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Discover Success Stories At India Internet Day (IID) 2015

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India Internet Day (IID) 2015 was held on 17 April at Delhi. India Internet Day is one of the annual events organised by TiE Delhi. TiE stands for The Indus Entrepreneurs. As the name suggests, TiE is a global organisation fostering entrepreneurship started by a group of successful entrepreneurs with roots in Indus region. TiE is a unique platform which brings all the stake holders-Entrepreneurs, Academia, Angel Investors, Venture Capitalists, Banks,  Incubators and Corporate together and makes them accessible to entrepreneurs. TiE Delhi-NCR is among the largest and most vibrant chapter across the vast TiE network. It has been awarded as the best TiE Chapter globally for consecutively three years in a row starting from 2010-11. TiE Delhi-NCR conducts over 100 events throughout a calendar year to fulfill its mission and one of the events is India Internet Day.

India Internet Day was launched in 2012, it has India’s most exiciting gatherings of the internet community. It’s a platform for global internet players to come together and create present value, while defining future opportunities.

Here is an excerpt of one of the sessions- Success stories

Speakers include: Gul Panag, Actor & Activist, Lakshmi Rebecca, Chai with Lakshmi and Shradha Sharma, Founder,

Chair: Syna Dehnugara, Journalist, Network18Online.

Building any brand-online or offline takes time, its a long tem process with no short-cuts coming anywhere close-by. Brand is all about building relationships with people and humans are slow on building relationships that last forever. The first thing to be taken care of while buiding brands is to be clear on objective as to why a brand needs to be build. Once there is complete clarity on this then proceed to carve out a strategy for the same. Core messaging has to be authentic, there is no way out other than this for a successful brand story. Authentic core will bring out true passions and what moves you. Brand has to reflect on who you are as a person, as a professional and what excites you. Thus when authentic core is presented, there will be a natural consistentcy in all conversations. Gul Panag was very clear when she said the the core message either in 140 character tweet or a 1000 word blog has to be essentially be the same. Whereas Lakshmi pointed with an example saying that she tried to be something other than what she was, she met with utter failure. Besides, any individual will evolve with time. There are constant learnings and relearnings happening in an individual’s life when one is open to it and change of opinions-radical or slight, are bound to happen.

Targeting target audience or people who are likely to share your views is important.  pleasing everybody is long thrown out of the window, besides it will waste time and energy without much substantial results.

Shradha Sharma came with some wisdom for life, where life is not about taking but also giving. She meant to say that in order to make your brand, you need to help others create their brand first. This brings in huge positivism in the online environment and presents win-win situation for everybody. She shared that life’s biggest questions are answered in most simple ways, therefore give selflessly, social media is a place where divinity still stays.

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