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Why Digital Media Marketing And Movie Marketing Is A Match Made In Heaven

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Like Information Technology, digital media marketing has been embraced by a number of industries. Even businesses that operate from a single location have used digital media marketing to create brand awareness, to generate leads and to retain customers. Film industry is no exception. Increasingly, a number of movie production houses are using digital media channels to promote their movies. Why are the production houses increasing their spending in the digital marketing channels?

Star Wars

Short Life time

Movies have a short life time. They only run for 3 to 4 weeks on the big screens. Traditionally, production houses start promoting the movies a couple of weeks before the movie hits the screen.  The intent is to create maximum awareness before the movie releases. Social media is one of the best mediums to create awareness within a short duration.

Film Stars’ Social Capital

Film stars have a high social capital. They have a large fan base which can be leveraged for promoting their movies. Some of the ardent fans have a sense of community feeling. They organise themselves as online communities through social media profiles such as Facebook pages, Facebook communities, Twitter handles, YouTube channels etc.


Movie stars are well connected with other movie stars and influencers in the real world and in social media. The “Ice Bucket Challenge” showed that some of the movie stars are well connected with powerful influencers in the social media space.

Content Sharing is Easy

Facebook, YouTube and other video sharing platforms allow production houses to upload and share movie trailers and other content. Earlier production houses had to rely  on TV channels and other paid mediums to share content.

User Generated Content

Fans also create interesting and viral content related to movies such as MEMEs, Mashup videos, Parody videos etc. These UGC (User Generated Content) also contribute towards building awareness about the movie.

Word of Mouth Campaign

Most movie goers like to share their views with their circle of friends in social networking platforms. Production houses could use verified Facebook pages, twitter hashtag to aggregate user reviews.

Reach Newer Markets

Movies generally do not hit every possible screen due to distribution costs. However, production houses have found a solution through digital media. Production houses have used Facebook apps that fans can use to request a screening.
From the above reasons, it is clear that digital marketing is the most cost effective way to promote a movie. It is also one of the easiest medium to distribute content and encourage fans to generate UGC (User Generated Content).

Image Credit: JD Hancock from Flick

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