How to become a Digital Marketing Specialist

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A Digital Marketing Specialist is a master of marketing and advertising on the web. He or she will offer a special Digital Arrangement to target potential customers through-

  • Search Engines
  • Social Media
  • Emails

With the help of this, a Digital Marketing specialist will run a viral campaign that not only informs the prospects about a particular brand but also convinces them to do the desired action and get converted. This also boosts the revenues for that brand. Let us dig into regular duties that a Digital Marketing Specialist needs to deal with-

Digital Marketing Specialist Job Description-

  • A Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible for creating Digital Marketing Strategies to improve traffic channelization to the organization’s site. Tracking the conversion related numbers and considering all Digital Marketing Components from SEO, SEM, PPC, SMM, to content marketing are also responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist.
  • Creating brand awareness, channelizing email campaigns, and ensuring better client encounter on the organization’s site are also the responsibilities of a Digital Marketing Specialist. Paying heed to the responsive designing, connecting with content and ensuring ease of use also comes under Digital Marketing Jobs. A Digital Marketing Specialist also does analyze client feedback to improve the client encounter and upgrade conversions.

This was just a brief digital marketing specialist job description. Let us focus on what does a Digital Marketing Specialist do in detail.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Reasons behind Popularity of Digital Marketing Specialist Jobs

What does a Digital Marketing Specialist do-

1. Effective Data Analytics

Channelization of Digital Marketing Campaign is based upon Big Data and it is must for a Digital Media Marketing Specialist to utilize data analytics to supplement the advertising objectives. It is not about gigantic information and related data but instead what you “do” with the available data decides the achievement of your Digital Marketing Campaign. It also helps Digital Marketing Specialist in analyzing the competency of an Analytics Expert.

  • The predominance of data and extraordinary speed of computerized revolution have happened so fast that competent Data Expert are not easily accessible and that is why companies prefer a Digital Marketing Specialist who is well aware of analytics
  • In analytics, information from different sources is gathered, checked on, and dissected to frame a specific sort of quantifiable conclusions. As a Digital Marketing Specialist, you should pay heed to below given data analysis strategies-
  1. Data Mining
  2. Business Intelligence
  3. Data Visualizations
  4. Content Analytics

2. Execution and measurement of SEO, SEM & PPC

Two segments in web SEM that a Digital Marketing Specialist needs to pay regard to are- first one is Site Optimization and Content for organic reach, and the second one is paid promotions utilizing Google AdWords i.e. PPC. Paid Advertising is otherwise called SEM.

Digital Marketing Specialist


According to Search Engine Land,

“Search marketing is the process of gaining traffic and visibility from search engines through both paid and unpaid efforts.”

  • SEM includes SEO & Paid Advertising. In this, SEO helps in gaining traffic via unpaid or free listings while paid advertising i.e. PPC is buying traffic with the help of paid search listings
  • PPC or Pay per Click assists you in implementing Digital Advertising System that drives online traffic to your websites and a Digital Marketing Specialist should know about the right bidding price for those clicks that actually convert and boost your traffic

3. Social Media Marketing & Paid Social Media Advertising

Social media marketing or SMM incorporates marketing on different social media channels. Social media is overwhelming, a Digital Marketing Specialist needs to appreciate the diverse Social Media Platforms and SMM devices that empower them to advance and mechanize the web-based marketing. By utilizing questions like which Social Channel would be the best fit for the company, a Digital Marketing Specialist can make sense of the best SMM strategies to achieve the business targets.

Latest in Social Media Marketing is Paid Social Advertising that helps businesses run paid advertising campaigns on Social platforms. Paid promotion is picking up the pace across all the social networks. So let us experience the aptitudes you have to pay notice to have a hold via web-based paid Social Media Advertising-

  • Knowledge of Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads, Pinterest Ads, Snapchat for business and so forth
  • Ability to use ” Analytics Tool” to get the privilege Social Media Insights
  • Learn viable methods for granular targeting of Custom audience groups
  • Knowledge of oCPM bidding and how to do it precisely

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4. Email Marketing & Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing is fundamental for a Digital Marketing Specialist, as it tells about bounce rates, open rates, conversions and niche targeting, which are the most important factors of successful Digital Marketing Campaigns. Not using result driven Email Marketing Campaigns, which are automated, is considered a noteworthy slackness from a Digital Marketing Specialist. Many best performing deals happen from your email list
  • Content is really the base of all online promotion systems and that is the reason it is must for a Digital Marketing Specialist to know right Content Marketing plan that revolves around articles, blogs, online journals, videos, pictures, infographics, webinars, free e-books. All these types of Content Strategies function as lead magnets for Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • The adept inclusion of Content Marketing & Email Marketing guarantees expanded engagement, optimized SEO, boosted traffic, increased conversions and maximized revenues

5. Use of latest Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms

Along with relevant online marketing skills, a Digital Marketing Specialist should also know the latest Digital Marketing Tools and Platforms, and some of those are given beneath-

Free Digital Marketing Tools

  • Hootsuite
  • Tweetdeck
  • Facebook Insights
  • Canva
  • Buffer
  • Twitter Analytics
  • Google Analytics

Digital Marketing Platforms

A Digital Marketing Specialist needs to know about Digital Marketing Platforms, Social Media Marketing Platforms, and Email Marketing Platforms to automate and optimize their marketing efforts.

 Digital Marketing Platforms

  • Planning and Spend Manager
  • ExactTarget
  • Workflow and Collaboration Manager
  • Marketo
  • Marketing Asset Manager
  • Raven Tools
  • Ginzametrics

Email Marketing Platforms

  • Mail Chimp
  • Aweber
  • iContact

6. Mobile Marketing and Visual Advertising Skills

Digital Marketing Specialist

Importance of Mobile Marketing

  • The Smartphone blast has made a more noteworthy need of Mobile Marketing for better targeting the wider audience base and ensures conversions. A Digital Marketing Specialist is responsible to ensure that his or her site is mobile responsive, plus, he or she should also ensure that right mobile App is used
  • Most Digital Marketing Specialists understand that they can get better engagement and conversions if they use visual advertising campaigns to target their audiences. This is very apparent on Facebook where up to 100% more noteworthy engagement is driven by a visual post contrasted with the text content
  • Twitter marketing also becomes more effective with visual advertising skills. According to Jeff Bullas’ investigation, the increase in the rate of “impressions” of a tweet with a picture over a tweet without it was a huge 197%.
  • The increment in the engagement was around 581% while the expansion in ‘Engagement-rate” was around 111%. All this demands a Digital Marketing Specialist to be a master of Visual Advertising Skills

7. Run Viral Campaigns

Digital Marketing Specialist

Viral Campaigns

  • Interesting, engaging and viral content to move fast is something that we are seeing quite predominantly these days. Companies like AIB, Buzzfeed or TVF have taken the trend of a viral campaign to another level
  • This does not suggest that a Digital Marketing Specialist has to focus on it, however getting the periodic Videos, Interactive campaigns, blogs or picture that can transform into a web sensation is advocated for creating a mark on the web
  • Paying regard to the systems of those marketers who run viral campaigns consistently will enable a Digital Marketing Specialist to understand this privilege Digital Marketing Skills which is highly important in today’s time

Digital Marketing Specialist Courses

There are several Digital Marketing Courses available for a Digital Marketing Specialist.  Notable features of Online Digital Marketing courses are-

  • Learn how to get a website listed among top Search Engine results
  • Learn how to effectively run ads on Search Engines
  • Learn how to build a brand, generate leads & aggregate audience on Social Media
  • Website Development utilizing WordPress
  • Affiliate Marketing and Mobile App Marketing
  • Learn how to make uncalled for advantage and exponentially Grow Online Business
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy and How to Sell Digital Marketing Services
  • Blogging for Beginners, Super Blogging and Display Advertisement
  • Learn how to effectively build your users lists, deliver e-mails & generate relevant clicks
  • Learn how to attract & convert customers by earning their trust through various techniques such as content marketing
  • Learn how to make business decisions from the metrics available in Digital Media
  • Video Advertising and Shopping Advertising, ORM, and so forth

Master your Digital Marketing Skills!

The ordinary citizens now contribute additional time online than on traditional media be it TV or print media, and that is the reason businesses demand Digital Marketing Specialist who can allure, draw in and convert those individuals as steadfast clients.

Going through a practical Digital Marketing Training program, which is customized for Digital Marketing Specialists would for sure help you master your Digital Marketing Skills.

Have a few questions, or wish to find out more about Digital Marketing Specialist Training- Ask us in comments.

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