Digital Vidya In 2014: Top 5 Digital Marketing Webinars

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Digital Vidya –the Digital Marketing learning centre has been into existence since 2009. Interestingly, within such a short span of time, Digital Vidya is acclaimed to be Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company that offers online instructor led courses to acquaint entrepreneurs, students, sales and marketing professionals to gain in-depth knowledge of different spheres of Digital Marketing. However, learning in the digital space remains incomplete without interactive sessions viz. webinars.

Digital Vidya has been actively involved in conducting webinars and has completed 2 years of webinar series with over 70 webinars, recently. Let’s have a look at the top 5 webinars conducted in 2014:

1. Google Analytics For Enhanced Marketing Measurement

An indispensable part of the digital industry, Web Analytics is a skill that requires mastery in fields like category management, customer experience, product management etc. The webinar ‘Google Analytics For Enhanced Marketing Measurement’ led by Swapnil Sinha –Head of Conversions at Google India will give you the deep insights into the same. Click Here if you too wish to learn more about this.

2. Special 50th Webinar: Winners Have Product Strategy, Losers Have Social Media Strategy

To excel in the marketing domain, the marketers are bound to resort to luring tactics that will serve the end purpose, which is to attract maximum audience. Have a look to know what factors the fundamental marketers should leverage upon besides getting likes, fans and followers on the website in the webinar led by Pinstorm’s Founder and CEO, Mahesh Murthy.

3. Influencer Marketing: How to Identify and Engage with Your Influencers

Influencer Marketing is a budding concept on how to identify, engage and nurture the relationship with your influencers when the traditional ways have become a passé. The webinar led by Vikram Venkateswaran, AVP and Head of Marketing at Altimetrik, will answer all your didactic questions viz. the What, When, Why, Where and How of influencer marketing.

4. Past, Present & Future of Display Advertising?

The present day consumer heavily relies on online advertising as they spend approximately 95% of their time on the web for reading, surfing and engaging on social media platforms. Since the internet is filled with plenty of advertising platforms, it is imperative to analyze customer demand for the right kind of advertising.

Get insights of this webinar led by Karthikeyan Haldurai, Specialist, New Products & Solutions at Google India Pvt. Ltd., who discussed about the evolution of online advertising and what lies ahead.

5. Content Marketing: Your Key To Success In Digital Marketing

Undoubtedly, in this digital space, content is, was and will remain the king. So, nothing but the application of the right content marketing strategy to fetch the right set of consumers. This webinar led by Aloke Bajpai, CEO & Co Founder of will empower you to invest in the right content marketing strategy for effective growth hacking.

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