Build A Digital Video Strategy Without Breaking The Bank: Webinar Recording

by | Jun 24, 2017 | Digital Marketing, Webinars

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The visual medium has allured the masses since ages. It was television previously which has now been overshadowed by the internet-led digital media. The digital media has undergone its own share of transformation. The content-based media is all about visuals today. Videos have their own qualities that let them attract larger masses than written content.

Video strategy is the new found love of the marketers and advertisers, both. The high-engagement factor brings a 49% higher revenue. Not every video will solve the purpose, there is always an effective way to do it. The right video content can do wonders for your brand, provided you strategize and implement the video content effectively.

In this webinar, Karan Gupta, CEO, Andbeyond.Media, explains the importance and the level of impact, a powerful video content can leave on the viewers. A business can use videos for several purposes including- increasing sales, explaining the product details, persuading the viewers, etc.

Key Takeaways

  • Consumer appetites are growing, they like to spend most of their time online. 
  • Videos, Vlogs, Live Streaming, and Instastories are grabbing the mass attention. Everyone wants to view and do the same. 
  • For video Content:  Personalization is the key, video creation and emerging content partner are offering short original content which is utilized or syndicated to craft a powerful video.
  • Video platforms out there are helping companies as the video creator or producer. There are video creation plans and tools which help you syndicate videos to attract and be present at places where the audience is present. 
  • The context of the video strategy: Video creation should be relevant. It should be in sync with what your audience is interested in. Ensure that user has a clear understanding of the content. This will ensure sharing and relativity of your content with other people.
  • Use tools that aid with High-precision content marketing.
  • Get in details: Use high-value insights of the right audience in the video. Placing such a content will gain you more viewership.

Build a Digital Video Strategy Without Breaking The Bank by Digital Vidya

Hope the session helped you learn the right way to exploit videos by strategizing a strong video marketing campaign. For more such webinars,  keep yourself updated.

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