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Digital Vidya Announces Online Reputation Management (ORM) Training

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A name that stands synonymous with digital marketing training education is Digital Vidya. This training platform that came into existence 5 years ago has carved a niche for itself in terms of offering digital marketing training that entails getting in-depth knowledge of several domains revolving around digital marketing.

Asia’s leading digital marketing training company has carried forward the legacy of conducting several trainings for educational and corporate structures. Adding to the existing set of trainings, Digital Vidya has recently announced training in another module viz. Online Reputation Management (ORM).


Ideally, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of having a grip on what will be reflected when an individual searches for a particular name. Since ORM revolves around content, the process entails the following steps:

  • Establishing content
  • Maintaining content
  • Repairing content
  • Monitoring the publicly available online information

Basically, ORM is that concept that ensures promotion of positive content on the top search result pages and suppressing the irrelevant content far off from the Google search perspective.

Thus, with a view to empower individuals as well as corporate entities to leverage upon ORM such that it bears positive results, Digital Vidya has come up with ORM training. Herein, the prime focus will be led on empowering CXO’s, business head, teams entailing Sales & Marketing, CRM and Digital Marketing as well as PR & Communication.

The prime objective of conducting ORM training for the aforesaid set of entities is to highlight the didactic concepts that revolve around ‘Why’ and ‘How’ of focusing on online reputation management as a key element for a positive research result and customer feedback. The training attendees will be enlightened about the need of Online Reputation, especially for the brands, how to tackle with negative conversation and most importantly how to go about creating the ideal ORM strategy for the brand.

The ORM training which will be a one-day affair will kick-start with orientation to ORM thus briefing the participants about what opportunities and trends will be covered in ORM. Besides this in another module, participants will learn about the significance of listening online for brand conversations, the tools required for the same etc. Moreover, participants will learn about analyzing and measuring sentiment for a brand. Furthermore, the attendees will get to know how to deal with and generate effective responses to negative conversations. Most importantly, focus will be laid on the entire ORM strategy framework.

The participants of ORM training will not only take along certificates but will have access to the soft copies of all the workshop presentations, worksheets, ongoing support and much more..

So what are you waiting for? Contact us if you wish to conduct Online Reputation Management (ORM) training for your corporate entity and become a part of ORM trainings.

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