Digital Vidya Partners With Simplify360 To Enrich Its Digital Marketing Certification Programme

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Buzz of the Week

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Pioneer in digital marketing fraternity who is also acclaimed as Asia’s leading digital marketing training company- Digital Vidya is on an expansion spree. After the recent acquisition of its contemporary Digital Academy India, Digital Vidya has partnered with Simplify360, which is one of the most powerful social media monitoring and analytics tools used by global brands and agencies.simplify360_logo_small

The resultant factor of this partnership is going to be a content sharing partnership wherein Simplify360 will share the research content with Digital Vidya. Digital Vidya’s team will then build articles or share the content as it fits the content strategy. Furthermore, Simplify360 will allow the trainers from Digital Vidya to showcase the product to the students.

The participants will reap benefits from the social media listening tool in the following forms:

  • Primarily, the implementation of this tool will help you to listen the negative criticism pertaining to your brand, such that it becomes feasible to turn unhappy customers into satisfied ones who
  • Besides this, active monitoring of social media discussions about the brand will help listen to the appreciation and positive comments that people are sharing about your brand so as to connect more closely with them.
  • Moreover, it will help detect potential social media crisis, before they go out of control.
  • Furthermore, social media listening tool will help to trace the bridging gaps in the market that could define a great opportunity for your brand’s growth and development.
  • Not only this, but the information that you fetch from social media listening shall open new doors to latest marketing opportunities and help you discover those business areas that need more strengthening.
  • Additionally, you can keep a close check on the strategical moves of your competitors.
  • Last but not the least, this will help to discover new leads and sales opportunities for potential clients who might looking for your product(s)/service(s) at that particular moment.

Herein, Simplify360 shall be occasionally providing online classes on- Social Media Customer Service, Social Media Listening and Analytics, Social Media Command Centre, Emergence of Customer Success Platform, Digital Intelligence Command Centre for Large Enterprises and much more. Any student enrolled with Digital Vidya who is willing to take hands-on practice, will be in for this exclusive offer.

kapil sir“We are very excited for this new partnership. It will help Digital Vidya Trainees to get more hands-on exposure to the world of Social Media Monitoring & Analysis. Simplify360 is doing fabulous job in this segment and we will now to able to help our participants with their experiences,” said Kapil Nakra, Co-founder, Digital Vidya on this partnership.

Bhupendra KhanalSharing his views on this partnership, Bhupendra Khanal, CEO, Simplify360 quoted: “Digital Vidya is the pioneer in the industry of Digital Media education and has great contribution for the growth of the industry in India. We are very happy to be associated with Digital Vidya and compliment them in their good work.”
Not only this, after accessing this platform for learning, on behalf of Simplify360, Digital Vidya students can take online exam on Simplify360 and the students who will qualify the exam will be entitled to a certificate from Simplify360 as- Simplify360 Certified Professionals.

So, grab this lucrative opportunity and reap the benefits of this fruitful association, by enrolling in our upcoming Digital Marketing certification course now!

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