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Digital Vidya Accomplishes The Benchmark Of 300 Digital Marketing Trainings

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Digital Marketing is that domain that has left absolutely no sphere untouched with its impact. This has come across very evidently via the establishment and success rate of Asia’s leading digital marketing training company Digital Vidya. Started off in the year 2009, Digital Vidya was an initiative by two IITians Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra who have been a part of Internet Industry since year 2000, when they started their first venture Whizlabs Software.

It is worth applauds that since its inception 5 years ago, Digital Vidya has successfully managed to create such a model in the digital marketing world that it is working with the zeal of being here to stay. Being a part of the internet industry themselves, both Pradeep and Kapil have been actively seeking interest in evolving the concept of digital marketing trainings by capturing various domains of the same. Over the time-frame of five years, not only Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing but also Growth Hacking has been added into the list of offerings by Digital Vidya. 

Adding onto this, this profound Digital Marketing training company has been actively conducting numerous trainings not only for corporate entities but also for educational institutions. Since 2009, Digital Vidya has conducted as many as 300 trainings and the number is increasing at a fast pace.

It was in the year 2012, when Digital Vidya accomplished the first milestone of 100 trainings. This first milestone could have been successfully accomplished with its 2-day workshop in Mumbai on July 19-20 2012 in Delhi, on July 26-27 and in Bangalore on Aug 7-8, 2012. Furthermore, as and when the concept of digital marketing gained popularity, it came across that there is a wider prospect to expand the domain for corporate entities as well as educational institutions. This was so much evident with fact that achieving the number of 200 trainings seemed like a cakewalk for the team of enthusiastic and determined individuals. Since then, there is absolutely no looking back and with that completing the 3rd century was something most likely to be accomplished very soon.

Asia’s leading digital marketing training company- Digital Vidya has added another feather to its cap by successfully completing 300 digital marketing trainings.  DV 300 Trainings Cake

Sharing his insightful views and happiness, company’s CEO, Pradeep Chopra stated:

‘It took ~3 years for the 1st Century, while 2 years for 2nd and the 3rd one came within 10 months. Through loads of passion & commitment from 30+ people in office and equally invaluable contribution from many more outside.’

With sheer determination and a goal in mind to create a place and flourish in the digital industry along with a pool of highly dedicated and experts panel sailing on the boat together, both Pradeep and Kapil have left absolutely no stone unturned. The prime objective to bring about the knowledge about intricacies of digital marketing as a wider domain, could have been successfully fulfilled, the resultant factor of which is completing the 3rd century of Digital Marketing trainings with renowned names in the list of training attendees and major brands for which trainings have been conducted.

The team at Digital Vidya celebrated the success of completing 300 Digital Marketing trainings. Here is a glimpse of the same:

Digital Vidya Team Celebrating Success of 300 Digital Marketing Trainings

Digital Vidya Team Celebrating Success of 300 Digital Marketing Trainings

Nonetheless, the number is only going to increase as the time passes-by and there is no looking back for Digital Vidya wherein digital marketing experts, industry leaders and influencers are a part of it. Digital Vidya is truly elated to be able to make a mark in the digital world and aspires to grow and expand its network to an extremely large extent and cater to the needs of the aspiring digital marketers by contributing towards the growth and development in the digital sphere in the best possible way.

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