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Digital Vidya Conducted Digital Marketing Workshop For OnMobile A Mobile Services Company

Digital Vidya Conducted Digital Marketing Workshop For OnMobile A Mobile Services Company
 Since 2009, Digital Vidya is Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training Company. Digital Vidya conducts several workshops based on Digital Marketing with many educational institutions, corporate organizations, and many other firms. It offers various customized Social Media/Digital Marketing Workshops for companies who leverage upon Digital Marketing to elevate the growth of their business.

Elaborating upon the same, lead trainers at Digital Vidya, Saumar Deka and Himanshu Arora shared their valuable views on the different aspects of Digital Marketing for OnMobile organization. It was a 3 days workshop started from October 13th till 15th, 2015. The conducted workshop was engaging as well as informative, as all the attendees actively participated by putting up various questions regarding the concept.

Starting up with the basic digital marketing jargons, they emphasized on all the important keywords that one needs to be well-versed with. They introduced all the basic terms that are essential for every digital marketer or the ones who are planning to step into this wide world of Digital Marketing.

It is important for a digital marketer to get in-depth knowledge about Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimization. Understanding the relevance of paid Ads & organic results for a digital marketer plays a crucial role in leading a successful digital marketing campaign.

They also gave an overview on their own experience of Campaign creation, which helped the attendees to understand the concepts of the practical application of Google Adwords. By sharing their personal experience, they made it really easy for all the participants to get a clear view of the role of Google Adwords in the world of Digital Marketing.

SEO being one of the major modules of digital marketing, they took an elaborated session to give a detailed understanding of SEO & how Google search works. The higher is the ranking of your website, typically more traffic is generated regularly. Google search depends upon the usage of keywords. Better the keywords, better the growth!

Moving ahead, they also threw light on Affiliate Marketing. In today’s digital era, affiliate marketing plays a very crucial role. Emphasizing on the concept of Affiliate Marketing, they explained how affiliate marketing is important for the involvement of multiple stakeholders. They shared their personal experiences of gaining success through affiliate marketing, which helped in keeping the session interesting and engaging for the participants as they could get a clear picture in their head about the work process of Affiliate Marketing.

The discussion raised its bar by jumping on to Ad Networks that are currently available in the market.  It is visible how digital marketers are making money and gaining oodles of traffic from applications. Creating an application for your website is crucial in today’s digital era, as we all are aware of the fact that mobile has taken over the desktop in digital marketing.

Also, the focused upon multiple types of Mobile Ads and how each of them works. Mobile Ads include Text ads, Image ads, App promotion ads, Image app promotion ads, Video app promotion ads and TrueView for app promotion ads. The in-depth knowledge about each type was discussed in the session, to keep it easy for every participant to be through with the concept.

The trainers focused upon the necessity to create “Mobile App Install” campaigns for Google Adwords. They briefed about the same in the workshop, by giving various elaborated examples and sharing personal experiences of their successful campaigns.

It is beneficial for all the Digital Marketers to understand the need of Google Analytics. Google analytics provides a complete analysis of the SEO traffic driven on a website on a regular basis. With the closure of the interactive session, both the trainers started to discuss the OnMobile Digital Strategy.

One of the leading trainers, Himanshu Arora has shared his valuable view-points from the workshop. These key Takeaways are the gist of the entire 3-day long workshop:
  1. How Mobile marketing will support OnMobile D2C initiative & how they can get more mobile installs through multiple channels.
  2. How Digital initiatives can be pushed to mobile operators like Vodafone, Airtel etc.
  3. How OnMobile can strike best deals with Ad-Network channel partners to leverage optimally from them.
  4. Understand the current OnMobile website traffic & take appropriate steps.altApvz_Bs88lwIDATnbVirb2zNzyz1oYP6BLUWbwJCTSxh

Here are some words of appreciation from some of the attendees:

  • The workshop was useful in brushing up a lot of my basics of digital marketing. Also, it gave me a fair idea of how Google search ads and Social media works. Would’ve loved to cover Twitter as a social media and how we can monetize it.—-Vishal Tanwar (Branch Manager, OnMobile)
  • Overall it was good understanding on basics of social media marketing, digital marketing & app marketing.—- Somdip Das (Regional Manager, OnMobile)
Are you too interested in conducting a similar kind of workshop for your company or institution? You can get in touch with the concerned person at digital vidya who takes account of in-house customised trainings and workshops.
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