desired field.

There is enough competition for your services. Since there are a number of similar agencies looking for top clients, you have to be very good in order to make your Digital Marketing Proposal powerful enough to convert business owners.

In this post, we will first understand what a Digital Marketing Proposal Template is- And how should you convey your message in an effective manner-

What is Digital Marketing Proposal?

Digital agencies find proposals as a monotonous job and they do not want to write these but they have got no choice as the client wants to check everything before hiring.

Is that how we look at them? No.

Digital Marketing Proposal PDF can be an influencing tool. You can get benefited from these while keeping yourself ahead of the other number of similar agencies.

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These will provide the client with reasons to choose you instead of others and that is why your Digital Marketing Proposal Template should revolve around below give two important factors-

There are two major parts of a great Digital Marketing Proposal for a Client

1. Logistical Information

In this, you will provide details about what type of services you will offer like marketing, social media management, SEO, website designing, etc. You will also provide details like their cost, duration, and other essentials of it.

2. Convincing Information

In this, you will have to prove how the services will be beneficial for the client and what will be the specific goals that your agency will target. This is basically the main part of your sales process as this will influence the clients.

Logistics is the major factor where most digital agencies focus. Hence, they become a piece of the puzzle. But, when you are focusing a lot on this information, your ability to leave an impact on the clients will get restricted.

The Digital Marketing Proposal that you offer will be like others that are in the client’s inbox. Potential customers can easily replace those who have identical values but not those who are unique in themselves.

So let us understand how you can make your Digital Marketing Proposal unique and compelling enough, so your prospects opt to open your emails-

A. Sections of Digital Marketing Proposal made for influencing the Subscribers/Prospects

Let us first understand how a proposal of one digital agency is differentiated from others.

It is as simple as that, you have to frame everything in such a way that you can provide a solution to each and every problem of your client and the solutions need to be good from their perspective.

This will fetch the client’s attention. Projects are not identical. Being a full-service digital agency you will be asked to provide different kinds of services few clients will demand one or two services whereas others may ask for even more according to their needs.

The duration of the projects can be unique depending on the work. You need to focus on the structure of the best Digital Marketing Strategy Proposal Sample that is fetching a maximum number of bids online.

If you are new & want to know about sample marketing proposals, you should stick to a traditional structure that will let you know a better way to convey your messages so that they match the interest of the client.

Following are a few of the most common factors that occur in smaller projects in which agencies work to provide a few services only depending upon the requirements.

You should consider them while drafting your sample marketing proposal.

B. What to include in a Digital Marketing Proposal Template for Smaller Projects

  • Challenge [Service type]- Find out the client’s requirement for business and you can substitute any work at the place of “service type” like the website, marketing, etc.
  • Solution [Service type] – Draft an image about the client’s business that will be after the problem is resolved and in this, you can substitute any word like website design, Ads, marketing, and so on at the place of “service type”.
  • Investment- You will have to reveal the price that each step will cost while achieving digital solutions.
  • Next steps-  Just let the readers take their steps and let them accept your proposal.

If the project requires a better and a comprehensive solution then you can introduce the below-listed elements in your sample marketing proposal.

These elements are meant to last a bit longer and are effective at the same time. You need to provide your client with better detail of your services as well as the duration and other elements.

Digial Marketing Proposal for client

C. What to include in Digital Marketing Proposals for Big & Long-Term Projects

  • Project challenge or Executive summary- You must understand what exactly is the client’s requirement that led them to promote their business through digital marketing. In this way, you can best understand what are they looking for and what customers think about them.
  • Project deliverables- You must concentrate on some of the elements like creativeness, technical services and so on that will be used to fulfill the client’s challenges and provide them with the benefits.
  • The scope of Work- You must maintain a summary of the different services that you are going to provide to the client. You do have not to overwhelm them with information about your services. You have to make them understand your services in brief and they can get an idea about everything.
  • Process and strategy- You must strategies your services that will be used in order to tackle the problems. You must analyze each and every service (marketing, PPC ads, website design, etc) in a good manner so that you can describe to the client how these will help.
  • Proposed schedule- You can set a table or a schedule to let the client know how this project will run and what services they will get at a specific time.
  • Investment
  • About us- You must never forget the end goal of your services that are the client’s benefit and you should be able to describe what your agency offers and what are the key elements that make you different from others.)
  • Case studies- You must show how you have worked for other clients and have helped them to fetch better results that are increased ROI, digital presence, and greater traffic).
  • Next steps
  • Terms and conditions
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D. What questions you must take care of while framing your Digital Marketing Proposal?

Your sample marketing proposal actually starts before writing it, when you converse with your client over a phone call or through a meeting and are able to convey your messages in a better manner than you have completed one portion of your proposal.

Below we have mentioned certain questions that can assist you.

As you get the answers to these, it will be a lot easier to frame them in your sample marketing proposals and make them look more effective.

  • How soon do you want the results?
  • What are your opinions about digital strategies according to the current scenario?
  • What are the common questions of customers (new/old)?
  • What path does your customer normally choose while purchasing?
  • How are you involved in the project? How do you provide support to your team and how do you frame strategies?
  • What tools are you using and what are effective ways to use them?
  • What are your top priorities and what is a success for you?
  • What resources do you possess to work with us?
  • How have you tried to understand your audience till now? Do you possess any survey data or have you framed any customer persona and its analysis?

What to Include in a Complete Digital Marketing Proposal

In a Digital Marketing Proposal, you are required to include the services that you will provide an opinion to provide a solution to your client’s problem.

Since businesses these days are seeking to market themselves in the best possible manner and they are shifting their attention to digital marketing, hence it becomes important for you as a digital marketer you create an attractive and unique proposal in order to attract clients.

You have to make them believe that you will be able to tackle all the challenges thrown at you.

Below, we have mentioned the important elements that you need to include in a Complete Digital Marketing Proposal:

1. Organic Search Marketing Details 

Role of Organic Search Marketing in Digital Marketing Proposal-Source-Smart Insights
Role of Organic Search Marketing in Digital Marketing Proposal-Source-Smart Insights

Digital marketing is recognized as successful if your brand presence is there on different search engines. Your audience will only get to know about your brand if it is present on different search engines.

Your web presence is optimized with the help of organic search marketing input and you can witness your presence on maximum search engines.

Here is the list of important activities that organic marketing will include-

  • Identifying the user intent is very important; hence it is the base of organic search marketing.
  • In order to develop the best content for digital marketing, keyword research is very important which is done to make Digital Marketing Proposal as per the target niche.
  • Both on-page, as well as off-page optimization, is done in organic search marketing, and paying attention to that is significant while making your proposal

2. Content Marketing Strategy Details

Marketing through content is best possible if you are able to provide a satisfactory answer to all the questions of your user through that single content.

The customer is only going to trust you if he/she will find a satisfactory answer to his/her queries in your content. Hence a good content marketing plan is extremely important.

The following examples can be used for the best promotion-

  • You can go for educational content that will teach the reader something and this will spread learning.
  • You can go for ‘How to articles as they are very effective in attracting user traffic.
  • Blog posts that are optimized are also a good innovation.

3. Social Media Management Details

Being effectively present on social media is very important for brand promotion and most brands have realized the importance of social media presence.

Social media can help a brand reach sky heights if utilized effectively. Social media is an effective tool to increase brand reputation as well as users will get more familiar with your brand.

Hence, you should focus on social media management as it can influence buyers.

You will have to focus on the following platforms to make an effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat

4. Subscription Program Details

Emphasizing subscription programs is also an essential element of digital marketing; hence it is necessary to include these in your digital marketing proposal template.

Providing a constant update to your user about your products/services is extremely important and a subscription program helps you to share campaigns and relevant material with your user.

By this method, permission is asked from the user to share relevant content through emails/messages.

The following are the available options;

  • Subscriptions for newsletters or blogs.
  • Content offers

5. Lead Nurturing Concepts

Customers before buying any product/service enquire about it well over the different web pages. They can’t trust you blindly hence they require an affirmation about your product/service.

You need to follow good marketing actions and also in a limited period of time. Users need to learn in-depth about the leads.

The following options can be recognized-

  • Sales readiness must be given extra importance hence follow-up marketing can prove to be extra effective.
  • The target should be email and phone databases through social media.

6. Paid Search Marketing Strategy Details

PPC or pay-per-click marketing is extremely helpful that runs on different search engines. These are helpful in targeting the audience who are interested in campaigns.

Whenever you opt for PPC, the ad related to your products will appear on the search engines whenever a user tends to make a search and through these ads, you can effectively attract users to your products/services.

The following search engines are mostly targeted-

  • Google is the most targeted search engine when it comes to PPC ads.
  • Yahoo
  • Bing

Paid marketing plays a major role when you are looking to increase the reach of your business/brand. No matter if it is done through the help of web search engines or through social media.

Businesses can never ignore t

7. Paid Social Media Strategy Details

he essence of social media as it can maximize their customer reach. In this way, you can make the customers happy and they also get to know about your products/services hence you need to target this factor in your proposal.

Targeted social media platforms are as follows;

8. Display Campaign Suggestions

When it comes to digital marketing you need to target each and every factor to maximize your audience reach. Not just do social media and web search engines help you through the process but you can also follow other suggestions to display the relevant campaigns.

Different media properties must be targeted in order to effectively market the brand/business of your customer. You need to include this element in your proposal as this will help the users to build trust in your agency.

The following components can be used in order to grow your potential audience-

  • Trade websites
  • Media websites
  • Niche websites
  • Different other portals

9. Creative Design and Development Strategy

In order to maintain the efficiency of the digital marketing campaign, you need to work on different elements of it. You need to develop different collateral focused on digital marketing and this will help you to run all your digital marketing activities at full pace.

Whenever a customer is looking for a digital marketing agency to advertise his/her brand/business they want an agency that will target each and every necessary element of it.

And creative design and development is one of those hence you must include this in your proposal.

You need to focus on the following aspects-

  • Ad copy
  • Landing Pages
  • Banners
  • Graphics

10. Analytics and Optimization

Digital Marketing Proposal
Example of Analytics Role in Twitter Marketing-Source-Search Engine People

Whenever you are running any campaign, you need to continuously track its progress and analyze if everything is working well or not.

You can gauge the shortcomings of your campaign and improve them in order to maximize the output. Every digital marketing campaign has some flaws and you need to work on those if you want to reach your desired goals.

If you want to optimize the performance of your digital marketing campaign then you will have to run certain tests at regular intervals.

You need to include this element in your digital marketing proposal template as this will let the customers believe that you are focused on improving your campaigns and won’t just leave it on auto-pilot mode.

The following strategies are most recommended-

Digital Marketing Proposal Sample

1. Introduction

The purpose of this digital marketing proposal sample is to give your clients a bit of information about you and the various digital marketing services that you offer along with the price. It also includes the index of your digital marketing proposal.

2. About us

In this section, give your client a 360-degree overview of your company, the services, Unique Selling Proposition, and features.

3. Our Services

Include all the services in detail that you provide and how can they help the clients to achieve their desired results.

4. Pricing

In this section, you will have to include a pricing table that includes digital marketing services. You can also add packages if you provide any.

5. Acceptance

This is the final document of the Digital Marketing Course Content which will include the acceptance signatures of your client and you.

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Did I miss anything that you prefer to include in your Digital Marketing Proposal Template? Share with us in the comments.


1. How do I write a digital marketing proposal?

To write a digital marketing proposal, start by introducing your company and outlining your services. Then, do your research and understand the client’s business, their target market, and their goals.

Only then can you develop a digital marketing strategy that will actually work for them. Be sure to keep your proposal simple, clear, and concise, and be realistic about what you can and cannot do.

2. How long should a digital marketing proposal be?

A digital marketing proposal should be 3-5 pages long. However, if the client has requested a specific length, make sure to follow their guidelines.

3.  What should I include in a digital marketing proposal?

Your digital marketing proposal should include an introduction to your company, an overview of your services, and a detailed digital marketing plan that is tailored to the client’s needs. Additionally, be sure to do your research and understand the client’s business, target market, and goals.

4.  How do I design a digital marketing proposal?

When designing your digital marketing proposal, use a simple and professional layout. Include plenty of white space to make the ms word document easy to read, and use headings and subheadings to break up the text.

Additionally, use charts, graphs, and infographics to illustrate your points, and include images to make the proposal more visually appealing.

5. How much should I charge for digital marketing services?

Digital marketing services can range in price, depending on the scope of work and the client’s budget. When pricing your services, be sure to consider your experience, the time required to complete the project, and your overhead costs.

Additionally, you may want to offer a discount if the client signs a longer-term contract.

6. How do I close a digital marketing proposal?

When closing your digital marketing proposal, thank the client for their time and reiterate your interest in working with them. Include a call-to-action, such as asking them to contact you to discuss the proposal further, and end with a professional sign-off.

Shivendra Tiwari
Engineer by Education, Marketing Influencer by Profession, and Creative Writer by Passion- Shivendra is involved in Branding, Advertising & Consulting in the domain of Digital Marketing over the years. He relies upon his Digital Marketing learnings and uses the creative DNA for composing blogs that have the applied zeal to engage, entertain and inspire the readers- to Connect- Convince- Convert their target audiences via different digital media channels.

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