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Digital Vidya Led A Session On Social Media For Schools At IIHM (Indian Institute Of Hotel Management)

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Social media is a wide domain that encapsulates in itself the essence of being social and spreading the network to reach out to the like-minded people. Social media marketing is that platform that comes handy in terms of both creating both personal connections as well as making professional connect.

International Institute of Hotel Management, Mathura Road, Delhi is an institute wherein the students are briefed about different aspects revolving around hotel management. Recently, a session was led by Prateek Shah, founder of a company by the name Green Smyles on ‘Social Media For Schools‘. This company comprises of a bunch of happy people as they portray themselves and are into conducting social media trainings and offering social media marketing, writing, editing and video production services. Besides this, they also offer happiness workshops.

Prateek who is also a lead trainer, Digital Marketing Training at Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training company –Digital Vidya is an engineer by qualification and an entrepreneur by profession. His eternal passion for social media was the reason that helped him to find the company -Green Smyles.

The session was conducted by Jitin Chawla’s Centre for Career Development (CCD). Going by the name of the institution, the sole motive is to guide and motivate people to work on the lines such that they get enabled to choose the right stream for their career’s development.

Prateek Shah with Jitin Chawla from Centre for Career Development

Prateek Shah with Jitin Chawla from Centre for Career Development

Green Smyles foundation recently conducted a session on Social Media for Schools at the International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM,) Mathura Road, Delhi.
This session which primarily laid emphasis on the role of social media in the schools was addressed to the teachers, principals and counsellors from the schools in Delhi and NCR. The major focus was laid on the following three concepts viz.:

  • Usage of social media by students and how it affects their studies.
  • Influence of parents over students when it comes to not being on social media
  • Ways in which schools can enforce social media guidelines for students and parents
Prateek Shah with teachers, counsellors and Principals from schools in Delhi NCR

Prateek Shah with teachers, counsellors and Principals from schools in Delhi NCR

Social media especially for schools pertains to its use by students, teachers and parents. In the current scenario, social media platform is being used by the educational institutions right from the schools itself as a means of not only staying connected but also updating content related to syllabus, events, exams, admissions and any other important notifications. Moving on, if things are taken into broader perspective concentrating on the future prospects, presence on social media is a boon for both the parties involved. This simply implies that after having graduated from a particular institution, it is beneficial if the connections are still in touch. This is a great way for alumni engagement, attracting and maintaining an alumni network.

There are other certain ways to maintain social media connect with the students, teachers, counsellors and parents. Besides creating a Facebook page of the educational institution, one of the latest ad-on’s on the social media networking platform is ‘YouTube for Schools’. Moreover, since the smart-class concept is fast keeping pace with the users, interactive classroom sessions are a win-win situation for the content delivering party as well as the content seeker. YouTube_For_SchoolSo, in a nutshell, it is social media that has paved its way into the schools system and will gradually accelerate as the time passes by. Thus, social media for schools will surely turn out to be the best bet in the long run, the effects of which are visible in the near future.

If you wish to know more about the session led by Prateek at IIHM, have a look at the presentation shared by him.

What is your take on usage of social media by the students? Don’t forget to drop in your comments, views and suggestions in the comments section below.

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    • 4 years ago

      Mallika Devi   /   Reply

      The presentation has made it clear, there is simply no choice but to embrace social media…Besides, I think we need a lot of career counseling sessions for our young people to be able to make right choices in life… Careers are no longer restricted to engineering and medical and social media definitely deserves due attention here.

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