‘Digital Marketing Strategies adopted by Healthifyme: Case Study’

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About Healthifyme:

We have heard about many fitness apps where they want you to lose weight and lead a healthy life but how about a company who not only has same goal but will let you look at calorie content of a particular food item before even having it? Yes,there is a company which is day by day increasing food items as per your suggestion to show the nutrient value with useful insights designed considering food items consumed by Indians.A company founded in 2012 with 3 people(Tushar Vashisht, Mathew Cherian & Sachin Shenoy)based out of Bangalore claims to have the first to introduce calorie tracking for Indian customers. Since then they have helped over 1 lakh users in meeting their fitness goals. The company has bagged many prestigious awards like in 2015 they were in Googles’ top 50 best apps in play store under health & fitness space, top developer badge which means Googles’ editorial staff reflected their confidence on this app. It is developed for both Android and iOS platforms. This app also provides water tracking and on-the-cloud fitness solutions.

Business Objectives:

Their aim is to grow its base of users to five million by 2018 providing health and fitness services through app downloads and wearable technology as the app syncs with activity tracker like Fitbit,etc.

  1. In 2015 they launched HealthifyIndia campaign propagated by Health Minister JP Nadda where the first million people to take the ‘Healthify India’ pledge(to lead a healthier life) will be able to use Rs. 300 worth of premium calorie tracking software for free, discounted vouchers for free medical check up, numerous articles on living a healthier,better life and much more.
  2. Survey on eating pattern in chennai where they made people aware about their unhealthy eating habits,low consumption on fruits and vegetables along with no to less exercise pattern. The relation of eating habits,sedentary lifestyle and health disorders.
  3. C0-relation between dietary and fitness habits of Kolkata residents where they made people aware that eating healthy will not suffice unless being followed with fitness.
  4. Breakfast regime for Metros and how it is good/bad for their health. A comparison chart of various top notch cities.
  5. Breakfast is the unhealthiest meal in India: new study where they revealed how breakfast and dinner food intake contributes maximum towards broad waistline,health disorders like hypertension,diabetes. Also,how untimely snacking in between further increase the damage.
  6. On International Women day they released a report highlighting disparity in protein consumption among men & women with latter consuming less leading to further health issues.
  7. Campaigns to include corrective measures for chronic addiction of smoking, alcohol consumption along with stress related diseases.
  8. They have recently launched a campaign in partnership with Reebok at a prominent location to create awareness of how their app would benefit people of using their services towards healthier life along with making them aware about calorie meter.

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Strategies Adopted by Healthifyme:

One of the founders realized that the current apps available at that time did not provide calorie count of Indian Food items in their libraries which gave rise to development of software & app which could.With the release of software in 2012,with access to only 250 nutritionists they were able to offer low-cost services with being cash flow positive.

They then gradually increased certified health and wellness coaches(nutritionists, yoga instructors, and fitness trainers )from institutions like American Council on Exercise(ACE),International Sports Science Association(ACE),etc. for holistic well-being where they started further customizing their app as per subscribers request.

With the help of Googles’ Material design in 2014 they started getting themselves notified on search engine and the play store featured the start-up for nearly 2 months in 2015. This not only gave boost but also increased the app download by 25-30%. By the following 10 months, HealthifyMe’s user numbers grew to 250,000.

They adopted a very simple yet powerful strategy where every review on play store was timely responded and they personally started meeting people to understand how they feel & react to their concept. They went a step ahead by visiting places understanding food patterns,dietary habits,fitness regimes incorporating the same on their app. with in-depth analysis providing customized health and fitness solutions.

Being backed by Micromax and post raising institutional funding of 6 million in series-A by Blume Ventures, IDG Ventures & Inventus Capital in 2016 , there was then no looking back for this company.The service which started as a simple calorie-meter pivoted into a marketplace for trainers, a move that helped it scale 16 times, from 30,000 users in January to half a million by July 2016.

Same year they become the largest digital wellness platform catering over 5 lakh users with about 100 coaches with the world’s largest database of Indian foods and syncs with all leading wearables, including Fitbit, YuFit and MiBand, among others. They also works in partnership with health institutes such as Medanta, Apollo and Manipal.

They have a website called Healthifyme.com which is being run by Zee Media’s India.com, Godrej Nature’s Basket, Manipal Hospitals, Medanta -The Medcity and the Apollo Centre for Obesity, Diabetes and Endocrinology. They also feature themselves on Healthsite.com which has around 40 lakh visitors making it one of the most visited sites.

They have also stepped in corporate world where they are serving clients like Cognizant,Phillips and few more with their gamified social platform to engage and reward employees for healthy behavior.They have also moved towards pre and post natal care.

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Results Achieved by Healthifyme:

  1. Brand Recognition
  2. Huge traffic on website
  3. Unlimited App downloads
  4. Global Presence
  5. Maximized profit
  6. Mutual benefited partnerships with brands like Micromax, corporates like Cognizant, fitness brands like Reebok, Renowned hospitals like Medanta, etc.


It shows a company can use all or an integration of different mediums of digital marketing to not only explore the best way to achieve goals but to also plan accordingly for future activities. Its very much evident to see that for achieving desired result you need to use a combination of marketing strategies which will not only help in choosing the best fit for you but will also rule out the ineffective ones bringing in optimized results.

Simultaneously, a blend of traditional and digital advertising is a perfect way to achieve holistic growth. Please comment if I have missed to cover any point.

Image credits: Healthify website

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