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Digital Transformation: The Case For Enterprise Cloud By Ranajoy Punja, Tata Communications At 9th India Digital Summit, IAMAI

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Digital Media industry is growing at a very fast pace; therefore, in such a scenario a session on Digital Transformation is a must to witness. 9Th India Digital Summit, organized by IAMAI covered a session on Digital Transformation: The Case For Enterprise Cloud led by Ranajoy Punja, Vice President & Head – Market Development, Global Data Center Business, Tata Communications.

This session covers a major portion of public cloud and enterprise cloud and explains how enterprise enables public cloud which further helps in securing the same.

To initiate with the understanding on digital transformation and what is the role of enterprise cloud it is important to learn about Tata Communications. Tata Communications is the leader in telecommunication services and is No. 1 in Ethernet Services and India’s Data services. They majorly target Small and Medium Enterprises and carrier services. They bestow connectivity to Indian as well as global companies. Almost a quarter of global internet traffic runs on their backbone. It also possess 44 data centers across the country.

When digital transformation is happening, it is evidently seen that it majorly depends on demand of customers. So, it becomes very important to note and look into major critical areas like How can you leverage digital transformation? What are the pressure points you look into it? How can you digitize and compete in market? How can a need to quickly move out and automate be managed when a new service launch out is needed and one can not wait for procurement etc? When you have a pressure of being cost effective, how can you optimize the resources? And finally, the biggest challenge is to look into how can you make all this work? This create a lot of pressure on technology department so it is important to digitize.

Few major takeaways from the session and insights provide by Ranajoy Punja are mentioned below:

  • 2 major areas which should be focussed for digital transformation are uniformity and seemless integration in the cloud.
  • It requires a shift in terms of organization’s operations. It is fundamentally shifting the way organization roll out it services and digitizes the organization.
  • It makes you move from a static requirement and accordingly you have to plan the capacity. Furthermore, when you are in regular business, you have lot of wasted resources as well.
  • Enterprise Clouds helps in moving a lot of user and policy based management.
  • 3 aspects/pillars of cloud which an enterprise requires are:
    1. Infrastructure: Having an infrastructure which can help you in scaling
    2. Security: When I am doing everything internally security is needed to secure my data. What customer demands is you have a very secure environment.
    3. Integration: How you integrate this complete process is the need.
  • When we talk about enterprise clouds, it is world class in supply of network, availability and networking.
  • One of the disadvantages of public cloud is that it is not managed. It was traditionally used as web application which used to have few minutes of downtime etc. while enterprise cloud have 24*7 SLAs and very secure environment. You have same security which you could have for your own captive.
  • An enterprise cloud is based on open standards. It is easy to manage and is an automated environment.
  • You can go online and launch new services on a public cloud. So, very critical requirement is to monitor hosted and public deployment.
  • It allows you to take a digitzed environment which can be captive to your organization as well as public cloud. The beauty of this is that it is a managed cloud to roll out your requirement.
  • It helps in making IT department a more managed platform and helps them in playing a role of resource manager. They get a secure platform.

Hence, this session was an eye opener for the participants who witnessed it and inputs provided by Ranajoy Punja on enterprise cloud can be a help for various organizations.

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