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Digital Vidya Empowered And Enabled ABP News Ad Sales Team In Selling Digital Media Solutions

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Digital Marketing is increasingly becoming relevant across sectors and industries. Recently, we got to conduct a digital marketing workshop for a very interesting team that hailed from the TV industry.

The ad sales team of ABP news has been recently given the mandate of selling ad space on their web portal too, and keeping in mind their inexperience in the domain of web marketing and sales, the organisation decided to conduct an introductory workshop for them on the same lines. Two trainers from Digital Vidya, Prateek Shah and Nikhil Verma lead the workshop for this team, with both of them bringing different flavours and learnings to the board. While Prateek concentrated on the orientation about digital marketing and social media marketing, Nikhil focused on imparting knowledge and skills about selling Digital Media solutions.
Here are the key promises delivered through this specialized training:
  • Understand Capabilities of various Digital Mediums
  1. Size of userbase on different channels
  2. Kind of audience that can be targeted
  3. Kind of objectives a brand can fulfill
  4. Speak the langugage to resonate with client objectives
  • Ability to conceptualize solutions to leverage respective mediums
  1. High level strategy to capitalize the opportunity for client
  2. Develop integrated Digital Media solutions
  • Measuring ROI of Digital Marketing solutions
  1. Key metrics (objective & subjective) to assess performance of a Digital Media campaign
  2. Tools & Techniques to measure ROI
  3. Commit & measure benefits for clients

The most interesting aspect of the training was the keenness with which all participants were discussing all that was being shared with them. They were all happy to know about various aspects of digital marketing, and looked forward to having more in depth trainings in the future which can make them even more empowered to take on the competition and perform effectively.

We are pleased to share with you the presentation for a session on Twitter so that you could also benefit if you are looking at leveraging Twitter for Business. If you would like us to organize any kind of Digital Marketing training for your team, please let us know.

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