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Colors Viacom 18, one of the channel under bouquet of Viacom 18 in Hindi GEC genre. It was launched in Jul’2008 & Mr. Raj Nayak is current CEO of the channel


IGT (India’s Got Talent) is one of the most successful show of Colors . It has been gaining popularity in its every season because of the innovations & integrations channel has always come up with.

IGT-6 has a challenge to carry the show legacy forward & what can be the best medium other than Digital to support it to achieve it’s goal.

The reality show sees participants from every corner of India with amazing talents.

Colors Business Objective:

Colors team wanted IGT-6 to reach new goals & that was possible through engagement. Digital gave them best platform in order to create buzz for the show. Hence Colors’s team made Digital Strategy for promoting the show through an engagement activity on the digital platform.

Approach/Implementation adopted by Colors:

Colors Team along with their Digital Agency ‘Flying Cursor’ formulated Digital Strategy which gave rise to one-of-a-kind digital engagement strategy through the creation of a character named ‘Pappu’. Pappu is the character who thinks that he is a smarty who can do anything and everything on this world and claims that no one can beat him ever in any strategy or any game.

In fact, he also claimed that he would win the talent show (IGT-6) this year. The character has been promoted on digital platform very strategically. The character’s claims agitated the fans of the show & hence they had to take a hard look at him. In all this process, simultaneously the interaction between the ‘Pappu’ & IGT fans was happening on the digital platform.

The campaign was rolled out in 3 phases:

The first phase introduced ‘Pappu’ to Colors’ Viewers, who interacted with the brand digitally. In this phase Pappu claims to be the best & no body can beat him in any competition in this world.

In the second phase, annoyed fans of IGT were empowered with the power, where in they can except ‘Pappu’s challenge & beat him in every possible way.

And in the third phase shows IGT fans defeating Pappu & making him accept his defeat & promise that he will drop out of this season’s IGT.

To implement the digital strategy, Color’s team introduced the funny Pappu on the digital channels like You Tube, facebook, Twitter etc. & also on web pages of Colors TV.

The team build up the character by showing his attributes of bragging about his fake accolades & awards. He claim to win many trophies & awards & nobody stand any chance to stand against him in any manner in ‘India’s Got Talent-Season 6’ (IGT-6).

Viewers got irritated by this character’s false claims & decided to give the dose of his own medicine by defeating him in his own ‘claimed’ expertise.

Color’s Digital team amplified Pappu’s character all across digital platform  with visulas. The team also plastered his achievements all over our social timelines. The team created and shared a number of visuals highlighting his tall claims on Facebook and Twitter.

Picture1                                                                           Photo Credit:

In the second phase color’s team along with their digital agency started promoting the second video; it basically was a call to register & get a chance to defeat ‘Pappu’ & make him realize the ground reality. People started challenging Pappu on Facebook, Twitter using hashtags like #Challengepappu. Numerous challenges started pouring in & the activity started trending over the social media platform. This has taken the engagemnet quotient to altogether at different level. This was evident from the entries that people clearly wanted to stop ‘Pappu’ from winning IGT-6.


                                                                            Photo Credit:

Atlast, Fans managed to defeat Pappu in his challenges & he eventually promised everyone to drop out from this season of IGT.

Results Achieved by Colors:

The idea has hit the bull’s eye. Right from the character creation to the seamless execution of digital strategy , the team managed to pull off the campaign with flying colors. With a name like ‘Pappu’, there aren’t many expectations with this character. So, naturally people were so irritated by his false claims of ‘he being the best’, which provoked everyone to make him realize the ground reality & defeat him in his own game. This created buzz in the town for IGT-6.

Moreover, the campaign was well executed in phases that helped define Pappu to fans, get them annoyed and challenge him and finally add the fun quotient with his funny responses.

The brand did manage to engage fans with relevant visuals and hilarious video responses, ensuring a decent buzz on social. The activity #ChallengePappu got an overwhelming response with a total of 541 challenges on one day on Twitter and generated a reach of 7.5MN on Facebook. The hashtag #ChallengePappu also trended nationwide on Twitter.

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