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Digital Vidya Course Material Refresh

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With the new year, we are working on refreshing our course material. Why are we refreshing our course material? A lot of factors are behind this refresh exercise:

  • Having conducted so many training sessions, we have received a lot of feedback from our participants about what’s great in our training and what could be better. We want to make sure that their feedback is incorporated to the extent possible.
  • When we designed our training back in Jan 2010, we found people were still trying to understand Social Media. However, today, we find our participants already hands-on with Social Media (even if it’s ad-hoc) and now they want to get more effective at using it.
  • We ourselves want a change. We believe in constantly improving things and one year is a long long time in the internet world for something to survive. While we have been tweaking our material every month, we feel that it’s time we gift ourselves (and our participants) some freshness.

What are we changing in the course material? We are making 2 fundamental changes:

  • It’s going to be more concept driven. Of course, there would be examples and loads of them but the material would be concept driven.
  • It’s going to be more hands-on. We are trying to increase the hands-on duration in our course. From the current 15%, we want to make it 40% of the total course duration.

So, why are we talking about it on our blog? Well, in a true by-the-community-for-the-community spirit, we’ll publish all our course material “for a community review” on our blog as well as on various social media channels. The review feedback will be incorporated back into the course material. We invite you to be part of this review and request you to be candid in your feedback. Feel free to leave your comments on the blog, or tweet us, or facebook us, or linkedin us.

This presentation is for the first session: What is Social Media & Why Care about it.

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