Digital Vidya’s Reputation Made To Opt For Internship Programme With Pioneers

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MallikaMallika joined Digital Vidya’s internship programme after she completed her graduation. She had a break year and so she spent lot of time on the internet. She has no background in internet or digital industry.

Digital Vidya: What interested you in learning Digital Marketing?

Mallika: During my net surfing I realized how large this digital industry is, so I ventured into your internship to get a glimpse into the industry. One factor which also played a role in deciding to go ahead with Digital Marketing internship was my perception that internet is the thing of the present and the future. We are spending most of our time on internet either for shopping or finding the nearest restaurant and find it increasingly difficult to live without internet. So when customers are on internet, business will have to come to this platform sooner or later.

Digital Vidya: Which module did you choose in Digital Vidya’s Internship Programme?

Mallika: I have interned with Digital Vidya for about 8 months & specialized in Social Media Marketing (SMM) module.

Digital Vidya: Why did you choose Digital Vidya’s Internship Programme?


The fact that Digital Vidya has earned a reputation for itself in the industry made Digital Vidya my first choice to go for internship.

Digital Vidya: Please share top 3-5 takeaways from the Internship Programme you participated at Digital Vidya.

Mallika: A) I was exposed to a lot of new things/experiences during the internship programme.

B) I have much improved writing skills, all thanks to my seniors for diligently finding out my little errors.

C) I am aware of the digital industry, its parameters which are quite different from traditional media.

Digital Vidya: Based on your learnings, what are the opportunities for Digital Marketing as a career?

Mallika: According to my experience during the internship programme, I am certainly of the view that Digital marketing is a sunrise industry in India especially when our PM as introduced various schemes of Digital India, skilling of youngsters in this profession can play a huge role in the Skill India scheme again introduced by this new government. Another factor is India is experiencing a rise of start-ups in e-commerce and this will further increase the scale of Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing is the soil through which e-commerce business will nourish its roots.

Digital Vidya: Please share your experience in learning through the Research-based Internship Programme.

Mallika: I got to know about lot of things to which I was not at all aware earlier. And because it was self-paced I could learn at my own will.

Digital Vidya: What did you like most about Digital Vidya’s Research-based Internship Programme?

Mallika: I am sincerely thankful to Digital Vidya for granting me opportunities to attend two live seminars and write for them. It instilled a lot of confidence in me.

Digital Vidya: Do you suggest any changes to Digital Vidya so that the value of its Internship Programme can be enhanced further?

Mallika: I feel your internship programme is aimed at giving the interns a bird’s eye view of the Digital Industry. If I am correct, then your internship programme needs not much further improvement. But if the objective is to give a detailed idea of the industry, then I feel the programme falls short on many aspects because writing articles about something and doing it practically are two different things.

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