Digital Marketing Salary Growth Prospects

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As the budding talent in the industry is growing rapidly the Digital Marketing salary prospects are also growing. By multiplicity in the skills and regularity in up gradation of technology in the arena of Digital Marketing is not going to shrink anytime sooner.

Salesforce research found that marketing executives will spend three-fourths of their total marketing budget on digital over traditional channels in 2021.

The emergence of digital marketing over traditional marketing has not only provided benefits to the businesses but has also given promising career opportunities to aspiring digital marketers.

With the rapid popularity of digital marketing, the demand for digital marketing professionals has also increased.

In fact, the industry is enormously swelling in various aspects giving employees a scope to leverage on the basis of talent and skills.

With more than 1.5 lakh jobs being created in India due to digital marketing, there couldn’t be a better time to become a digital marketing professional.

The varying salaries are just according to the work profile, experience, and talent. If you have the following three things you’ll definitely be able to barge in the opportunity.

So, if you think you have that in you, do not wait up and go on for making your career in the field of Digital Marketing.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing Salary

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is a term used for all the online efforts you inject in business to work. Precisely, the tasks that you undergo the digital arena are known as Digital Marketing. This consists of media planning, media handling, content management, social media marketing, search engine optimization and much more.

All these key ingredients of Digital Marketing are taken leverage of, to build a proper virtual image that leads to nothing less than a bright and shining future.

All your Digital Marketing ingredients are the tactics that you use for marketing your business in the virtual world. Whereas, your website, blog posts, social media handles are your assets that you can take advantage on for your business to prosper.

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Job Profiles in Digital Marketing

As an industry, the Digital market is growing from the year 2013 and there is still a lot of scope of growth in the industry. how can we say there is still scope of growth?

As we know that the existing brands in the market are going to exist or a new brand comes up with a new idea every other day that buds growth in Digital Marketing arena as there is the online market they would want to establish their name into.

Similarly, keeping in mind the evolution of other technologies alongside the digital market there are too many growth opportunities that you will find in the coming years. Thus, it is important to understand that digital marketing jobs salary varies to a great extent.

For instance, Digital Marketing Manager salary in India is going to be different from other countries and the variation is also going to be there for a Digital Marketing Manager salary in India to a Digital Marketing Executive salary. So let’s discuss the following job profiles and their pay packages accordingly. 

1. Digital Marketing Executive

Digital Marketing Salary

Digital Marketing Executive

Once you enter the industry as a fresher you are required to join in as a Digital Marketing Executive or a Search Engine Optimization Executive, Social Media Marketing Executive, Search Engine Marketing Executive and so on.  At the base level, you might do tasks that are going to include analyzing, testing and researching.

Digital Marketing Executive salary is going to be around ₹1,50,000 to ₹2,10,000 in a year. 

This may vary from company to company and from the amount of experience you have.

2. Digital Marketing Specialist 

In a year or two, depending upon your capabilities you can turn into a Digital Marketing Specialist. A specialist needs to have specialization in SEM or SEO, you need to be perfect with either one of them to become a specialist.

You may work under a manager but your input is going to be of great importance to the organization and you are going to be independent in your work.

Salary package of a Digital Marketing Specialist can be around ₹2,70,000 to ₹3,12,000 per annum.

You can always grow according to your pace and may be able to vouch for something beyond what is mentioned according to your calibre and growth.

3. Digital Marketing Manager (Team Leader) 

Within a few years that should be around 3 to 4 depending upon what learning you learn from working in this field, you are going to become a digital marketing manager or a team leader for SEO or SMO. this gives you a chance to lead a team under you and you are directly going to be involved in strategy making and making plans for your team.

Digital Marketing Manager Salary in India is around ₹3,70,000 to ₹4,08,000 in a year. 

4. Digital Marketing Analyst

This job profile isn’t there in every other organization but the organizations that focus on SEO, SEM and SMM would surely need skilled analysts and would pay them well as well. So this is the catch to find a good company and to bridge yourself in.

Here, you are going to do all sorts of strategic and analytical roles. This profile is going to guide the teams of manager to work in a particular direction which is beneficial for the company or business. The analyst also needs to work with different departments as his role can benefit many.

An analyst salary can be ₹4,70,000 to ₹6,08,000 per annum depending on the company requirements. 

5. Digital Marketing Head 

This is the senior most profile in this domain and it only exists in organizations where there is a need for in-depth marketing strategies and campaigns. The Digital Marketing Head is going to be responsible for the overall marketing function.

Your work is going to be a lot more intense than it sounds and you’re going to be involved all the time if you plan to gain great results for your clients or your own business.

Digital Marketing Salary for a Head is going to be around ₹6,75,000 on an average per annum. 

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The Career in Digital Marketing Industry

1. Digital Marketing for Travel Industry

People these days are so much into travelling and exploring that this has made the need of digital marketing at every step in the travel industry. This has also given space to aspiring digital marketers to make their career in Digital Marketing for the travel sector.

Travel and tourism industry have increased their focus on social media marketing and building an online reputation as the people are on the internet more and more. This gives scope to digital marketers to build their career in the same.

Digital Marketing Salary

Travel Planning Dominated By Online Resources

2. Digital Marketing for Healthcare Industry

There is a need for Digital Marketing in Healthcare as the people these days have started looking for their problems online.

So, the healthcare industry is also evolving through Digital Marketing to reach their users and audience. Doctors also have their blogs and stuff like that and hospitals have their online portals and to manage all this there is a strong need to manage the Digital Marketing in the Healthcare industry.

Digital Marketing Salary

Digital Marketing in Healthcare

3. Digital Marketing for Finance Industry

Digital Marketing in the Finance sector has started taking up wave for the good. Even the banks have their online portals and through which they try to comfort their customers and try to reach the approachable customers at the same time.

This opens up the scope for Digital Marketing in the industry and gives an uphill to the people trying to find work in the same frame.

Digital Marketing Salary

Digital Marketing Salary In Finance

4. Digital Marketing for Real Estate

Real estate market has also become virtual like we can find potential buyers online and also entice people through blogs. People buy property online and find what to buy online, therefore there is a great need for Digital Marketing in Real Estate.

Digital Marketing Salary

Digital Marketing In Real Estate

So you need not worry about your career as there is a lot of variety and opportunities in digital marketing and you just need to find the right opportunity for yourself to get what you want.

Digital Marketing Salary Growth Prospects

Showcase your abilities through your creative inputs and this can land you to a job you dream of. The growth prospects in the field of digital marketing are growing effectively with so many companies coming in with a common goal of growth and progress. Digital Marketing would Definitely keep people in a spectrum of growth in the coming years.

  • New technologies coming in can give you a way to explore the field and be of great importance to a lot of business ventures.
  • There is no stagnancy in this field as of now and as there is so much of competition, you are always expected to perform better and for that, you need to keep on exploring.
  • There is a lot of space for hit and trial method, this method can help you in attaining the best ways of reaching a particular or desired goal.
  • The arena of this field is so versatile that over the years Digital Marketing salary growth prospects have also been changing and remain very dynamic for the good.

Success Stories of Some of Our Students

Digital Marketing Salary

Success Stories

1. Chirag Khushalani

Chirag is an MBA from IBS, Mumbai but still, he did a Digital Marketing course with us and this helped him in being frontwards as he grabbed the knowledge of both online marketing and offline marketing. He was able to gain more in-depth information on Digital Marketing as he took our certifies course.

He also witnessed a boom in his digital marketing salary. In an interview with Digital Vidya, Chirag Said, “Digital Marketing is going at a pace which is unbelievable and I think it will change marketing and how people look at it now. It has also opened up new opportunities for the coming generations.” 

2. Vikas Kundu

Vikas started his career as a sales executive and at the same time, he could understand the need for Digital Marketing in his profession. As people had already started buying and selling things online this made him do the Digital Marketing course.

After doing this course his digital marketing salary gradually increased and he accomplished what he just couldn’t while being a sales executive. He is presently a Web Analyst at Kindlebit.

3. Varun Bangia

Varun is an MBA in Marketing from a B-School in Delhi, he also pursued a Digital Marketing course with us and this course enabled him to grow a lot more than he could without a Digital Marketing certification course. In less than 3 years his salary grew by 1.5 times of his existing digital marketing salary which is a great thing.

 So, you can be from any background and still become a marketer. It’s not that difficult, once you start you always find ways to benefit from it.

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Final Thoughts

You can always start whenever you want. It’s never too late!

Are you also intrigued by the idea of making your career with that luring Digital Marketing salary? You could be the next Digital Marketing Expert at a well-established organization by taking our Digital Marketing Course.

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  1. vibhuti

    digital marketing salary growth, not only depends on experience but also differs location to location.Location include countries, cities, towns. Salary also differ as per population like if in India, as population is large so the human resource is cheaper as compare to other countries and thus, salary also differs.

    digital marketing person salary also differs as per fresher or experience person .as the fresher is satisfied in lesser one on the flip side experience may negotiate as per his ability.

    • Malika Sanon

      Hi Vibhuti,
      Yes, you are right about the demographics but experience and knowledge are also key ingredients when we talk about salaries. Also, a person may not have a lot of work experience but if he or she does have the required knowledge that would lead the brand towards growth, recruiters will be more than happy to have him.

  2. Vibhu Saraf

    Nice and informative blog for those student’s…who want’s to make their career in digital marketing I wish I could have learned about digital marketing, the career opportunities it has to offer and everything else related to the field, in college. But, unfortunately, most colleges do not have anything to do with digital marketing in their curriculum. is really a demanding course these days it is more of a marketing of products digitally by using social media.

    • Niharika Mahendra

      Hi Vibhu,

      You are absolutely correct. Over the years, Digital Marketing has evolved drastically and has benefited the businesses as well individuals. Digital Marketing is indeed a demanding course that also offers promising career opportunities.


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