Digital Vidya’s Course Gave Separate Existence In Digital Marketing Space

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Vikash SinghVikash Singh is working as Business Development Manager and taking care of sales and marketing for DP Technology in India. He is a certified digital marketing professional with expertise in Social Media Marketing and SEM (Search engine marketing, Adwords).

Digital Vidya: What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Vikash: It was a time in my career where I thought to learn more skill sets and get into the world of digital marketing before it’s too late.

Digital Vidya: Which course did you participate at Digital Vidya?

Vikash: I took the Certified Digital Marketing Master (CDMM) Course.

Digital Vidya: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s course?

Vikash: Frankly speaking I had very few knowledge on how to go about doing the course but I was sure of one thing that I will be going for the online classes. I attended one of the free demo session of Kapil and Prateek. The kind knowledge they were able to share in just an hour was really amazing. That particular session helped me in kicking off with DV. I will also like to give points to the way you re-targeted me on Facebook.

Digital Vidya: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the course you participated at Digital Vidya.


  1. Introduction to a new world which is completely different from whatever you have been thinking about marketing.
  2. Always back your statement with mind boggling facts.
  3. Make sure you don’t try to oversell on social media, use it as a platform to make sure people love your brand.
  4. Share and create precise and snacky (small that can be easily consumed by users) content.
  5. Always remember to plan your digital marketing campaigns and do A/B testing of it before going ahead with anyone of them.
  6. Most importantly Be Social and Socially responsible.
Digital Vidya: What do you like most about Digital Vidya’s training programme?


  • Brilliant trainers
  • Highly detailed PPT’s
  • Guest webinars on every Friday
  • Highly supportive staffs specially Kapil who responded to each of my mails till today
  • Quick response time for each assignment you submit
Digital Vidya: How do you think Digital Vidya’s training programme contributed to your career growth?


It made aware of what exactly is going on the backend of each and every marketing campaign. I have become more kind of a social media freak and an avid blogger. Gave me a separate existence in the digital marketing space.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its courses can be enhanced further?


  1. Please make sure students get one live project from any agency on which they can work. You can make sure that they do good work by providing a mentor for every 5 students. This helps in getting live exp while doing the course.
  2. Social media marketing course should have one session about creating good creatives without knowing Photoshop as being a designer or finding a designer is very difficult.
  3. SEM course should be more in-depth in terms of teaching some features of eCommerce, various display features etc. I am referring to what Google teaches us in their videos. Eg: DV shouldn’t provide their own certificate without taking any examination. You should give a project which involves all the modules students learn and then judge according to that. I am suggesting this because the standard of V skills question are not that good.
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