Digital Vidya Completes 5 Years- Celebrating The Journey Of Success

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‘A journey so swift, a journey so suave, in the blink of an eye, time just flew by.’

Looking back at the time when the two gentlemen Pradeep Chopra and Kapil Nakra had set off their journey 5 years ago, it all seems so nostalgic.

The IITians duo who was staunchly of the opinion that they wished to opt for MBA as their choice of career never thought of venturing into entrepreneurship 14 years ago. But going by the famous phrase, ‘everything is destined’, they accidentally opted in for entrepreneurship.
So on popular demand and the trend prevailing at that time, the duo focused towards working on Java certification courses and programmes, thus entered the education sector.

It was 5 years ago on 28th November, when the foundation of a digital marketing learning platform –Digital Vidya was laid down by Pradeep Chopra, CEO & co-founder, Digital Vidya and Kapil Nakra, co-founder, Digital Vidya. They conceptualized Digital Vidya when they figured out that there was dearth of an apt platform that would cater to the need of not only students but professionals from different walks of life. So, this Digital Marketing Education Company came into being.DV 5 years cake

Being a start-up firm, like other start-ups, it was difficult to kick-start the operations with almost no manpower. It acted as a rolling stone initially. However, with the flow of time and realizing the need of the hour, they formed a team of extremely talented and self-motivated individuals.

To accelerate the inevitable process of learning in this digitized world, it was thought of venturing into a partnership as together it is easy and feasible to achieve more rather than an individual acting as the driving force. They always advocated to work as a team. This was so because as compared to working individually and managing things single-handedly, it is always a wise decision to work in a team, take inputs and then actualize an idea. Moreover, a single mind cannot focus on and generate different ideas. So, to bring that extraordinary zing factor and present a platform for people to accelerate their growth in the field of Digital Marketing, this platform was leveraged well.

From being amateurs to having become the masters in different domains of Digital Marketing, Pradeep and Kapil have travelled a long way. However, this is just the start as they prophesize to travel miles and spread the concept of Digital Marketing across all parts of the globe.

Expressing their elatedness on this special occasion, here is what the co-founders of Digital Vidya had to say:kapil-sir“Last year has been the best year for Digital Vidya so far. In the last year, we have shifted the delivery of all our trainings to online virtual classrooms. Users are liking it and are experiencing better learning experience. We have expended our programs from just Social Media to every aspect of Digital Marketing. Overall, Digital Vidya has grown close to 600% in last one year and we are projecting similar growth rate in the coming year as well”, said Kapil Nakra.

PradeepChopra-DigitalVidya-PhotoWhile Digital Vidya’s CEO, Pradeep Chopra said “It’s been an exciting and challenging journey. We’ve evolved from a Social Media Workshop company to one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing education firms over last 5 years. I really want to thank everyone especially our Customers, Partners and Employees for their tremendous contribution. As one of our participants said, we are the people behind ‘Digital Vidya Movement’ in India :). Looking forward to taking this Movement across the Globe in years to come!”

The striking factor about the inception of Digital Vidya was that the two driving forces never portrayed themselves as the employers, rather they moved ahead with the set of enthusiastically motivated team thus presenting the best foot forward.

nehaThe team shared their insightful views on being associated with Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Education Company. Amongst them, Neha Mathur, Assistant Manager-Operations at Digital Vidya expressed her views by stating ‘It’s been two years now with Digital Vidya and I can see myself grow so much in my career…Digital Vidya is a great place to work…I am looking after the Product Delivery part in Digital Vidya and over the years, my team has also expanded thus ensuring proper allocation and timely delivery of the work… I am very happy to be a part of this organization..’

DDSharing his experience, here is what Dharmendra Digari, Software Developer, Digital Vidya had to say, ‘I’ve had a great experience with Digital Vidya. I’ve learnt a lot of new things, met a lot of interesting people and solved a lot of challenging problems. Overall, it has been a great learning experience.’

IMG_1756Adding on to this, Vaidehi Singh, Lead: Content Marketing reflected upon her journey in Digital Vidya by asserting that ‘For me Digital Vidya worked as a platform which not only taught me how to use my content skills efficiently but also helped me in polishing the same. This company comprises of one of the most dedicated teams I have ever seen in my career till now. So, undoubtedly there is no looking back for Digital Vidya with such a great team.’

hitesh‘I have been associated with Digital Vidya with over 3 years now and I feel a sense of belongingness towards this organization as I have not only evolved as a professional but also as an individual.’ said Hitesh Rai Malhi, Senior Accounts Executive.   

deepeshDeepesh Sharma, Digital Media Manager at Digital Vidya states that ‘Taking care of Digital Marketing for Digital Vidya is the best career one can expect. Everyday there is a new learning and being pioneer in this field we got to be expert in all aspects, learning never stops in here.’

VaibhavReplicating to what one of Digital Vidya’s co-founder had to say, Vaibhav Kakkar, Assistant Manager, Sales stated that ‘In my journey of 2 years at Digital Vidya I have seen amazing growth platform for everyone. Asia’s largest Digital Marketing company with 600% growth in last year.’

Within a short span of 5 years, Digital Vidya has contributed to the success of over 5000 professionals from 2500+ organizations across Asia through 250+ Digital Marketing trainings since 2009. So, this team of proficiently enthusiastic individuals, who are proficient in their specific domains are clear in their vision and are all geared-up to spread its network both product wise as well as geographically, across the globe in the near future.

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