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Digital Vidya Conducted Social Media for B2B Workshop for Oracle India

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Here comes the long awaited post..

Digital Vidya that has been into existence since 2009 is actively involved in conducting several training programmes as well as workshops for corporate entities as well as academic ventures.

Amongst the midst of plenty of workshops that have been undertaken by Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Education Firm- Digital Vidya, there was one workshop on ‘Social Media For B2B Workshop’ led by Saumar Deke conducted for Oracle India.

The training session that was hosted in the picturesque hill station of Mussoorie was directed towards Oracle’s Field Marketing and Corporate Communication team led by their Head of Marketing, Somesh Bhagat.

The Oracle India’s team anticipated the following aspects to be covered in the workshop:

  • Create a social marketing engagement plan for each business line
  • Use social media for social targeting, lead nurturing and demand generation & closures
  • Help to improve both personal as well as company’s branding

In the ‘Social Media For B2B’ Workshop, following were the key points highlighted upon:

  • Twitter Exercises & Advanced Targeting Techniques
  • LinkedIn Optimization For B2B Lead Generation
  • Emphasis was laid on ‘Creating Database for Prospects’ as well as ‘Content Curation and Dissemination’

The workshop turned out to be a huge success which was evident from the overwhelming positive feedback and response from the workshop participants. It was mentioned that the training was received very well. In fact, it was collaboratively stated that it was a good head start for a session on social media.

The workshop was not only interesting, engaging and motivating but it was educative, constructive as well as extremely effective and impactful. The highly interactive session gave a new perspective about social media to the Oracle India’s team as it helped the, how to use it more productively. Amongst the feedback shared by the workshop participants, it was also mentioned that the content was very relevant to the main work the employees at Oracle India do and that they gained deeper insights on several social media tools for better targeting.

Besides this, the workshop participants were in all awe of the workshop leader, Saumar who thanked him for a great engaging session. One of the participants stated that Digital Vidya’s session was extremely engaging and helped him to understand and tide through the mental block that social media was not his cup of tea and that it does not help and work for B2B.

Stated as an eye-opener, this workshop succeeded in encouraging Oracle India’s team to be more active on social media and helped them to realise to that they had to take the risk. The efforts put in by Saumar to customize the training for the specific needs of the group were highly appreciated. The candid approach to set the right paradigm and skill set for social media marketing helped the participants to retain their interests very well. With a very friendly and approachable outlook, Saumar made a mark through this workshop which was intelligently portrayed beyond slides and technical jargon.

If you wish to conduct a similar kind of training, you can surely tell us.

To know about the details of this workshop, you can refer the slides given below:

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