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Digital Vidya Speaking At Social Media For Empowerment Conference

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Social-Media-for-Empowerment-Award-2014The trend of communication is completely changed these days. Social media has overtaken the traditional style of communication through letters, post cards, telegrams and even emails. All the time people are connected to each other through various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social Media has actually made people social.

Social media has also majorly impacted various industries and changed the outlook of companies towards their clients and vice-versa. Now-a-days, companies stay connected with their current clients as well as prospective clients. It is no more a one way communication. Customers have also become active on social media and place their expectations in front of companies, using these very powerful social media platforms.

Social media platforms are plenty in number; however, their basic characteristics are same. These characteristics can further be aligned under five C’s of social media, which are clearly depicted below:


Five C’s of Social Media

With an objective to Inform, Communicate and Empower, Digital Empowerment Foundation (DEF) came into existence in Dec, 2002. DEF look forward to inspire individuals as well as communities, so as to use technology for their own benefits.

DEF is now coming up with an event on 20th Nov, 2014 with ample number of social media experts and government agents from 8 South Asian Countries. This event will come up as “Social Media for Development & Change”. This conference will honor best social media initiative for empowerment and will serve as a single platform to share some great success stories of experts and plethora numbers of amazing social media practices, to inspire a lot of participants available in the event.

This event will bestow a platform to social media practitioners to scale up their dreams. It will help various communities to gain complete social inclusion and will also promote constructive communication among participating countries.

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The major objectives of this event are:

  • To alliance efforts on social media and to find out how it became an efficient tool for inspiring others and bringing its benefits in terms of positive changes.
  • This event will serve as a huge platform to bring social media experts and influencers at one place, so that participants of event can gain maximum knowledge and learning from these experts.
  • To encourage and honor social media practices with the help of “Social Media for Development & Change” Awards.
  • To learn from best social media initiatives taken by 8 different Asian countries.
  • To provide a huge platform to the participants for networking, strategic alliances, and partnership building.
  • To develop a followers list with the help of social media, which can further contribute in overall development of the region.
  • To develop a community network on which one can rely, for gaining authentic information on social changes and development activities.
  • This event serves to be a platform to scale up existing as well as upcoming social media initiatives.
  • To develop a network for social media evangelists to simplify the use of Social Media among participating countries.
  • To develop regional cooperation, collaboration and networking among participating countries through social media.

Pradeep Chopra (CEO & Co-founder, Digital Vidya) will be a part of a panel discussion in SocialMedia4Empowerment and will share his insights on the topic along with some of his personally experienced case studies, like his experience with Ola Cabs where he as a frustrated customer of the company was converted into their brand advocate.

Pradeep along with Kapil Nakra (Co-Founder, Digital Vidya) started their journey as entrepreneurs in the year 2000 with their company, Whizlabs Software. They accidentally touched Digital Marketing and leveraged it for Whizlabs. Later in the year 2009, Digital Vidya came into existence as an educational platform for professionals and students, who were willing to learn Digital Marketing.

Pradeep has personally trained over 1500 professionals (including Business Heads, CXOs, CEOs etc.) across Asia and helped them in achieving organizational goals and objectives. His knowledge and understanding on the subject will enlighten the attendees in gaining understanding about the subject and this event will serve as a platform for them to learn about social media from industry leaders. Digital Vidya is also Media Partner of this event.

This event will; therefore, be an eye opener for the participants and will help them in getting some experienced insights from industry leaders. So, what are you waiting for? Register now to meet Digital Vidya and to become a part of a platform, which will bring together all social media evangelists at one place.

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