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Discover About Creating Worlds, Not Ads At GMAW 2015

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Global Marketing & Advertising Week (GMAW) 2015 was celebrated from 18-20th February in Delhi. GMAW is the fourth mega edition of the very successful, significant and far reaching DMAI Annual Convention which witnessed over 100 plus speakers,165 sessions, 1000 plus senior marketing sessions in 3 days last year. GMAW encompassed  6 recognition and celebration programs in total-4th edition of the Hall of Fame,the Marketing Leader of the Year, The DMAI Knights, CMO Choice Awards, Marketing Innovation of the Year and Content Marketing Awards Program.The event covered every aspect of marketing- data and performance marketing, content marketing and creativity, the essence of all. The event consisted of masterclasses presided over by industry greats,exclusive CXO round table sessions exploding practical insights coupled with creativity and enlightening one-on-one Guru sessions with global thought leaders.

The event was graced by Drayton Bird. Advertising Immortal David Ogilvy stated that ” Drayton Bird knows more about direct marketing than anyone else.” Drayton Bird has a career spanning 55 years and 57 countries and has been associated with brands like British Airways, American Express, Harvard Business Review, McKinsey, Nestle, Visa and the list goes on.

The participants at this event discovered how as brands within this hyper-connected world, marketers can create micro-personalized interactions seamlessly across channels, to build profitable relations with consumers. How marketers can create evocative experiences, designed to entice, attract and engage customers in a manner that effectively drives sales.

Here is a brief of one of the sessions: Creating Worlds, Not Ads which was presided over by Kondiparthi Sridhar

Sridhar, famously known as pops, is the first Chief Creative Officer at SapientNitro’s India operations. He is responsible for leading creative side of the agency. He loves to tell stories in all formats and is now experimenting with new mediums to tell brand stories like Coke Studio for Coca-Cola, #DoRight campaign for Tata Capital. Pops has 33 years of experience in building brands such as Coca-Cola, ThumsUp, Maaza, Minute Maid, Fait, GM, Samsung among others. He has won over 22 Cannes Lions.

Shooting from the hip, Pops said that the essence of marketing is to create a scenario where people feel a sense of attachment, a connection with the brand. People are the ones that carry brands and thus brands have to be appealing to people. The story of the brand has to enter into the hearts of consumers and anything short of it is simply not going to work.

Price competitiveness and quality are short term attractions which cannot last long as we all are at the core emotional people, all talk of rationality slowly paves way for emotions. The crux of a brand is that people identify themselves with it and are happy to make it a part of their life.

Idea Cellular ads, people liked to repeat the song, people loved the song to such an extent that the advertisement was available as a caller tune!. Coke’s ad of sharing happiness was another example. It clicked with people at once. Happiness is best perceived when shared with near and dear ones. ThumsUp ad involving daring stunts being performed by various actors linked it at once with people who have heart for such bold adventures. People are always looking for a brand that serves them in self-gratification. All the mystery surrounding creating brands is solving this basic requirement.

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