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Digital Vidya Contributed To Google Online Marketing Lab (OML) Workshop In Delhi

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In order to empower and enable students about the opportunity of Online Marketing, Google organizes Online Marketing Lab (OML) workshop across the world. OML’s mission is to build a sustainable ecosystem of knowledgeable digital professionals who can be leaders and influence the Digital Marketing Ecosystem in India. These will improve job creation in Emerging Markets and therefore expand access to the Internet to bring the next billion users online.

Google invited Digital Vidya to contribute to its recent Online Marketing Lab organized at Google’s office in Gurgaon. Students & Young Entrepreneurs who were part of Google Online Marketing Challenge and Google Student Ambassadors program attended it.

Digital Vidya’s Co-founder & CEO, Pradeep Chopra and it’s Lead Digital Marketing trainer Manuj Bajaj led sessions for Online Marketing Lab. Pradeep shared his entrepreneurial journey which started 14 years back, when he started his 1st venture Whizlabs Software with two of his batchmates from IIT Delhi. He shared how they accidentally touched the power of Digital Marketing starting with SEO to be able to create a global brand for their business. While it was a roller coaster ride, Digital Marketing was the only reason for their success.

He also shared their journey of evolution of Digital Vidya from a Social Media Workshop company in 2009 to one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing Training companies in 2014. He also inspired the participants of Google Online Marketing Lab about the opportunity of Digital Marketing to build a rewarding career as a professional or as an entrepreneur. The excitement of a job for a Digital Marketing professional is captured well in the cartoon he’d shared:

career in social media

He completed his session by sharing Top 7 Key Lessons he learnt through his entrepreneurial journey:

  1. Earlier the Better: According to Pradeep, the earlier someone jumps into entrepreneurial bandwagon, the better it is as it becomes increasingly tough as one moves forward in his or her career especially for 1st generation entrepreneurs.
  2. Team is everything, 1+ 1 = 11: The ups and downs of his 14-year entrepreneurial journey have taught him the importance of a strong team. Every business goes through the rough phases and if there is more than 1 founding member, the chances of bouncing back significantly increases.
  3. Plans are ‘Useless’, Planning is ‘Priceless’: He also shared that given every business plan doesn’t turns out to the way it’s originally planned, it’s the planning (which goes behind the creation of the plan) that helps evolve the model.
  4. Learn Finance and Sales: As an Entrepreneur, you are always selling. Whether it’s a product or service, your vision to partners, employees and investors. Finance is another critical skill which doesn’t come natural to engineers or young 1st generation entrepreneurs.
  1. Think Scale: In today’s world, scale, i.e. ability to grow the business to leadership positional in a shorter period is the only survival strategy.
  1. Fail Fast: While it’s good to be attached to your business, one also needs to have a detached view so that hard decisions such as letting go can be made in time. That’s why it’s important to scale fast or fail fast.
  2. Enjoy the Journey: While it’s great to make millions or billions, it’s far more important to enjoy the process else it’s not worth the effort and time.

On Day 2 Manuj inspired the participants on the opportunity of building a Digital Marketing agency. He shared his experience of running a specialized Digital Marketing agency, Greybox Technologies, which focuses on strategizing and executing highly conversion oriented Digital Marketing campaigns to help its customers grow by generating leads or acquiring customers.

Manuj shared his 17 years of experience of running an agency and shared strategies on how to start, sustain and scale a profitable business. The GOML initiative gave $250 AdWords credit to all the participants to the students who participated and required them to use AdWords to grow a business. These selected students were given detailed training on AdWords and most of them were planning to appear for AdWords certification exam(s).

His main emphasis was to learn the ropes of the game and learn to focus on what a client really wants. He shared some practical strategies on how to get first 5 clients in first month after starting the agency.

Other important aspect he focused on was that the clients were / are / will never be interested in CTR, Quality Score or impressions. Clients are always interested in the revenue and profits. He shared strategies on how to convert these numbers into revenue and profits to make them easy to understand for the clients. Once the clients get a taste of initial success new doors open up for selling much more products / services and word of mouth begins to roll the agency business to the next level.

Manuj also answered queries of your want to be entrepreneurs on shared some insightful strategies on

  1. What fee to charge?
  2. How and when to raise the fee?
  3. How much research effort to put in for pitching to a client?
  4. How to use AdWords coupons to get more clients who are otherwise difficult to convert?
  5. How to sell more to a client?
  6. When and How to generate testimonials from clients?
  7. How to use these testimonials to generate more business and initiate word of mouth business?
  8. Etc.

Interestingly, Digital Vidya is Google India’s official Training Partner and it leads various kinds of Digital Marketing training programs focused on Google Adwords & Analytics for Google Partner Agencies in India.

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